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Recreational vehicles, another name for SUVs and off-road vehicles, the Mini Concept Aceman only retains the general idea. It’s not really an SUV, it only uses a few codes, and its wheel arches are pretty much protected. Its wings are higher than the hood, very horizontal, the grille and headlights are vertical, and the width of 1.99 meters exceeds all standards seen in the city car segment, all this gives it an adventurous look. Its roof rack, with a structure following the Union Jack design, also supports the thesis of a vehicle suitable for crossing and brings its overall height to 1.59 metres.

Faced with this Aceman concept, its ground clearance no longer seems as high as in the photo, and that thick roof support no longer masks a body height close to that of a city car. More than 90% faithful to the production Mini Aceman, which will be introduced in the second half of 2023 after the release of a new generation of 3-door Mini, the final version will logically be much narrower and probably slightly reduce the volume of its fenders. . . . So it will be an elevated city car, not exactly recreational, but definitely a fun option.

light effects

Aceman Mini Concept (2022)Credit Photo – Mini

The fun spirit is evident in all of its colours: flashy orange pedestrian speaker inserts integrated into the corners of the front and rear bumpers, roof and green mirror caps, mirror shafts and electric blue front protection reinforcement. corresponding to the model logos and inscriptions on the body.

Lighting is also involved, with a full grille with colored backlight contour. On the painted surface of the grille, a strip of LEDs is visible, thanks to the transparency, with dynamic graphics continuing inside the optics, which in the standard version will have a matrix backlight. The back is less original, smoother. A touch of empathy is then provided by light consisting of a uniform surface of LEDs capable of infinite light signature modifications. A means of personalization to be kept in the series, in proportions but more limited a priori. In general, the Aceman Concept is very reminiscent of a human-sized toy.

Aceman, electric station wagon

Aceman Mini Concept (2022)

Aceman Mini Concept (2022)Credit Photo – Mini

The standard Aceman will be 100% electric, like this concept, and will have no thermal alternative, unlike the new 3-door Mini and the next Mini Countryman, which will be electric first. The Mini Aceman, with five doors and five seats inside, ranks between the 5-door Mini and the Mini Countryman. It will have a size close to the former (the Aceman is 4.05 meters long, while the current 5-door Mini is 4.02 meters long) and a more similar presentation to the latter, with its increased body height and black plastic aisles. wheels.

Thus, the target clientele will be borrowed from the 5-door Mini, but above all, among them those who prefer electric vehicles. Because future 5-door Minis (like the Mini Cabrio) will only be offered with heat engines, potentially electrified.

We don’t know anything else about power, battery capacity or pricing that will apply, but only that it will be made in China, taking advantage of a “joint venture” with local manufacturer Great Wall Motors, per rule. introduced by a country to allow foreign producers to produce on its territory.

Few buttons, new features

Aceman Mini Concept (2022)

Aceman Mini Concept (2022)Credit Photo – Mini

Technology gradually cluttered the passenger compartments, and in the Mini, which always kept the interior design inspired by the first car in 1959, the number of buttons increased and the instrument panel became larger. The evolution of the same technology now reverses the trend of retaining features added over time by returning to a simpler and more refined design.

The dashboard pulls back a little to reveal the steering wheel and center screen, as round but floating as a tablet on this Concept Aceman, super slim thanks to the OLED display. The only buttons are on the side branches of the handlebars (the lower branch has been replaced by a flexible strap), on the sides of the seats to adjust them, and also below the screen, with five physical controls of different sizes on a floating oblong support.

There is a directional control in the form of a trigger and its red button for the “P” position, which must be pressed before exiting the car. In particular, there are two more triggers for changing driving modes, as well as one for changing the interior atmosphere.

A lot of work has been done to rethink the place of the elements serving the atmosphere on board. According to the concept, there are three atmospheres to choose from, modifying sounds and colors. It all starts with a screen powered by the next operating system to be used in the Mini developed by Google. Added a graphic overlay for the presentation adapted to the round slab format.

Shortly speaking

A future member of the Mini family with a new generation to be unveiled next year, the Aceman reveals its near-final shape and fun spirit in a larger and more colorful concept. 100% electric, he wants to reinvent life aboard the British firm’s models, using aesthetic minimalist technologies that do not affect functionality.

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