discovery in photos of 100% electric concept

The MINI concept car is always a pleasant surprise. So the concept of an electric crossover is of particular interest to us. Head to Düsseldorf to discover the MINI Concept Aceman.

MINI gives us an idea of ​​the aesthetic and technological direction of its future electric models. The manufacturer is stepping out of his comfort zone by launching his first all-electric crossover, a unique one: the MINI Concept Aceman. In the program, the premium and family city car is located between the traditional MINI Cooper and MINI Countryman. A concept that also heralds the fun, immersive and digital experience the brand is aiming for.

MINI Concept Aceman exterior: “Charismatic simplicity”

It is the name of a new design era, signed by MINI. But what do simplicity and charisma mean? Concretely, this means that the car is focused on the core of what MINI does. A modernized return to the basics, embodied in an octagonal grille, a muscular beltline and a refined rear end. The visual signature is distinguished by the glowing and dancing animation of the matrix LED lights, both front and rear. The famous Union Jack flag crosses the MINI Concept Aceman from front to back. The grille, wheel arches, roof racks, taillights… and again, this is just for the exterior. The “so-British” DNA continues inside, with the same trunks visible from the panoramic roof and an element between the windshield and dash. All elements of the concept, of course, will not be kept in the production model…

But in general, it is true to the innovative and conservative vision of the brand. The MINI Concept Aceman is painted in “Icy Sunglow Green” turquoise with golden highlights in full light. The traditional English metallic green (British Racing Green) is present as it covers the roof of the electric crossover. Notice also the iridescent pink-orange highlights that add visual dynamism to the Aceman concept. Its dimensions are: length 4.05 m, width 1.99 m, height 1.59 m. The proportions are pleasing, with 20-inch wheels facing the 4 corners and therefore muscular sides. The hood sculpting and off-road visual trappings highlight the rugged, urban character of the crossover that exudes the Aceman. Finally, the aerodynamic aspect must match the two rear “spoilers” in the upper and lower position. Particular attention should be paid to the “MINI Companion” welcome lighting, whose animation can be personalized.

Neo-retro inspirations and ways to experience

The Aceman Concept, whose name will be retained for the production model, welcomes us to a cabin as original as it is high-tech. But before we talk about technology, let’s talk about design. The crossover’s interior is based on three main elements faithful to the classic MINI. The steering wheel, B-pillar (very complex OLED screen here) and toggle switches just below. On either side of the screen, the instrument panel comes to life thanks to the projection of the image on its entire surface. They ship directly from the headliner MINI Concept Aceman. Depending on the atmosphere and selected projection modes, the content displayed on the central screen can be distributed to the door panels. It’s enough to enhance immersion with a bright and colorful experience to match the brilliance of the crossover. Let’s not forget the practical and modular center console, which even fully slides back and forth.

Another novelty, the production model system will be based on Android. So MINI Aceman will support Android Auto! There are three modes of operation: “Personal”, “Pop-up” and “Vivid”. The first allows you to customize the images and widgets on the central screen. The second is designed for urban adventurers, offering ideas for walks, restaurants and attractions according to their desires. The latter promise to make stopping at traffic lights or bollards less annoying. This is by “expanding” the display area on the dashboard for “entertainment interactions” that have yet to be defined. For example, at Automobile Propre we imagine a projection of eco-driving tips or even little anecdotes. Why not mini-games, but this will include projection with touch recognition on the dashboard. In any case, we know that MINI will be able to entertain without distraction.

MINI Concept Aceman: what’s the performance ahead?

As for the upholstery, the MINI Concept Aceman can look forward to an uncompromising pop vibe. The electric crossover will be able to accommodate 5 passengers in colorful seats. Tic-tac-toe, patches, purple belts, bright stitching… colorful program! All without chrome or animal leather for a durable and sustainable design. A true concept development, the MINI Concept Aceman reminds us of the Renault Scenic Vision: showcasing the technological innovations and stylistic language of the brand’s future generations. Except that the Aceman will be real, as will the production model, which is 95% true to the concept car. The final presentation will take place in 2023, and the first deliveries should follow by 2024. Note that the first all-electric 3-door MINI will arrive shortly before. MINI Aceman production will be entirely made in China.

On the other hand, the MINI Concept Aceman does not reveal any technical data to us. However, we can already imagine at least the benefits of the MINI Cooper SE. Namely, electric propulsion at 135 kW (184 hp) and 270 Nm, but a larger battery. This could increase to 50 kWh (versus 32.6 kWh) for a claimed autonomy of around 400 km. All for charging up to 130 kW, i.e. theoretical fast charging in less than 30 minutes. Different versions will definitely be in the catalog. A purely hypothetical assessment, but quite consistent with Eisman’s family-city vocation. We will update this article as soon as we know more about it. In the meantime, let us know in the comments what you expect from performance and battery life!

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