Anyone slapping a half price Porsche Taycan?

Some at Kia felt that the EV6 Car of the Year title was not enough. The appearance of the GT version with a capacity of 585 hp. sounds like a real little provocation, totally intended. The EV6 GT becomes the most powerful Kia has ever produced and is a clumsy rival for electric car stars. Our test.

Recognized in early 2022 by the European press, the Kia EV6 is considered a true curiosity. The first Korean and the first electric vehicle to win the prestigious Car of the Year award, the atypical crossover, halfway between a large compact car and an SUV, has particularly attracted attention for its technological content shared with its Hyundai Ioniq 5 cousin.

architecture The 800V EV6 really delivers the highest charging power for this category, up to 350kW peak., allowing you to go from 10 to 80% battery in 18 minutes… in theory, as always (maybe on an Ionity terminal, and even more so offline). Interesting performance, though, given that you’d have to look at much more expensive cars to take advantage of that fast recharging (other than the Koreans, the Audi e-tron GT and Porsche Taycan are the only ones with 800V power today).

Everyday reality is less spectacular because at a conventional AC terminal, the power does not exceed 11 kW. Then a full cycle takes more than 7 hours (enough for users who will charge at night or, for example, at the workplace).

Externally, chunky 21-inch wheels and brakes are the main clues. Otherwise, the EV6 GT retains the same 800-volt architecture and 77.4 kWh battery as the classic versions.

Good to know: Consider buying and reselling.

Your vehicle’s resale or trade value can be seen with your Kia EV6’s Auto Turbo rating, which is an alternative to the Argus rating.

Beyond these kWh-consuming capabilities, the EV6 GT challenges something else. His lap times are almost sporty! The advantage of an electric motor is precisely that it can easily achieve high power and very high torque values. Here 585 hp. and 740 Nm in support… Accelerations from the same barrel: only 3.5 s from 0 to 100 km / h, and up to 260 km / h, preferably on the autobahn. Clearly, these numbers are far ahead of the base Taycan, which starts at €91,055. head to head with the Porsche Taycan GTS, which is almost twice as expensive (€137,847). So at this price, we can offer the EV6 GT and the Boxter S (with Flat-6 vibes). Or the new Alpine A110, you’ll see.

What’s new in EV6 GT?

So that Kia is competing with Porsche or Audi for more than 100,000 euros is completely new. From a technical point of view, the EV6 GT has gone all out: it comes from an all-wheel drive EV6 equipped with two electric motors (one per axle), combined power increased to 585 hp (367 hp rear, 218 hp front). The battery, however, remains the same, with a usable capacity of 77.4 kWh. Thus, the declared autonomy is not something exceptional compared to the more modest versions of the EV6, given the level of performance and impressive weight (2185 kg). However, 424km combined is achievable if you stay strictly away from the fast axes…and don’t take advantage of the bounty of the available cavalry! But it’s tempting.

TEST – Kia EV6 GT (2022): Anyone slapping a Porsche Taycan at half price?

In GT mode, we have maximum power: 585 hp, and lightning-fast acceleration to boot! 3.5 s from 0 to 100 km / h, that says … in moderation, however, and avoiding the highway if you want to maintain autonomy.

Visually, the GT is distinguished by a few specific body parts and especially by the large 21-inch wheels shod in the Pilot Sport 4S, which barely hide the imposing brake discs (380mm front, 360mm rear) pinched by neon calipers. Look at the question, the classic EV6 was already not particularly restrained. The pedigree is displayed there! The same is true on board where two buckets sit (in good condition by the way). However, the cockpit layout has remained the same: rather refined, with a large double digital panel that includes instruments and a multimedia interface. The only notable nuance: a small fluorescent “GT” button on the bottom of the steering wheel lets you switch between driving modes.

Sharp GT, but not sporty…weight always!

As expected, accelerations and climbs literally stick to the seat. Brutal from the start! In any case, in GT mode, which allows you to use the maximum power. A little more surprise, the thrust is linear, powerful, but not very explosive. As a big fist that grabs you and takes you on a roller coaster… over the rails. Kia thought to program an inappropriate “drift” feature to send all the power to the rear axle when the driving aids are in sleep mode, but the system calls us to order very quickly. EV6 is too heavy to be abused.

TEST – Kia EV6 GT (2022): Anyone slapping a Porsche Taycan at half price?

Heavy (almost 2.2 tons), imposing Kia EV6, in principle, does not represent anything sporty. Kia has succeeded in making the Debt GT incredibly efficient and easy to drive. Comfort remains excellent despite chassis adjustments.

Chassis received completely meticulous engineering: the suspensions are calibrated to hold the car firmly, without frills, while maintaining the most subdued road feel. Including in GT mode, which tightens up the tuning by 30% compared to the “Normal” mode. The car is healthy, the movements are almost erased when changing the support (although it was difficult to push it on Swedish roads), and braking seems almost natural for once. In general, we bother with the variations associated with the recovery. The maximum level, very powerful (up to 150 kW), however, is confusing and not easy to dose.

After the unexpected effect of a cannon launch, this large crossover (4.70 m long, for a wheelbase of 2.90 m) is therefore not neither playful nor very demonstrative. However, the result is a formidable GT, surprisingly accurate and easy to drive (very) fast. Under these conditions, the average consumption, estimated at 20.6 kWh/100 km, can be forgotten. During our test, including running the circuit to evaluate its behavior, we approached 22 kWh. Decent, given the sometimes applied pace.

TEST – Kia EV6 GT (2022): Anyone slapping a Porsche Taycan at half price?

The main advantage of the 800 V platform: charging power up to 350 kW at peak, allowing you to achieve record charging times. Provided that you find the Ionity terminal and the network will operate at full capacity.

Prices and competitors: Tesla Model Y and BMW i4, their best enemies

In addition to the e-tron GT and Taycan duo, with its more exclusive and sportier positioning, the Kia EV6 GT faces more direct competition. Fixed at €72,990 all-inclusive (the only option is a €1,400 heat pump), the price puts the Korean in the same realm as a certain Tesla Model Y. Here the correspondence is more subtle: Model Y Performance is accelerating. almost as hard (0-100 km/h in 3.7 s), requires more range (514 km) and, above all, has the Tesla ecosystem with its network of superchargers. It’s also slightly cheaper, starting at €69,990. In a more traditional and dynamic genre, BMW is also orienting its 544-horsepower i4 M50. Slightly slower and slightly more expensive (€73,750), but with a larger battery (80.7 kWh net, 520 km WLTP).

Specifications Kia EV6 GT (2022)

Technical sheet Kia EV6 GT
Model tested: Kia EV6 GT
Dimensions L x W x H 4.69 / 1.89 / 1.54 m
Wheelbase 2.90 m
Minimum / maximum trunk volume 480 / 1260 liters
Weight without load 2.185 kg
Motorization 2 electric motors, all-wheel drive
Powerful 585 HP
Max Torque 740 Nm
from 0 to 100 km/h 3.5 sec.
maximum speed 260 km/h
Battery capacity / DC current – AC charging power 77.4 kWh / 350 kW – 11 kW
Declared Consumption (WLTP) 20.6 kWh/100 km
Bonuses 2021 0€
Prices from 47,990 euros (tested model: 72,990 euros)

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