2023 Year of Return Tourism

Press conference Marche Chamber of Commerce “2023 Year of Return Tourism”

2023 Year of Return Tourism – after Marche joins the Network Destination South project, Ascoli starts reflecting on a project that aims to ministerial recognition and extension to the Rete Destination ITALY project

Presentation of the Project and the National and International Promotion Committee “Year of Return Tourism 2023” took place today in the House of Marche at the headquarters of Ascoli.

The project, promoted by the South Destination Network, is an initiative aimed at residents abroad and over 70 million second, third and fourth generation compatriots living abroad.

The idea of ​​the project is to renew the image of Italy and promote the country by attracting tourism and investment, promoting exports, business meetings and creating lasting partnerships with our compatriots.

More than 50 municipalities in Marche, as well as several dozen associations, consortia, mountain municipalities, and ITS foundations have already joined the National Committee for Promotion of the initiative.

this President Gino Sabatini who did the honors and He underlined the importance of the institutional chain which will bring this project to the attention of Minister Garavaglia next week. Including Sabatini, vice president of the national Unioncamere, took an active part in the link.

It’s important to hook up on this national project he explained Sabatini -. Camera Marche fully supports it, to the extent that it also introduced it to the Unioncamere Presidency. The numerous communities of the Marche region abroad are a valuable and exclusive tourist base: many of our compatriots may have decided to visit the country they came from. And decide to return, especially if you can count on an appropriate tax exemption policy for residents returning in old age. The president of Acquarola, who led a strategic delegation of Tourism for himself, will know how to make good use of this project, we, even with our delegate Massimiliano Polacco, will do our part by proposing planning also as part of the internationalization strategy.

Sabatini quoted the published article at the opening of the meeting On April 30 last year, in the Der Spiegel weekly, the most important in Europe, often with very hard communication of titles and covers. The article advocates the Marche region as a tourist destination: “Discover Marche. Marche? Many Germans have never heard of this region. It is easily accessible in the height of Tuscany and is at least as diverse: here you can discover everything that makes Italy so special. Above all: the sea! For example, the Conero Riviera is extremely picturesque (…) The temptation to stay on the coast is great. But it’s the back office that makes Marche so special! “

President of the Marche Region Francesco Acquaroli, committed to the San Benedetto City Council, connected online and underlined with an economic component also the emotional significance and value of attaching thousands of marchigiani abroad. Our territory is not easy to forget, even if you know it from the words of your parents and grandparents.

Central intervention was entrusted with: Michelangelo Lurgi, president of the South Destination Network

The aim is to revive the international Expo of Italians. The event is widely disseminated in all territories of the Peninsula, where each Region and each Commune, in synergy with companies, will be able to demonstrate their cultural, production, gastronomic and tourist excellence. It is planned to create a platform connecting Italians abroad and presenting them with the production offer of their places of origin; On June 23, Italy’s World Day, initiatives are planned simultaneously in over 600 participating Italian municipalities awaiting ministerial recognition and the development of cross-cutting projects in the fields of internationalization, training, agri-food products and communication. The goal of capturing digital nomads around the world and bringing them to action and live in countries is also strategic.

The Budget Councilor also represents the Region Guido Castelli who talked about the 6% flat tax for pensioners entering and returning to our territories, but also about Homeric nostos and the need to control flows: the one from the Marche region abroad is the primary tributary. They are ambassadors of the marches abroad, but also a potential support, coming back to feed our communities. They also help us remember.

this Mayor of Ascoli Piceno Marco Fioravanti Said I remember how those who return after seeing the world have acquired experience and knowledge, it is not only an economic enrichment for the community, but also a cultural one.

Maksymilian Polacco who in the Council of the House of Marche has a delegation to tourism – he stressed the role of the municipalities that joined together until the very recent past compatriots to the roots. Roots Tourism has paid an economic return of € 4 billion in a terrible pandemic year: a resource that, when fully exploited, has very interesting potential.

this Rector of UNIVPM Gian Luca Gregori talked about the need to think about restoring skills and carrying out integrated maneuvers to strengthen villages: it is not enough to repopulate them, interventions need to be made in the real estate, health and recreation sectors.

The list of municipalities that have already officially joined the project includes 17 in the Marche region, but just as many have expressed an interest in participating and the list is constantly updated: Acquasanta Terme, Acquaviva Picena, Amandola, Borgo Pace, Cantiano, Carassai, Comunanza, Gradara, Mergo, Pergola, San Ginesio, San Lorenzo in Campo.

Regional partners are: Uncem (National Union of Mountain Municipalities and Communities), Unpli (National Union of Pro loco Italy), Bim Tronto, Unione Montana Monti Azzurri, ITS tourism and new technologies, Consulta Marchigiani abroad, the most beautiful villages in Italy, Discover the Italian Consortium .

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