exaggerated expectation

Even the issue of the TOGG, domestic and electric car, became a source of division in the country.

Power and power advocates are trying to divide the nation so that those who believe in the TOGG and those who do not believe in the TOGG.

I have a clean record on this matter, thank goodness.

I am one of those who said from the beginning that if Turkey is going to build a car, it must be electric.

While I was skeptical of the TOGG in terms of how the government handled the issues, I was the one who said “This will work” more clearly and convinced society that this could happen more than government spokespersons. .

As TOGG management is aware of this, they often inform me about it.

In fact, I was the first to write and promote the factory.

That’s why no one can say “This guy is against TOGG”.

My only caveat regarding TOGG was not making it, but selling it, that is, marketing it.

I know that they formed a good team in this area too, but it is not possible for me to predict what they will do in foreign markets in this area, where competition will obviously be very intense.

What really bothers me is the “TOGG fetishism” of some and the mission they put in a car.

I expect the first TOGGs to start rolling off the assembly lines this fall.

But what’s coming out is a car, and there will be very, very few productions in the first year anyway.

And after all, this car is not something unique that will cure all Turkey’s problems.

Good stuff, but not everything.

For example, let me say this.

Currently, in China alone, 450 different companies like TOGG have investments in electric cars.

Four hundred and fifty in writing.

In addition, they are vehicles very similar to the TOGG in terms of design and technology.

Some of them have already started to expand into European markets.

Some also enter the Turkish market.

In addition, tax regulation designed to pave the way for TOGG began to benefit them before TOGG.

It is currently receiving orders of less than 1 million TL.

Another one of Chinese origin but produced in Sweden has already entered the European market.

It’s clearing the ground for Turkey.

And there are 450 different manufacturers like this waiting.

Even if 90% fail, 45 brands will survive.

Not counting European manufacturers.

The TOGG is, of course, a beautiful car, of course we hope, we want it.

But feet also a little on the ground, please.

Giving too much meaning to something doesn’t benefit you, but it does harm.

By the way, let me tell you.

The TOGG Sedan displayed at the Zorlu Center is not currently a car that will enter the production line.

Don’t create expectations like he’s coming this year.

Remember, unnecessarily raised expectations also create big disappointments.

So don’t blame the opposition for this disappointment!

They even made the huge Minister swallow the words he said, let it be halal.

What a power!

Almost 2 weeks have passed since the Datça fire.

After the 2 sentences that the minister said on the first day about who was responsible for the fire, there was no click.

You know, they say, “Where is this state.”


Where are our authorities who catch those who fly and run and run?

No explanation, no research, no search results, no report.

A deep silence.

A clear effort to make forget, to put it off the agenda

Minister Kirişci says “from the transformer” on the day the fire was extinguished.

On the same days, the declaration of “transformer or power lines” comes from the forest authorities in the region.

Then, suddenly, a great silence.

The minister is silent, the foresters are silent, the forest is silent.

Obviously, the power of the state, which is enormous in words, is only enough for a drunk.

The half-demented alcoholic responsible for burning the forest is captured and immediately exposed.

No, but if it’s one of the acclaimed companies of the time, languages ​​are swallowed, words are forgotten, the mood fades.

We are aware.

You are very strong when you come to an end.

Did it get to execution?

There are companies bigger than you.

Ahhh Dear Vahit Kirişci ah…

How did you stay silent?

Whereas you were the Minister of the Forest.

Not your neck!

Yesterday I wrote that it is not possible for Ümit Özdağ’s Zafer Party to enter the elections, but that he can do so by joining a party, and that the Youth party is the strongest possibility for this.

professor A message came from Özdağ.

The election does not reject my prediction of cooperation.

He does not deny the possibility of merging with a party, nor does he claim that we will not have business with the Youth Party.

He just sent information about voting rates.

A survey by Themis Research Company.

36.7 of those interviewed defined themselves as Kemalists.

17.1 percent are nationalists.

12.2% are Democrats.

According to this survey, Turkey’s #1 problem is cost of living at 42.5%.

Turkey’s second biggest problem is refugees at 10.7 percent.

Justice follows with 10.6 percent.

In political preferences, among young people between 17 and 20 years old, the first party is the CHP with 22.9 percent, while the AK Party and the Victory Party share the second place with 17.4 percent of the votes.

In total, the AK Party’s vote rate is 26.4%, the CHP’s vote rate is 19%, and the Victory Party’s vote rate is 5.4%.

So Zafer Party is the 5th part after Good Party and HDP.

How accurate this research is, I don’t know how accurate it is.

But it is obvious that there is interest in the Victory Party.

However, this does not change the fact that the Victory Party cannot enter elections in its current state.

When mythomania does not dominate politics.

One of the companies producing and operating the Osmangazi Bridge and the Istanbul Izmir Highway made a statement.

“This business is not what it seems. We are suffering. If anyone aspires, we will hand the work over to them for $400 million.”

I laughed when I read.

Now let me tell you something you may not have heard before.

The Osmangazi and Istanbul-Izmir Highway project was not really organized so that the existing contractor and operator could get the job.

It was clear in the government’s mind who would win the BOT contest for this bridge and highway.

However, a group of Ankara contractors secretly formed a consortium and prepared for the bidding very secretly and got the bid at the last moment. (It’s not hard for you to guess who will actually get the job.)

At that time, there was talk in business circles that this group of contractors received heavy zılgıt from a minister.

In any case, most of this group did not receive any public tender afterwards.

They were so angry.

But they had no complaints.

They made a lot of money from this business.

In their own words, they couldn’t believe the money they made.

Because they took the real money not only from the business, but also from the construction.

The real sugary side of this specially prepared work was the “price”.

There was a big gap between the actual cost of the work and the price based on operating cost and duration.

You will say, “Well, what is the cost in the build-operate-transfer business?”

This is not the case and there is no one in the contracting community who does not know this.

The cost is so high from the start that both tolls and transit times are calculated according to this “pseudo-cost”.

In fact, the business that will pay for itself in 5 years looks like it will pay for itself in 20 years.

As the work is done on credit, a loan is used at more than 2 times the actual cost.

As the operator and the building companies are the same, profit is realized from the beginning during the construction phase.

For the sake of clarity, let’s say the actual cost of this work is $2.

But this cost is inflated and shown as 6 lire.

The operating company receives a settlement loan, pays the construction company accordingly, and receives the operating time and price from the government accordingly.

As such, the construction company pockets the profit, which is double the cost from the start.

The money to be made from the business is the double cream on kadayıf bread.

But when the exchange rate rises rapidly and the price determined at the beginning of the year lags behind in dollar terms, some of the double cream melts.

When that happens, they start saying, “I’ll sell it for 400 million dollars.”

If LT depreciation slows, ask again whether or not it will sell.

Furthermore, this situation is not only valid for the Osmangazi Bridge and the Istanbul-Izmir Highway, it is the case for all BDI or PPP projects.

The situation is no different at the 3rd Airport, in the North of Marmara, on the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and on the North Anatolia Highway, on the North Aegean Highway and in all projects of this type.

In other words, the day after tomorrow, the state shouldn’t worry too much about how much more that pile is going to go in.

They even get out of it for free.

After all, they already pocketed their profits as builders by doing a 2 lire for 6 lire job.

They are even dying to give back operating companies that now appear to be in debt.

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