A weekend in a campervan before the holidays: 3 ideas for a quick trip out of town

There is nothing better to get away from the city and its heat weekend in a motorhome before vacation. A real summer break so as not to melt in the city, perfect for recharging your batteries in the bosom of nature, finding coolness in the mountains or at the seaside, lakes or rivers.

RV weekend before vacation: 3 quick getaways to get out of town

It’s a great classic: the closer you are to your much sought-after target, the more distant and unattainable it seems. It also works for the holidays, which begin to become almost a chimera, a mirage as spring gives way to summer and temperatures soar. Sometimes a weekend immersed in nature is enough to make it to the real vacation and not to melt into the city. A great way to organize them tactical escapes to recharge the batteries There is a long weekend trip aboard a campervan, suggests Yescapa, Europe’s leading campervan sharing platform.
The flexibility of this type of excursion, a pinch of adventure, and the ability to go off the beaten track are the perfect ingredients to create the perfect summer break, leading the motorhome to explore wonderful lakes, nature parks, seas and mountains depending on where your compass is pointing. Here you have it some routes 2-4 days that Yescapa suggests leaving the hot cities and the computers always on to (re) discover the nearby beauties of a beautiful country.

Escape to the mountains: discovering the magic of the Dolomites

For those who do not like the summer heat, neither in the city nor elsewhere, A summer break in the mountains is always an encouraging idea. Rent a motorhome from your local area on yescapa.it or take it directly to Trento, famous for its frescoed Renaissance architecture and the fortress of Buonconsiglio Castle, then head towards Comano Terme to enter the heart of the Brenta Dolomites. Here is the amazing Limarò Canyon: an impressive gorge carved over the centuries by the Sarca River, reachable with a short walk from the Terme di Comano park. As you walk along the Waterway, you’ll come across stunning natural carvings where gorges are interspersed with monumental vertical walls that lead directly to the Balandino Bridge, an observation deck from which to observe this naturalistic wonder from above.

About 10 km further you meet a charming man Fiavé Archaeological Natural Park in the Giudicarie valleys. This is where the ancient Lake Carera originally stretched, today it has become a peat bog from which the evocative remains of prehistoric stilt settlements emerge, making it a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011. After this journey back in time in antiquity, we can head towards the ancient village of Irone in Trentino, also known as the “ghost village”, near Madonna di Campiglio. It was abandoned in 1600 due to a plague, remaining isolated for centuries, thus retaining its original structure, recently recovered to show a slice of life and 17th-century history.
To end this adventurous weekend, the last stop on board a motorhome is Valorz Waterfalls, formed by the homonymous Rio which plunges into the majestic rocky amphitheater. An unparalleled and still little-known natural spectacle that can be reached from the picturesque village of San Bernardo on a short, extremely evocative path.

Escape to the lake: between the volcanic lakes and the villages of Lazio

For those who live in the capital or central Italy, one of the summer excursions you can organize to escape the city’s heat is discovery of lakes scattered throughout the Lazio region: enchanting freshwater swimming pools, immersed in the green of nature, reflecting fascinating ancient villages.

Prepare in bathing suits and hiking boots, start the engines of your motorhome towards the province of Viterbo, which is home to the largest volcanic lake in Europe: lake Bolsenaseveral campsites dotted its shores. The peculiar, elliptical shape of the reservoir stretches for 43 kilometers, bathing along the shores of the picturesque towns of Bolsena, Marta, Gradoli, Capodimonte and where you can stop even for a short visit or take a boat trip towards the islets of Bisentina and Martana.
By going further south, you will reach Bracciano Lake, the most famous of those in the region. Located in the northern province of Rome, it also has a volcanic origin and was known in antiquity as Lacus Sabatinus because it was surrounded by the Sabatini Mountains. Behind it are the cities of Trevignano Romano, Anguillara Sabazia and Bracciano, with the unforgettable Orsini-Odescalchi Castle, a 15th-century fortress with 5 towers, from which you can admire a breathtaking panorama. And for sports enthusiasts, there are plenty of water sports that can be practiced in the waters of the lake, or a beautiful walk along the lake shore, which can be covered on foot or by bike.
Last but not for beauty, Lake Albano, the deepest volcanic lake in Italy. Also known as Lake Castel Gandolfo, it is located south of Rome in the territory of the Castelli Romani and Alban Hills. Thanks to its proximity to the city, it is one of the most visited places by tourists looking for a few hours of coolness, an alternative bathing beach or a cultural trip to the beautiful gardens of the popes’ summer residences or to the prehistoric and Roman archaeological sites in the area (such as the Macine Village or Domitian’s Villa).

River and sea escape: Po Delta and Romagna riviera

And for lovers of sunbathing by the sea, Yescapa offers weekend on the Adriatic coaststarting from Venice or Bologna towards the Romagna Riviera, passing along the road to the Po Delta Park where the sweet waters of Italy’s longest river meet the brackish ones in a dance that enlivens the rich flora and fauna, an example of precious biodiversity inscribed on the 1999 World Heritage List. The park covers more than 66,000 hectares between Emilia-Romagna and Veneto and offers countless attractions such as coastal lagoons, brackish valleys, ancient remains of Etruscan and Roman populations, Byzantine mosaics, and examples of Benedictine and aesthetic architecture.

After Delta |  Courtesy of the Veneto tourist portal

The tour starts fromThe oasis of Punte Alberete, freshwater wetlands, where you can see many species of plants and water birds, which makes the area a paradise for lovers of nature photography and bird watching. On the eastern side of the Oasis, you can walk the green lungs of Ravenna: la San Vitale pine forest, with about 1,000 hectares of land dotted with poplars, oaks, holm oaks and ash, which can also be admired by bike or horseback, by visiting local equestrian schools. Another stop not to be missed is Class pine wood, an oasis of peace, where Mediterranean vegetation is intertwined with dry meadows and lowlands flooded with fresh and brackish water. This locus amoenus is also home to the imposing Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe, the greatest example of an early Christian basilica known today and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
However, after this full immersion in the natural beauty of Ravenna, it’s time to enjoy a few days of well-deserved beach relaxation by exploring some of the area’s coastline, such as Casalborsetti, Marina Romea, Porto Corsini, Marina di Ravenna, Punta Marina Terme, Lido Adriano, Lido di Dante , Lido di Classe and Lido di Savio, then further south along the Romagna Riviera if necessary, always on board a camper van.


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