Albaraka Publishing’s Pioneering Contribution to Our Intellectual and Cultural Life…

A world cannot be built without books. If a world is built, it will not be built from Silicon Valley, but from Harvard, Chicago, Princeton, UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles).

From Oxbridge (Oxford + Cambridge) Sorbonne, Bologna etc. will be founded, and from there Silicon Valleys and so on will be born… Technological worlds that will also be built from the university.


If you have noticed, I have not mentioned any university in the Islamic world. I couldn’t, because such a thing no longer exists.

The Islamic world has been deprived of its “universities” which will develop the idea that the land where Muslims live will become the home of Islam (dâr al-islâm), the land of peace (dâru’s-salâm) and the land of mankind. to make (dâru’l-insan).

Not just the Islamic world, of course. University around the world, the whore of capitalism, all its dirt is covered, and this by the rapid circulation of the polished image age. liberalism destroy thoughts and paralyze the mind though there are places of destruction, If a world is to be established, it will be re-established from universities.

Of course today’s liberal/postmodern university makes sure that capitalism doesn’t get fat as it grows, and exploits the world while it exploits, to destroy the truth when it relativizes, but even if it’s destructive, universities are where everything” soulless” science and “barbaric” technology are being developed.

Universities, places that develop constructive or destructive ideas: their ideas and corpus. Because the corpus without the idea, Civilization cannot be built without a corpus.

secure The university is in crisis: the postmodern liberal university is sowing the seeds that lead not to reflection but to decline.

Thought, culture and art life were brought to the market, now they are produced on the market.

With or without university, the postmodern era of polished image dominates also in the world of book publishing.

I’m not just talking about the West: that’s how it is all over the world now.

In fact, book publishing within and outside academia in the West feeds each other. we have publishing in academia it almost doesn’t exist: Except Bilgi University, Boğaziçi University and Koç University.

That’s how it is unfortunately. Sakarya University, Sabahattin Zaim and Ibn Khaldun There is turmoil in universities like this, I hope it explodes.

these publishing efforts are in the coming period…

There is also a boom in book publishing in Turkey: Very a large industry emerged. The market has grown. Couple of: Absurdly popular, vulgar, trashy authors and books flooded the market.

It is a great mystery whether these increase the readership, interest in reading, increase the book or spread the seductive postmodern dromocratic culture!


Anyway, I’ll take the topic to Banks Book Publishing and Albaraka Publishing.

Everything, It started with Enis Batur’s “crazy” attempt: About twenty years ago, Yapı Kredi made a great leap forward in the publishing of books – and magazines – in both quantity and quality.

secure is couch, He published a good and comprehensive book, breaking all the rules, but he was the only one, he was almost alone. I would like to congratulate İşbank for publishing books of high quality, level and economically affordable.

For Yapı Kredi, it should be appreciated to congratulate Enis Batur and the teams that followed.

The publications of the two banks have contributed to our intellectual and cultural life, which should not be underestimated.

For years, Islamic segments expected participation banks to engage in culture and book publishing. One can rightly ask: is it the task of banks to distance themselves from the world of culture, book publishing and intellectual life?

Universities, communities, hundreds of NGOs engaged in cultural activities, This question can be continued in a loud voice…


Finally Albaraka Turkishat the head of -who is also a strict intellectual- Meliksah Utku If my brother is brought in, the bank will make a great breakthrough in book publishing, even sa unique revolution taken a step to do: Ahmet Faruk CaglaHe went on to publish a book under the editorship of: He also published intellectually first-rate books; My brother Ahmet Faruk showed how publishing first-class books can be done with his typesetting, meticulous index work and excellent translations that don’t kill the language.

The publishing house rightly began publishing groundbreaking books on the history of economic thought, piece by piece: He brought together the wonderful books on Japanese, Chinese and European economic histories and thoughts, as well as Islamic economic thought.

The fact that such a publishing house only publishes to economic thinking,

It would mean that the Islamic intellectual accumulation in the country would miss and limit the level that cannot be ignored.

Given this fact, the publisher Turkish music about, Turkish carpet on the scale and depth of our art aura, He published groundbreaking texts on original interpretations of Islamic and Western thought.

And on the scale of the selected books and authors, but also on high-quality publication techniques that will serve as an example and model for other publishers. a breakthrough open it happened already.

I have not mentioned the books and authors here: which ones should I mention! Albaraka Publishing has already built up a beautiful and valuable library with all her books.

Ahmet Faruk Çağlar, my brother, has given a great depth and dimension to the intellectual and cultural life of our country in a relatively short time with Albaraka Publications.

I congratulate both the government of Albaraka Türk and my brother Ahmet Faruk on their leadership. I wish that they continue their contribution to the culture, art and intellectual life of our country.

My vessel.

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