Elektrikli Otomobilleri Değistirebilecek Motor Geliştirildi

ABD’de yaşayan 17 yaşındaki bir çocuk, elektrikli otomobillerin üretiminde büyük önem arz eden; ancak çevre ve maliyet konusunda sıkıntılı olan nadir elementlere ihtiyaç duymayan bir motor üretmeyi başardı. Bu motorla birlikte elektrikli otomobillerin tamamen sürdürülebilir olacağı belirtildi. Otomotiv endüstrisinin karbon ayak izinin oldukça fazla olması, bu alandaki dev şirketlerin daha sürdürülebilir bir gelecek için electric … Read more

Bari: VIP holiday

This is the mid-August of Bari VIPs, between sea, mountains and relaxation. DECARO WILL WORK: “THEN THE FISHERIES PELOSE” Bath before and after. In the meantime, classic institutional appointments. It will be Ferragosto in the name of the Antonio Decaro tradition. The mayor of Bari will indulge in a morning swim in the waters of … Read more

what does this fancy diet cost to lose weight?

There are different versions of the watermelon diet on the Internet. The diet basically consists of eating only watermelon for a set period of time. The usual options are three to seven days, after which you add some or all of the foods you normally eat, with or without watermelon. Since watermelon is a low-calorie … Read more

How were energy reserves found that could not be found for decades? Here’s the question that broke the chains

I wrote the story of the Abdülhamid Han ship based on the question that broke the chains from Berat Albayrak, who was Minister of Energy until July 2018, to his colleague Fatih Dönmez at the time. 1. When purchasing the vessel ABDULHAMID Han, a condition was imposed on Turkey during the funding negotiations: “You cannot … Read more