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The ten-time reigning German champion has just announced the hiring of Sadio Mané until 2025 for almost 40 million euros. For the Senegalese, currently in the best period of his career, the choice seemed obvious. Having reached the end of his cycle after six seasons spent in the shadow of Mohamed Salah in Liverpool, he will discover Bavaria at 30, for the best, but above all, for the light.

There will be no ice break between Sadio Mané and the Bavarians, since the presentations have already been made one evening in March 2019. Discovering the Munich dressing room, the Senegalese will certainly have in mind this return of the Champions League round of 16 during which he had amazed the 75,000 spectators of the Allianz Arena to qualify his Liverpool (1-3), future European champions, to the next round. And if the African champion has forgotten it, there is no doubt that Manuel Neuer, dribbled, lobbed and humiliated that evening on the first of his future teammate’s two goals, will tell him about it. But the main thing is elsewhere. Having won everything during his six years at Liverpool, the Bambali native is facing a new challenge. The opportunity for him to finally get the recognition he never had among the Rossi.

Mané to shine

Sadio Mané never collected all the seeds he sowed in the north of England. While we thought he was overpaid when he arrived from Southampton for 41 million euros, the Senegal captain returns his apron with a more than honorable copy. But judging by his time in the club of Gerrard, Keegan and Dalglish, his 120 goals and 48 assistance in 267 games he doesn’t seem to have really mattered, as his attacking mate Mo Salah’s name was ticked ahead of his when he awarded the individual prizes. Also this season, when he was the last to compete with Karim Benzema in the race for the Ballon d’Or and even though it was he who ruined all the Egyptian’s hopes with the Teranga Lions at CAN and on the way to the World Cup. World, it was Salah who was voted England’s best player. And this, while Mané shone when Jürgen Klopp decided to make it his adjustment variable.

Replaced on axis on his victorious return from the Africa Cup to allow for the emergence of Luis Díaz, Sadio Mané helped prepare Liverpool’s future, knowing he would not be a part of it. This future, it is in particular Darwin Nuñez who will write it in Liverpool. Nonsense for former Liverpool player Dean Saunders. When asked to answer the talkSPORT microphone about Mané’s departure, the Welshman even thought that the player trained at AS Génération Foot would go to “Ruining the best two years of his career” in the Bundesliga, a league much less important to him than the Premier League. Yes, but now, at 30, Sadio Mané preferred to take the opportunity when, in Liverpool, it was thought that he was coming to the end of his cycle. Bayern therefore seems to be an obvious solution to finally be able to get the recognition he deserves.

Die Maneschaft

It is not his first hours in Germany that will make him believe otherwise. Interviewed by a reporter from ImageMané was surprised when he was called to “best star” of the championship. “Wow, what a compliment! Thank you. When my advisor first told me about Bayern Munich’s interest, I was thrilled. I saw myself there immediately. For me it was the right club at the right time. It is one of the biggest clubs in the world and the team is still fighting for every title. So for me it was a great idea and the right decision to come here. ” And for those who wondered if Bayern’s management had planned to show him that they already loved him, he didn’t skimp on the means. First of all, putting on the table 40 million euros including bonus, even if Mané has only one year of contract. Then, offering him a three-year period that finally represents his value with the doubling of his income, he who had only the twelfth highest salary among the vice champions of England and Europe (about 6 million a year). “It is fantastic that we have been able to sign such a player for our team. He is at the peak of his career, at the age of maturity, he is in great shape and thirsty for titles, he is in the right club for that! ” Bayern’s sporting director Hasan Salihamidžić slipped, aware that, in this story, it is the Bavarian team that makes the best shot.

In Monaco, the striker can easily merge with an already well-stocked team in attack. Despite Julian Nagelsmann’s strong German accents, the Senegalese has already learned Goethe’s language from his Austrian escapade at RB Salzburg between 2012 and 2014. According to information from Sky Sports, the two men have already been getting along well since Mané told him he was ready to move to any position during a call earlier this month. But with Robert Lewandowski’s departure increasingly likely, Mané will above all have the advantage of not having to share the light. An advantage for the neo-Bavarian whose more reserved nature was often an obstacle when he was looking for the headliner. Because in the end Sadio is a guy who thinks first of all of others, and it is not FC Metz – which should receive around 160 thousand euros in case of having participated in the formation of the champion – to say the opposite.

By Gabriele Joly

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