A quarrel between drivers, an old car that smokes too much … Briefly about the various facts of this Thursday in Auvergne.

This Thursday, August 4, at around 4 pm on the RN7 between Besse and Warenne, the driver, annoyed at not being able to overtake the heavyweight, ended up crossing the white line. For which the truck driver honked him. After that, the motorist stopped on the roadway, blocking the truck. He went to insult the driver, who got out of his cab. The two men fought. The injured motorist was taken to the Moulin hospital. Dompierre’s gendarmes and their fellow motorcyclists intervened in this incident, resulting in a traffic jam on RN7.

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Two fires have been declared towards the village of Viadeira.

This Thursday, at the end of the day, Saint-Flour firefighters were called to put out a grass fire on the D909 highway in the village of Viadeire in the city of Saint-Georges. According to the first data, 100 square meters of dry grass burned down. A second fire also broke out 50 meters away. Both were quickly extinguished by firefighters.

The beginning of a fire on Lake Pesher.

In the town of Nessargues-en-Pinatel, 20 square meters of forest around the Bois de Moure burned down on Wednesday. The fire was quickly localized by firefighters from Neusarg. This is the second fire in 10 days in the area, and an investigation by the gendarmerie has been launched to establish its origin.

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Upper Loire

Gas leak at a gas station in Val-pre-le-Puy

Access to the Géant Casino station in Val-pre-le-Puy, as well as to nearby shops, was disrupted late this Thursday morning and early afternoon. In this case, the leak is at the level of the LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) pump. The security service of the hypermarket ensured the safety of those in the premises before the arrival of firefighters. The latter have set up a perimeter barring access to Avenue Jeanne d’Arc, a McDonald’s restaurant and, of course, the train station from the Ayelo de Malferit roundabout. Several people were also chained to the American brand’s restaurant.

The car caught fire on the A 75 near Lorlange.

On the night of Monday to Tuesday, a south-north Peugeot 306 was destroyed after an accident at exit 20. The 32-year-old motorist explained that after a moment of inattention, his car had previously crashed into the central reservation. hit a protective barrier on the side of a hard shoulder and caught fire. Tests for alcohol and drugs carried out on the driver by bikers from the Kanthal gendarmerie were positive.

Three hectares of vegetation burned in Leotoen

A Leotoen utility worker accidentally started the fire on Wednesday around 2:30 p.m. While using a brush cutter at the edge of a road in Farrayroll, the fire ignited and quickly spread to stubble (the remains of cereal growing). 30 firefighters arrived at the scene and extinguished the fire. Three hectares of vegetation burned down.

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There is smoke in Monistrol-sur-Loire, but no fire…

On Wednesday afternoon, fire and rescue services were asked to intervene on Avenue de la Liberation in Monistrol-sur-Loire. Actually it was a false alarm. Indeed, upon verification, the report matched an old car that had smoke coming from the garage.

Motorcyclist injured in fall in Riotorda

The accident involving a motorist and a biker resulted in a minor injury on Wednesday around 10:30. The biker was driving down the Route du Midi in Riotorde when he was caught off guard by a car while overtaking. ahead, which turned left. During an evasive maneuver, the pilot of the two-wheeled motorcycle lost control of his Harley Davidson. The car fell on one of its legs. Firefighters rushed him to Firmini Hospital with a suspected broken ankle.

Stray horses on RN 88 in Saint-Ferréol-d’Aurour

The accident was likely avoided on Wednesday morning on RN 88. Around 8 am, a report came in that three horses were wandering along the national road towards Pont Salomon. The Array Central Interdepartmental Highway Administration brigade quickly intervened and managed to park the horses. The owner of the horses then managed to get them back to the paddock.

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