6+6 SINIRI| İkinci el arab fiyatları düştü mü daha da düşer mi? İkinci el otomobillerde ÖTV indirimi gerçekleşecek mi?

‘6+6’ sınırlaması fiyatları düşürecek mi? Otomotiv piyasasında gözler ÖTV indirimine çevrilmişken, geçtiğimiz hafta Ticaret Bakanı Mehmet Muş’un yaptığı açıklamalar bir anda gündemin ilk sırasına yerleşti. Bakan Mush, Pandeminin Bashinddan Bu Yana Ikintsi El-Arakta Surerelen Farsatshillin Ikintsi El-Arakta Surelen Myudahaledudena Bulunakaklarine Asiklarken, Bunde Birdur-Tinur-Duinur-Duinur. Bu noktada Bakan Muş’un geçen hafta katıldığı bir etkinlikte yaptığı açıklamaları bir … Read more

In honor of free holidays (in Italy)

Long live the lost time when all anxiety about productivity is calmed down, extinguished, silenced. So found the time spent lazing in front of the horizon, inhaling the scent of water, finding company in the bustle of nature. Discover, discover, learn or finally forget. A time of laziness, vacation, without stress would be recommendable. And … Read more

Monday whispers: Jean-Luc Brendel or the wonders of the chef-gardener, Jacques Rolancey, the chic bistro-style MOF in Lorg, farewell to Jean-Paul Passeda, the next generation at the Auberge de la Forêt, Ohad Amzalleg or Tel Aviv to Paris | Blog by Gilles Pudlowski

Jean-Luc Brendel or the Miracles of the Horticultural Chef Jean-Luc Brendel © GP He is one of the most unique great chefs in Alsace, yes, present for forty years in Riquewihr, who started out as a wine stub while his mother kept “Three birds with one stone” in his hometown, in the Strasbourg business, who … Read more

M’Baye Niang will join Auxerre

16:32 Nantes want Gaël Kakuta, followed also in Italy As announced by Ouest-France, FC Nantes are betting on Gaël Kakuta. There is a real desire for Antoine Kombouaré in search of offensive reinforcement. The Nantes coach has even made it one of his priorities. Asked by the newspaper l’Equipe about the interest shown in the … Read more

Women Resist the Environment – Culture & Art News

Seyhan Akinci – Last year, the rate of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was measured as 419 ppm. There is a good chance that after the new measurement we will see a higher figure this year. Sakıp Sabanci Museum, which has the distinction of being the only green museum in Turkey, raises the red alert … Read more

They left with 70,000 lire! All they do for a living is go from village to village.

Sibel Sarı worked as a textile planning manager for 10 years and Deniz Sarı worked for local and national newspapers for about 10 years. However, in October 2020, the Sarı family, who left their entire corporate life behind for their fascination with the Kaz Mountains, sold their 1+1 house and car and migrated from Istanbul … Read more