73. The Yazidi Edict is a Collective Crime

WALL – Eight years have passed since ISIS’ genocidal attack in Shengal, zidî’s homeland, on August 3, 2014. Yazidis, one of the oldest peoples of the Middle East, were subjected to 72 edict genocide attacks. As a result of this latest attack, tens of thousands of Yazidis were killed, thousands of them lost their lives on the migration routes, and again thousands of women were detained and made into sex slaves in slave markets.

Yazidi Culture Foundation, Hicran Product of the newspaper Yeni Yaşam answered his questions.

What did Yazidis experience during the August 3, 2014 massacre? How would you describe that day as the Yazidi Culture Foundation?

To answer your question briefly, August 3, 2014 is actually the day compassion, conscience, ancient charity and humanity died in the collective memory of the Yazidis. For this reason, this massacre, which went down in Yazidis history as the 73rd edict, is seen as a continuation of the edicts that took place 72 times before. Therefore, August 3, 2014 is a day painted black on one side and red on the other, in the collective memory of the Yazidis. This memory is wounded, the wound is fresh and many actors, especially the neighboring countries who can make this wound bleed, are still trying their best to pierce it. From this point of view, we can say that the 73rd Yazidi Edict is a collective evil that everyone is guilty of, especially the neighboring countries and peoples. It is not just an expression of the Salafist or second mentality. It is the abomination of powerful states and peoples. Today, Yazidis try to survive by living in the shadow of this horror. It is enough to be a Yazidi for one day, if only for one day, to understand how difficult this is.


Do you have any records of those who migrated, were slaughtered, or had to live in camps after the massacre?

Despite all the work, it is still not possible to talk with clear data today because there was already no definitive data on the demographic structure of the region, which emerged from the management vacuum of many years. But today, with factual data, we can state clearly that about 350 thousand people have had to leave their homes since the start of the massacre, and the majority of them continue to live in camps near their native countries. We estimate that more than 50 thousand people migrated to different countries of the world. From the data, we know that almost 5 thousand people were killed and more than 10 thousand people were captured in the raid. Unfortunately, from the mass graves excavated today, we see that the death toll is over 7,000.


Despite 8 years since the Yazidi massacre on August 3, Yazidi women are still missing. What can you say about the missing/unknown women?

As you can see from your question, Yazidis not only witnessed the bloodiest massacre in recent history in 2014, but they also witnessed a major massacre of women in front of the entire world. Even though 8 long years have passed since that day, the Yazidis’ wounds have not healed, and the plight of women and children abducted as spoils of war still maintains the gravity of the first day. Hundreds of thousands of women in many parts of the world were sold as sex slaves to Islamic countries under the name of infidel trade.

Unfortunately, after all this time, we still don’t know exactly how many women and children were kidnapped, murdered or disappeared. It is estimated that from day one, between 7,500 and 9,000 of our people, women and children were held and captured as booty. No one or institution, including the agency set up in Erbil to rescue the detained Yazidi women and children, has a clear number in this regard. In this context, if I had to give an approximate number, I can say that about 9,000 women and children were kidnapped, women were sold as concubines in slave markets, and children were subjected to indoctrination to change their religion. According to information and estimates from Yazidi institutions, more than 2,700 women and children are currently still missing. The total number of women and children rescued from ISIS so far has approached 4,000. The number of rescued children approached 1200. Nearly 300 children were born as a result of the forced marriage and rape of the detained women. Most of these children are raised in children’s homes by devoted Yazidi religious people.


The imprisoned women turned out to be ‘sold’ one by one via the internet in Ankara. Do you know how many families have taken women for ransom from ISIS in this way, and what kind of organization is ISIS here?

It does not seem possible to give a clear answer to this question as no woman or child is registered except for our child who is currently officially in Ankara. In general, the order is made via the deep internet, which we call the dark web, the arrested woman or child is put up for sale and the family or a supervisory authority is contacted through an intermediary or directly. This has become a “market”, but we don’t want to go into detail about how that particular market works. Because we don’t want anyone to get hurt in any way. In general, the whole process works in a closed circuit and it should be, because this is a much more dangerous job than you think.

So how do you interpret the rise of women in captivity in Ankara, why Ankara or Turkey?

It is certainly no coincidence that the last few events took place in Ankara, but Ankara is not the only center. We both guess and know that Êzidî women and children are being held in many parts of Turkey, especially in Hatay. It is of course not possible to give an exact number, nor is it possible to give an approximate number. But we also need to make that clear. Unfortunately, Turkey is one of the countries where ISIS feels safe, as Turkey has opened its doors to all radical elements, established networks of connections and acted as a patron from the very beginning. In addition, it is another well-known fact that many of these imprisoned women and children are likely to be in neighboring countries. Taking all this into account, it raises the possibility that the number of women and children being held in Turkey is greater than we can imagine.

In addition to women, the press also reported that Yazidi children were kidnapped and raised as jihadists. Can you give information about the situation of the children? How are these children treated at the hands of ISIS?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to give a homogeneous answer to these and similar questions, as each event is unique in one way or another. While the edict has a quality that covers all traces, the story of each individual rescued from captivity is unique. Therefore, everyone is different from each other due to the nature of the treatment they undergo. The most common are the fact that women are raped without exception and that children are Islamized in the brainwashing rooms and attack their own tribes as soldiers of Allah. The children they had were indoctrinated and Islamized in private correctional schools. (NEWS CENTER) Full interview

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