Turkey is the most successful country in turning the global economic crisis into an opportunity; ships, planes, trucks cannot keep up with the transport of goods

President and President of the AKP Recep Tayyip Erdogan, at the award ceremony for international contracting services, “Turkey is the most successful country in turning the global economic crisis into an opportunity”. said. Comparing Europe and Turkey in energy and exports, Erdogan said: “We are preparing well for winter, when Europe will enter with stomach … Read more

A discount move from the chain markets after the Crédito Agrícola discount! – The correct address of financial news

A new instruction for food prices came from President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, saying, “Not for profit, lower prices”, Erdogan said that staple foods like meat, milk, eggs, sunflower oil, sugar sold in Credit Unions Agricultural must be sold at cheap prices. Crédito Agrícola began to apply discounts on more than 30 basic consumer products in … Read more

What is Altcoin Season? That always-awaited Altcoin season in 6 titles › CoinTürk

Reading time: 7 Minute Just like the emergence of any new investment opportunity, the emergence of cryptocurrencies has spawned an entire industry dedicated to meeting the demand for cryptocurrency-related content. From market news to cryptocurrency analysis, creating and sharing this content has become an integral part of the way retail investors enter the industry. The … Read more

Good news for those who want to open an Agricultural Credit Market: State Capital

In recent days, by order of President Erdogan, markets belonging to Agricultural Credit Cooperatives were discounted. Erdogan responded to journalists’ questions upon returning from the plane after critical contacts in Ukraine. While Erdogan announced that the number of Agricultural Credit Cooperatives markets will rapidly increase, he announced a new model that will align those who … Read more

Last minute: ‘6+6’ limit on used cars has split the automotive industry in two! – Economy news

The ‘6+6’ border split the sector in two! The regulation, which was announced by the Minister of Commerce, Mehmet Muş, on the sale of used vehicles last week, came into force after being published yesterday in the Official Gazette. The app, which is known as ‘6+6’ in the public, will prevent the sale of cars … Read more

They left with 70,000 lire! All they do for a living is go from village to village.

Sibel Sarı worked as a textile planning manager for 10 years and Deniz Sarı worked for local and national newspapers for about 10 years. However, in October 2020, the Sarı family, who left their entire corporate life behind for their fascination with the Kaz Mountains, sold their 1+1 house and car and migrated from Istanbul … Read more

How were energy reserves found that could not be found for decades? Here’s the question that broke the chains

I wrote the story of the Abdülhamid Han ship based on the question that broke the chains from Berat Albayrak, who was Minister of Energy until July 2018, to his colleague Fatih Dönmez at the time. 1. When purchasing the vessel ABDULHAMID Han, a condition was imposed on Turkey during the funding negotiations: “You cannot … Read more

Peach Puzzle: 2 on the branch, 15.90 TL on the market

Tepeköy peach, which has become a brand in recent years, in the central Mezitli district of Mezitli, which has a plateau feature on the edges of the central Taurus mountains, is sold by the producer for 2 lira, while finding buyers on the market shelves for 15.90 TL. In fact, on the Fındıkpınarı plateau, which … Read more