CHP call missing, HDP decision is contradictory

The wind created by the ‘Mr. Kemal’ appears to have inflated Kılıçdaroğlu’s sails, the CHP and of course the 6-piece table ultimately. In addition to the activity on social networks, this exit had a concrete response. The people I speak to are those who describe themselves as believers or devotees. They are also uncomfortable being placed in the conservative category, which is defined by thick lines in the survey. This is a separate issue, it should be discussed for a long time, but if there is anything to be done, let me let the connoisseurs know. For example, until two weeks ago, I heard the words ‘I can’t afford to vote for CHP’ from my friends with this voter profile. However, when I spoke recently, the words poured from the same people show the change in CHP voting behavior: ‘Why not? It’s possible? It’s possible.’ Intelligent, graceful and witty, he seems to get the recognition he deserves for anyone who is not in the challenger style.

Undoubtedly, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu identified the change in trend. Perhaps with the breeze of this wind, a special meeting was called for August 1st. Summoning Turkey’s Grand National Assembly for a special meeting on August 1 strikes me as a desire to test the political environment. With the signature of 120 deputies from the CHP, 200 deputies must be in the General Assembly room of the Assembly, which was convened by the President of the Assembly for an extraordinary meeting, under the terms of the Statute. Getting the signatures of 120 MPs is the easiest part for the CRP. However, it is difficult to say that it appears to be a well thought out and multilateral movement. First of all, it should be noted that calling a meeting is not enough. The show of force brings political success in holding the meeting he has called. He should have secured 200 deputies before making that call. They probably know that if the numerical requirement is not met, they risk reversing the wind rather than strengthening it, but it was revealed by the statements made that they do not seek reconciliation with political parties.

Of course, they also deserve serious criticism in terms of the content of the call. Violence in health is an extremely important issue and no one can oppose it, but as long as it does not include violence against women, it establishes a hierarchy of rights. That’s how it looks now. While at least three women are killed every day, and at least as many women’s deaths are filed as suspects without proper investigation, the image of the call that creates the important-unimportant dichotomy is problematic in itself. On the other hand, the 8th anniversary of the Istanbul Convention’s effective date of 1 August and its absence in a sentence in the call is a problem that impedes confidence in the ‘within 24 hours’ promise. Will those who forget or ignore this sensitivity before the election really remember these promises after the election? Will she be able to do whatever it takes, or will she be able to convince some of her partners, the questions are on every woman’s mind right now. I hope they don’t dismiss these questions and concerns as unimportant. In addition to the insults, humiliations and devaluation movements against women, it would be completely imprudent to remain silent in this special session of Parliament about those who violate women’s right and dignity to a non-violent life, while the allegations that the turning point has reached 6284 and the law is outdated have come to light.

If the meeting takes place, the CHP will be deemed to have taken the opportunity to increase the points it has accumulated. If the call is not made, negative points are written in addition to being left in the air, for Kılıçdaroğlu’s, CHP’s and 6 tables. The CHP’s attempt to take such an initiative without collaborating with other parties is a politically flawed way out. This error belongs to the CHP, we will keep it as a determination. If we look at the matter in terms of other opposition parties, I think that the declarations of participation by the Partido do Bem and the Partido da Pátria were written as a plus in favor of these parties, without obsession with courtesy as if they were asking, they did not ask. The AKP and MHP are also expected to announce that they will not participate. However, HDP’s friendly attitude is thought provoking. Of course, they argued amongst themselves about appearing to be on the side of the People’s Alliance. As they reiterated their decision not to participate on the 27th, it would not be wrong to think that there must have been an intra-party discussion process and a joint decision must have been made. If the parliament meets and the convening does not achieve its objective, as the number remains at 185 deputies, then the HDP’s fault and position will be remembered and not the CHP’s failures. The status of impediment to initiative for the People’s alliance is written as a negative score. Also, when it is obvious that the CHP took a strong step by voting against the reporting committee, which was in session at the time of convening the August 1 meeting…

Probably, the HDP should have taken refuge in the premise that its stance towards voters is clear, regardless of its apparent position. But on the slippery slope of politics, no one can be so sure. While all sorts of attractions are to be expected from the government in the electoral climate. Its apparently weak and contradictory justifications, which do not correspond to the weight of its fundamental importance in electoral arithmetic, can generate distrust. The apparent justification of the HDP is that their views were not accepted, even out of courtesy, as alleged by Meral Danış Beştaş. The reason behind is an important issue more understandable. A more realistic reason is that they will not attend the meeting out of concern that this meeting will be turned into an opportunity by the government to lift the immunity of deputies and demote deputies from file holders. So is this realistic justification really justified?

It doesn’t look quite right. It does not seem justifiable for two reasons. Firstly, the lifting of immunity and the abolition of mandate will only be postponed for two and a half months if they do not attend the August 1 meeting. It doesn’t seem to be a justification for preventing a successful political movement that opposition to the government will raise for just two and a half months. The second contains a serious contradiction. The HDP had recently requested a meeting with the Presidency of the Assembly. As the HDP did not have 120 deputies to convene the Assembly directly, the date was July 20 when it publicly announced to the President of the Assembly its responsibility for convening a meeting. Announced with the signature of the HDP Central Executive Council, this call is about the attack in the city of Zaho in which 12 civilians, including children, lost their lives. It was an urgent summons to assembly, reminding the Assembly of its responsibility for the bill. What has changed in a week is that if the Assembly meets, the possibility of removing immunity and deputation has increased, this is a bitter contradiction.

Another issue that makes the HDP’s stance on the matter controversial is its appearance inconsistent with the Selahattin Demirtaş speech that has shaped the agenda in recent weeks. What is the Joint candidate that Demirtaş sent from prison as a guest writer for the Gazete Wall? The article titled was published on July 27. Let me briefly quote an important article that I think everyone should read and with which I believe most will agree: “The joint candidate is not a single party, a single identity, a single belief, but the result of all segments and social differences, the silhouette of 85 million people.” I have no doubt that this assessment of Demirtaş is the wish of the whole of society. Of course, it’s one of those wishes that is much easier to think about and write about than to fulfill…

Our problem is that most of those who have enough desire to fulfill that desire and what must be accomplished. It is not impossible to achieve, but the current scenario suggests that there is no motivation to fulfill this desire. Let’s hope that CHP fills in its shortcomings and HDP corrects its mistakes.

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