“Big problems with finding employees, staff are moving out”

Tourism, What’s up? What scenario? “The traditional problem of finding a workforce is nowadays combined with the phenomenon of removing personnel from our sector. This phenomenon is also found in other European countries and in major tourism economies. A situation that worries us because the outflow of these people threatens to bleed the sector out. ” President Federalberghi emphasized this Bernabò Bocca at the 72nd assembly held in Parma in the presence of the Minister of Tourism Massimo Garavaglia.

“The long period of stagnation associated with the events of recent years,” says Bocca, “has prompted not only associates with fixed-term contracts, but also those with permanent contracts, protected by social safety nets, to look around for a different profession. Many have found it in the public sector, others in other sectors, and still others are still looking. ” Speaking of citizens’ incomes, he said, “it is time for these people to go back to work.”

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SUMMER – “The data we have inspire optimism about the summer season, as some foreign tourism returns even in cities of art, especially American ones, but the most important are the data of Italians. Italians take a vacation and stay in Italy. This is a matter of pride and pride for us, ”explains Bocca. According to Bocca, in order to curb fierce competition from rival countries, it is imperative that Minister Garavaglia develop a “national tourism policy”. “But this year – he stressed – we have to do without other international markets: not only Russia, but the entire Far East, that is China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, which are completely absent. We hope to compensate for this absence with more Americans, but above all with more Italians. Italy is the first market ».

GARAWAGLIA – “After taking off the cap, we have a great desire for Italy among tourists all over the world. Type revenge tourism as Roberta Garibaldi from Enit says ». Tourism Minister Massimo Garavaglia said this in Parma, recalling that now that anti-Covid legislation has loosened also in Italy, there will be a marked improvement. “From the first figures, says Garavaglia,” we note that in April, May and June, Italy has a fill factor of Accommodation 10 points higher than Spain, our traditional competitor. And that’s great news. It has not been seen in years, it is reflected, but we have to make it structural. “

NUMBERS AND THE CRISIS – “In 2021, the expenditure of foreign travelers in Italy decreased by more than EUR 22.5 billion, with a decrease of 50.9% compared to 2019. I underline that the figures quoted reflect the national average and there are locations and companies where a loss is much better. Unfortunately, things got even worse at the start of the new year »explains Bocca. “In the tourism sector, tourist accommodation and spas,” says Bocca, “are the ones that continue to pay the highest price. In 2019, the value added of accommodation services was 27 billion euros, an increase of 32% compared to 20.4 billion in 2013. In all likelihood, the increase would have been even stronger had it not been for the pandemic. ‘ Instead, according to the president of hoteliers, value added has halved in 2020 compared to 2019 levels (-54%). This trend continued in 2021, with a decrease of 32% compared to 2019. Similar signs were recorded on the tourist presence front: 2020 ended with a loss of 228 million nights, corresponding to an average decrease of 52.3% compared to the year earlier, with peaks that exceeded 80% in some places. “In 2021, despite the positive signals recorded in the second half of July and August, in some places, which are mainly aimed at the domestic market, 156 million tourist facilities were missing – he continues – with a decrease of 35.8% compared to 2019, of which 118 million in relation to foreign tourists ”. This is an alarming figure, considering that in a “normal” year, foreign tourists account for 50.5% of all overnight stays, and that foreign tourists’ expenditure contributes to a trade balance of € 44.3 billion.

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OFFICE – “Too often our initiatives remain hostage to arguments and stamped documents. In the last months of the crisis, we have seen that when there is a desire to simplify, reduce bureaucracy, speed up… things can be made simpler, easier, more effective. The revival of Italian tourism must not be blocked by bureaucracy, formalisms, small or large veto rights of this or that administration ”. President Bocca gives two specific examples of this “bureaucratic myopia“. “During the pandemic, many restaurants,” he says, “benefited from measures to facilitate the installation of outdoor tables, known as dehors. I did not understand why hotels were excluded from this possibility ». Here is a second example of bureaucratic persistence. “The average Italian hotel has thirty rooms. This means that if the restaurant served only overnight guests, it would at best have no more than sixty customers a day. And the bills could never come back. Fortunately, there are administrations that understand the problem and easily issue a second license that allows public access from outside. But in many other cases it is unfortunately not that simple. Some cities are completely blocked by bureaucracy. a national law would be needed to clear the field of complex rules that discourage businesses, ”he concludes.

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