Erdoğan interrupted the ‘TOGG’ question: don’t ask the price

president Recep Tayyip Erdogan He made statements about the agenda on the joint TRT broadcast. Answering the question about the long-awaited TOGG, Erdogan also spoke about the regulation that will reduce the prices of electric cars.

When asked about the production of TOGG, Erdogan said: “Our aim is to take it out this year and hopefully prove it together. Construction on the factory, which will be located in Bursa Gemlik, started in July 2020. Painting, bodywork and 1.6 km test track have been completed. The assembly plant is 98% complete. The chemical filling phase has started at the cleanest dye house in Europe. The facility will be ready for mass production in the last quarter of this year. The first mass-produced vehicles will roll out of the range in the last quarter of this year. Battery production will be done in Turkey. The work continues” said.

‘Don’t ask the price

Interrupting the journalist’s question about TOGG, Erdoğan said: “Don’t ask the price” used the phrases.

On the other hand, Erdogan “After testing with 250 robot parts in Gemlik, it started to get ready for trial production. The chemical filling phase was started in the cleanest paint shop in Europe. At the assembly facility, the equipment installation was completed and commissioning work began in The facility began mass production in the last quarter of this year. With the facility ready for mass production, the first mass production vehicles are expected to leave the band in the last quarter of this year.. We have reduced the Special Consumption Tax on electric vehicles, which was previously applied by 60%, to 10% for electric cars whose engine power does not exceed 160 kilowatts and whose tax base does not exceed 700,000 lire.” said.

Grain shipment reconciliation

Highlights of Erdogan’s other statements on the show are as follows:

“We have successfully signed the memorandum of understanding for the safe export of Ukrainian grain to world markets through the Black Sea. With the successful implementation of the plan, the effects of the global food crisis, which is reaching serious dimensions, will begin to subside. Famines that may arise will be prevented in advance. The negotiations took place very delicately. We expect everyone to protect their signatures and act on their responsibilities. Failure here will be against us all. Since the beginning of the war, our priority has been a sustainable understanding after the ceasefire.

‘It’s not just Sweden, it’s Finland’

We explain that we will not support the PKK, PYD and FETO as our red line. We have concrete expectations from Sweden and Finland in terms of reducing support for terrorism. At the meetings of the joint mechanism of these countries, the measures taken or not to end support for terrorism will be presented. No concessions are to be expected from Turkey in this regard. This is not only the case in Sweden and Finland, but also in Germany, France, England, Italy and almost all Scandinavian countries.

‘Muslim will not look away from Muslims’

Greece is trying to stop us from buying planes for our security needs. As Turkey, we will do whatever is necessary when the time comes. They say, ‘Don’t give it to Turkey’, attacking France and the US. But we maintain our position with our stance. They learned their lesson here. These activities carried out by Greece are contrary not only to the Lausanne Agreement, but also to the Paris Agreement. I don’t think Mitsotakis know that the sovereignty of these islands was given by remaining under non-military status. I think he will find out. The process in relation to Egypt continues at the lowest level. There is no such thing as not having this job at the top level. As long as we understand each other. Can be it. Because the people of Egypt are Muslims. A Muslim will not despise a Muslim.

‘We say we will increase refugee returns’

We are planning to build 250,000 briquette houses as a target in northern Syria. We do this together with our AFAD. It is neither human nor Islamic for people to live in these primitive tents. Under the coordination of AFAD, with the participation of our NGOs, we have already completed almost 100 thousand houses. And keeps going. Now let’s get into a new project. Ground floor plus floor. We say, let’s increase the returns of our refugees to these places.

‘We will never crush the hazelnut producer with inflation’

I look at the shopping activity in the market, whether with citizens’ vehicles, it’s at a very good point. In my opinion, we manage the business at the point of cost inflation. Currently, with our recent increases, there has been a serious increase in the money going into the pockets of citizens.

I’m going to Ordu for the weekend. Everyone’s expectation is ‘I wonder what will happen to hazelnut prices’. We’ll explain, of course. Where there are hazelnuts, the season has come. We will make this statement without leaving it to the crooks. I don’t look at Mr. Kemal and the lady and I don’t explain. By making this statement, we will never crush all hazelnut growers to inflation.

‘Scholarship for 850 TL with the studies carried out’

When we took office, the scholarship that university students received was 45 lire. There was also a fee charged to college students. We removed the mortar because Mr. Kemal said, or did we remove it because the partner next to him said? The scholarship that will reach 850 TL with the studies done now.

The loan has 3 legs. If you take out the loan, there is no immediate payment. Once you find the insured job, you will pay it within a period of 2 years. No interest here. I also explained when I was prime minister. No interest or inflation. Just main. We certainly do not oppress our students to these absurd approaches to the opposition.

The opposition’s approach to these projects has always been that they are not implemented. For example, when the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge was being built, they came to Anadolu Kavağı with sea speedboats to prevent it from being built. They did shows. We did and it has heavy traffic now. The answer to those who say that we are bankrupt in terms of economy are the buses and TIRs that pass there. It’s for those who say, ‘This country is bankrupt’. Everyone has a car underneath, mashallah.

‘Election accident, irreparable’

We see the 2023 elections as more important than the elections we have participated in and won so far. We see this election as a turning point. The accident of the elections, there is no compensation. You don’t lose me, but an entire country. If the AK Party wins, it means Turkey wins.

‘They didn’t get to these positions because they were worthy’

As a People’s Alliance, we are responsible for ourselves. There is no problem between our parties. Our candidate is clear. We said that running with love doesn’t get tired. We are facing our nation in the 2023 elections with more than 20 years of experience. The plight of the party, whose partnership they cannot disclose at the moment, is obvious. They have to think for themselves what kind of betrayal they are. They didn’t get to these positions because they were worthy of them. If they were given authority, they all gave them a will. They didn’t know the value of it. Now they are circling around the table trying to do something.”

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