2021 became the year of culture and art in Mersin with the Metropolitan

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2021 became the year of culture and art in Mersin with the Metropolitan

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Department of Culture and Social Affairs increased its cultural and artistic activities to its peak in 2021 and spread them all over the city. Operating in many branches, especially theater and music, Metropolitan has carried out effective works in many fields, from cultural tours to workshops, from instrument and dance courses to concerts, from distribution of cultural publications to competitions.

Mersin became the city of culture and art with President Seçer

The Municipal Theater, which was being restructured under the leadership of Mersin Mayor Vahap Seçer and whose staff was strengthened, said “curtain” both in the city center and in the districts they will visit as part of the tour. The actors of the Stadsschouwburg greeted the audience with the premieres of the plays and impressed with their stage performances, decorations and costumes. The City Theater has staged a total of 21 plays in Adana, Istanbul, Kırşehir and Izmir, as well as in the districts scheduled for the 2021 tour.

The Mersin Private Theaters Festival was organized by the Metropolitan Municipality to support local theater performers who were economically affected during the pandemic period, and 19.2 thousand lira were provided to 3 local theater groups.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality City Theater was held in Istanbul for the 8th time. “New Theater Magazine Labor and Success Awards”received 5 awards at once. President Seçer received the Labor Award for his support of the theatre. Cultural and Social Affairs Department Coordinator Bengi İspir Özdülger received the Special Jury Award, City Theater General Art Director Murat Atak received the Special Jury Award and General Art Director Award in the field of directing and Mersin City Theater actors received the Theater Team of the Year Award.

The people of Mersin are full of music

The City Orchestra, which carries out its activities within the framework of the Department of Culture and Social Affairs, brought together citizens of all ages and segments in concert activities. In 2021 the City Orchestra met the people of Mersin in 68 concerts. Big city, “write my friend”“Welcome spring”“Supporting New Artists”“Victory Day”“New Year” and “Valentine’s Day” filled Mersin with melodies with 152 concerts throughout 2021. In 2021, 32 concerts were held with the collaboration of the Metropolitan’s conservatory artists.

Metropolitan, which has always been on the side of art and artists, organized 313 concerts to support local musicians during the pandemic, giving a total of 1 million 21.1 thousand liras. The Metropolitan also organized 75 concert events to support Roman musicians affected by the pandemic process, donating a total of 251.8 thousand lira.

During the Metropolitan Municipality’s pandemic process, on national holidays and important days, Ali Altay, Erdal Güney, Zeynep Karababa, Simse Sağın, Onur Akın, Kubat, Can Bonomo, Sertab Erener, Atiye, Ankara Ayşe, Gribin, Alexandrov Russian Red Army & Haluk Levent, Necati and Saykolar, Mor and Beyond, Athena and Doğukan Manço gave 15 concert events with important names taking the stage. Metropolitan strengthened its staff by taking exams for recruiting instrument performers and soloists throughout the year and also added new members to its folk dance team. In 2021, 20 folk dance performances were held.

Both children and adults have benefited from the courses.

Those who want to show their talents in the theater field and want to improve themselves, receive training in the theater training of the Metropolitan. While adults took the first step towards becoming a professional during the course period, children also experienced the thrill of going on stage. Metropolitan gave theater courses to 70 adult interns and 52 children.

In 2021, a total of 111 trainees benefited from the courses that the Metropolitan Municipality provides in the field of voice training, baglama, violin, guitar, piano and painting. Enver Aysever and 25 students attended the Abnormal Literacy Workshop. A workshop was also organized by the well-known theater and film actor Genco Erkal for the Stadsschouwburg actors.

Metropolitan is also an advocate of historical and cultural studies.

The metropolitan municipality has provided financial support of 290 thousand liras in 2021 for the excavations and surface surveys in 14 important historical and cultural areas. “XXVI. Archeology Days Event” is carried out. By the Department of Cultural and Social Affairs, which provided financial support to the Mersin International Music Festival and the 6th Mersin Theater Festival. ‘Promotion City Theaters Mersin’ A documentary has been made about the theme.

In 2021 there were 2 stage theater live radio performances, 9 radio theater reading performances, 4 social media performances and 35 plays. Metropolitan participated in the Izmir Travel Turkey fair online during the pandemic process.

Thousands of books were delivered to the citizens

Metropolitan distributed 5,334 cultural publications and 7,736 children’s classics throughout the city. 5,000 986 citizens received service from the Metropolitan Library. The Metropolitan, which established the Muazzez İlmiye Avalanche Library at Silifke Gazi Farm in 2021. “We know Mersin”“Migration and Mersin History”“hundred. French occupation of Mersin Cilicia”“Ataturk in Mersin”“Popular Culture of Mersin and Tarsus” He published a total of 5 books.

The Cultural and Social Affairs Department organized 3 travel programs introducing the historical beauties of Mersin. ‘Don’t kill angels’ A street exhibit called “February 14 Valentine’s Day” themed flash mob show. In addition, a short film was shot about the promotion of local and street delicacies. Hosting a total of 900 events, including seminars, panels, talks, theaters and concerts, at the Metropolitan Municipality Congress Center. ‘Let’s Meet at Tarsus’ 100th Anniversary Independence Week Celebrations’ As part of the event, talks, musical poetry recitals and exhibition events were organized.

MEDEKA subcommittees continue their projects

Mersin Novel Competition was organized under the coordination of the Literary Commission, the subcommittee of the Board of Adders of Value to Mersin (MEDEKA), established under the leadership of President Seçer. Led by the Photo Council “What did we take during the pandemic?” photo contest held. The map of the customs square and the walking map of the Çamlıbel district are issued by the decision of the city history council.

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