Closed Dieng? Practice, track to forget in attack for Longoria, No takeover by Al-Walid … The 3 news from OM this Tuesday!

Like every evening, FCM offers you the 3 OM news of the day! Scheduled for this Tuesday: Dieng? Folder closed, track to forget in attack for Longoria, return of Prince Walid.

OM Market: The Dieng dossier “closed” by Mohamed-Ali Cho?

Olympique de Marseille would no longer be a priority for Mohamed Ali Cho’s arrival. According to Hakim of Lion de l’Atlas, this also closes Dieng’s probable departure!

12 Bamba DIENG (om) during the Ligue 1 Uber Eats match between Strasbourg and Marseille at La Meinau stadium on December 12, 2021 in Strasbourg, France. (Photo by Anthony Bibard / FEP / Icon Sport) – Stade de la Meinau – Strasbourg (France)

In recent weeks, the name of Mohamed Ali Cho has persistently returned to Olympique de Marseille. Angers’ young SCO attack would be on Pablo Longoria’s small cards for this summer transfer window.

Bamba Dieng stays at OM?

The French U21 international should rather engage with Real Sociedad according to the daily L’Equipe. In addition to this information, Moroccan Atlas Lions reporter Hakim explains that this would have an impact on Bamba Dieng!

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A few days ago a departure from the Senegalese was topical. Foot Mercato has expressed Freiburg’s willingness to position itself in practice up to 15 million euros. According to the reporter, the non-arrival of Mohamed-Ali Cho makes Dieng a non-transferable player, unless there is an exceptional offer.

15 million is not possible – Byllel

Extract from the “Apéro Mercato” program where Byllel gives us his feelings about the possible transfer of Bamba Dieng, given his potential, OM does not see big enough in his opinion.

“I don’t understand, either there is a bad offense to the mouth or there is racism because he is an African player and African players are less popular than European players. Why Etikite is there, 35 million euros or 40 million euros with the Bonus to Newcastle and Bamba Dieng 15 million euros? Bamba Dieng, CAN won, is decisive in CAN, has a considerable margin for improvement, has made good comebacks with OM, has been decisive with OM in this season, he’s still clumsy but he’s only 22 and only one season in league 1. In terms of potential for a 9 it’s not 15 million euros that’s not possible. ” Bylle – Source: Football Club of Marseille 09/06/2022

OM Market: An offensive trail passes under the nose of
Longoria? An agreement reached?

Looking for a striker to please Jorge Sampaoli, Pablo Longoria would have ticked the name of Dries Mertens who has an interesting profile. Unfortunately the Belgian is expected to join another club with which he already has an agreement.

Pablo LONGORIA President of Olympique de Marseille during the Ligue 1 match OM FC Metz

Pablo LONGORIA President of Olympique de Marseille during the Ligue 1 match OM FC Metz

Several media outlets announced a few days ago that the name of Dries Mertens was mentioned among the probable leads in the attack of Pablo Longoria. The Marseille president hopes to recover the Belgian who will leave Napoli after years of good and loyal service.

Villarreal to recover Mertens?

Unfortunately, this track couldn’t produce anything. Indeed, the Belgian international should be committed to Spain. La Gazzetta Del Sud explains that an agreement has been reached with Villarreal for the transfer … The Champions League with OM will not have been a strong enough argument for the forward.

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Extracted from the “Apéro Mercato” program, Byllel tells us about his feelings on the voice of Dries Mertens, for him it is an interesting track. The Belgian striker will be free after his time at SSC Napoli, where he has been playing since 2013 and where he is the top scorer in the history of the club with 148 goals in 397 games. This season, despite his 35 years, he will still have scored 11 goals in 29 league games.

Mertens, it can hurt – Byllel

At 35 he is certainly at the dawn of the last challenge of his career. Small in size but very talented (1m69), Dries Mertens still has the coast and could put his bags on the cannabière.

“In any case, he is an excellent player, he can also play in several positions. If we had an attractive salary budget, I’d tell you he’s not a player you can spit on. Although I’m afraid that at 35, even if when you see Payet what he’s capable of at 35 or 36, if he can get us a good year or two to today’s level. The only thing that scares me today is Ligue 1 and the size, he’s a little fragile, a little light for Ligue 1, but he can also hurt. ” Bylle – Source: Football Club of Marseille 09/06/2022

OM sale: Prince Al-Walid’s return to grace … but no acquisition of the Marseille club?

Rumors of an OM sale regularly raise the Olympic club news at regular intervals. Often referred to as a candidate for takeover, Saudi Prince Al-Walid is simply attached to France but would not be in the prospect of buying OM …

One of the prince’s relatives told Challenges “The prince is very attached to France and never stops proclaiming his love for Emmanuel Macron, who he nicknamed ‘the Kennedy of Europe’. The media also explain that Saudi prince Al-Walid is also returning to favor in his country, however he would not be at all in the prospect of acquiring OM.

Al-Walid is not a candidate to take over Olympique de Marseille contrary to a persistent rumor

Specific challenges: The 60-year-old, on the other hand, is not a candidate for the acquisition of Olympique de Marseille, contrary to a persistent rumor. As Challenges revealed in May 2020, one of the Saudi consultants, investment banker Kacy Grine, asked the entourage of OM owner Franck McCourt if the American billionaire was a salesman. Without the discussions going further. “

Extract from the “Débat Foot Marseille” program dedicated to the sale of OM after the announcements of the journalist Romain Molina a few days ago. Jean-Charles de Bono gives us his opinion on the perfect timing of the sale, should it happen.

It’s a good year, the bride is beautiful – De Bono

“It’s a good year, the bride is beautiful. OM is in the Champions League, OM is making money. For McCourt, now is the time to sell the club. So even for those interested it could be an opportunity to get closer to the club, if they want to acquire it, to take it this year to make it a splendid bride. For the buyers, and for the seller, given the results of this season, the arrival of the Champions League, the funds on the way, now is the time to sell the club well. ” Jean-Charles de Bono – Sources: Football Club of Marseille 07/06/2022

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