Al Fatihaaaa for your soul

We have long said that the judiciary in Turkey is more frayed than ever, and that serious problems have arisen in the judiciary through political appointments and appointment of party organization names as judges and prosecutors.

Just a few weeks ago, while talking to some former judges, we were talking about how most newly appointed judges are incompetent, inexperienced in handling a case, how they don’t even know the proceedings of the trial.

But no matter what we said, none of our words could reveal what the judgment was made of as clearly as the judgment itself.

And here is the clearest expression of the end of the judiciary, again of the judiciary.

I have been a journalist for almost 40 years.

I spent more than 35 years of that period as a manager and 30 years as a columnist.

For this reason, I have personally handled thousands of lawsuits, gone to court as a victim or plaintiff, and read as many as to report the files of perhaps more.

Rest assured, in 40 years, I have never seen, heard or encountered such a disgrace.

Let me tell you, let’s cry and recite “Fatiha” together, to the place where the Turkish judiciary came from, or rather was brought deliberately.

A court in Şanlıurfa. Second session of a process. I just write:

“The hearing was opened on a certain day and time.

The plaintiff’s attorney… and the defendant’s attorney….. attended the hearing. The open trial continued.

It was seen that the expert had presented his report.

The report was found to be extremely inadequate.

The plaintiff’s lawyer was asked: He said: “We will pay the cost, we will ask that the file be sent to a new specialist”.

In the meantime, it became known that the defendant’s lawyer was sitting in the cafe and jumping into words without saying, “You’ll do great,” as if he were dealing with the waiter.

The defendant’s attorney was instructed to behave in a proper and courteous manner.

It has already been seen that the defendant’s lawyer entered with a disorderly attitude saying ‘Selamun aleyküm’ as he entered, and sat there without asking permission.

Despite being warned, the attorney in the case continued his bullying style.

Defendant’s attorney, addressing the court judge, slammed the phone in his hand on the table and said, ‘Don’t make me angry.’

Despite being instructed to sit as a lawyer, the defendant continued his bullying behavior.

The court judge told the defendant’s lawyer: ‘You pray, this is the court’

The court judge told the plaintiff’s lawyer: ‘You saw how he slammed his phone down with his hand on the coffee table.’

The plaintiff’s attorney did not listen.

As the defendant’s attorney was not worthy, his statement was not received.

The file has been revised.



Dear readers, as a joke, but unfortunately, these lines above are the official minutes of a court that will rule on behalf of the Turkish nation.

I asked the member of the judiciary who relayed this to me, “Is this a joke?” I said.

Because it’s unbelievable.

The judge says to the lawyer, “Pray, this is the courthouse.”

In addition, it is recorded in the minutes.

The state of the audience is already deplorable.

This is the state of the judiciary…

Were realized.

We know that other institutions are not very different, but this one is not like any other.

If the judiciary ended in a country, the country ended, the state ended.

But of course you said to me, “What are you saying? On the one hand, someone who is tried for espionage as a prosecutor is appointed to a higher position as a judge. If you say, “The trial was already over”, that is also I will not object to that.

I just say: “A nail was put in the coffin in Şanlıurfa”.

As I said at the beginning, a “Fatihaaaa Hand” for the reward I have left.

In a country where government officials and their supporters constantly accuse the opposition of not being national…

Someone will tell me!

– Accusing with the strongest words yesterday, welcoming with ceremony the leaders of the countries where he was the power and financier of the coup in Turkey, and bargaining with them to buy the country’s assets…

– Close the case of a murder that we are most accused of for the murder of Khashoggi and that we want 15 perpetrators to be tried in Turkey, and send him to the country where we accuse him of covering up the murder…

– To host the person we keep on the agenda as the name behind the murder at the highest level…

– Marketing of public companies in Turkey to the leader of a country that has repeatedly declared that Turkey and Iran should be divided…

What kind of nationality is it?

You can say, “The interests of the country are important.”

So please tell me about the country’s interest here.

And while you were blaming those countries, you can also explain whether or not those interests were different.

If the interests of the country did not say such words to Turkey and did not think of such evil, why do we fight with Egypt and Syria, why do we not make peace with them?

I wonder if it’s the national interests or the money of these countries that are important to make peace with someone, to look like a friend again!

If Syria and Egypt had a lot of money to hand out, Assad and Sisi would visit our country in the most glorious way right now!

Is there such a thing as nationality?

If I could get an answer to these questions, I would say, “For years, you said visas would be suspended. Now you keep removing visas for European countries, but they still apply to us. Is that a national honor?” I ask.

I’m very curious about your answers.

It always starts at this point and then increases.

That’s what happened last year too.

The first one came out these days, then it turned into a disaster, we had the biggest loss of forest in our history.

Last year, the first wildfire broke out around Marmaris in late June.

I think I was the first to write in those days when we know fire season without a plane.

This year, we asked, “Is there a plane, are we ready?”

The fires started around the same time this year and the first fire made a more effective entry than last year.

Last year’s reactions too.

Let me tell you this.

This year, the Ministry is not as unprepared or ill-prepared as it was last year.

Very clear.

Contrary to what is claimed on social media, there are helicopters and planes this year.

Contrary to popular belief, aerial intervention begins in the early hours of the morning, right after sunrise.

The planes do first aid at 05:45 in the morning.

How I know?

Because instant information comes from acquaintances and friends in the region.

None of them are partisan of power.

Something’s missing!?

There certainly is.

It’s wrong!

It’s definitely done.

The fire is still lit!

It’s happening, it may take longer.

Will there be other fires?

It will definitely come out.

But obviously we’ve learned some lessons from last year and it looks like we’re more prepared.

What surprises me is that the lesson was learned…

So let’s not be unfair.

I wish they knew how to learn about everything.

Yesterday, the leader of the main opposition party, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, announced that he would go to the fire area.

It was fast and accurate.

A social media post came from Erdoğan Toprak, one of the important names in CHP.

According to his claim, CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu’s plane was not allowed to land in Dalaman, which is the closest square to the fire area, due to weather opposition.

On the other hand, President Erdogan’s plane was allowed.

We think, “Give up.”

Such misfortune could not happen.

Thus, when the election period arrived, the CHP leader would not be demoted to any camp. It wouldn’t be much.

However, a social media post from the CHP leader’s own team came soon after.

The claim that it was not allowed to land on Dalaman was bullshit, the plane carrying the CHP leader had not asked for permission to land on Dalaman anyway because the CHP leader was going to the Aydın fire area by road. According to Deniz Demir, an adviser to the CHP leader, Dalaman’s claim was asparagus.

However, the worst thing is that the owner of the asparagas claim was the vice president of the CHP.

As I always say, there is only one power that can bring the next elections to power.

The name of this force is CHP.

Obviously, they won’t do anything they can.

When can we be human in the first place.

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