6 tips not to be missed!

Don’t miss beautiful Budapest with all its main attractions! If you are planning a weekend in the great Hungarian capital, just read our 6 tips to make your vacation perfect in every detail. Budapest has priceless charm everything to discover, strong and determined personality and gods places to visit it will surely leave you with … Read more

Santa Cruz is looking for a tourist “Eldorado”

photo by Cristiano Collina The Canary Islands are facing a summer tourism boom. The figures predicted by the regional government and the hotel industry employers’ association are more than optimistic, supporting the revival of Spanish tourism, but also European tourism, which sees the Islands as a safe place, away from the instability of other areas … Read more

Holidays in the countryside, between farms and agritourism. From Friuli to Sicily in search of nature and slowness

Feverish rhythms, which we are subject to every day from professional and family duties, often distance us from nature, its rhythms, its simplicity and its beauty. A loss that is often insurmountable in cities and sometimes even in small towns, because there is always very little time for trips. Holidays are therefore a valuable time … Read more

Holidays in Ibiza: what to do and see in the north of the island?

The shift has the colors of carob areas, vineyards and olive groves, streets of red earth, white villages with 16th-century churches that challenge the blue sky. L.Ibiza payesaidyllic, distanced himself from the excesses of “Gomorrah” z Balearic Islands, just a few years ago, the most transitive international tourism destination. AND Nortethe north of the island, … Read more

green (and glamorous) Madonna holiday

Tree camping is a new revolution in the field of green holidays also in Sicily. Here you can go camping suspended in trees, in a glamping tent or on the ground Sleeping surrounded by nature, swayed (literally) among the branches of majestic trees, under the “roof” of stars and at night in the magic of … Read more

3 secrets to the perfect luggage!

Choosing the right luggage and being able to fit everything in it is a great way to start your vacation. Whether you are traveling by car or plane, whether you decide to check in your luggage or not, it’s important not to forget these little tricks to get your perfect suitcase ready … Come out … Read more

In honor of free holidays (in Italy)

Long live the lost time when all anxiety about productivity is calmed down, extinguished, silenced. So found the time spent lazing in front of the horizon, inhaling the scent of water, finding company in the bustle of nature. Discover, discover, learn or finally forget. A time of laziness, vacation, without stress would be recommendable. And … Read more

Bari: VIP holiday

This is the mid-August of Bari VIPs, between sea, mountains and relaxation. DECARO WILL WORK: “THEN THE FISHERIES PELOSE” Bath before and after. In the meantime, classic institutional appointments. It will be Ferragosto in the name of the Antonio Decaro tradition. The mayor of Bari will indulge in a morning swim in the waters of … Read more