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Although it is in the middle of Istanbul and Ankara, Düzce is a transit city for some reason. A lot of people I ask don’t know it’s even a province. This beautiful city has experienced a serious problem of self-expression to this day. But matters are in the hands of the former Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, Dr. Things started to change after Faruk Özlü was elected mayor. President Özlü has worked hard since taking office to put Düzce in the place he deserves. Because with its multicultural life, Düzce is actually a small Istanbul. You can feel this cultural wealth of the city as soon as you enter Düzce. The main feature of Düzce is that it is half an hour away from both the sea and the highlands that make up Switzerland.

This week I will tell you about the places that left traces of my multicultural gastronomy experience during my visit to Düzce last week. The Culinary Arts Centre, located on a hill overlooking Düzce, is truly impressive. In addition to the trainings and workshops it organizes, it serves the entire city with its restaurant. The breakfast prepared by the women of Düzce with organic products was impressive. But what surprised me the most was the jam made with “Sage”, which I can call a product with any sign instead of a geographical indication. As for why Sage was randomly flagged. While I was thinking about what to do so as not to waste the products they had in their hands after harvesting the sage on the land taken over by the municipality from the Ministry of Agriculture, I must say that the chief of the Culinary Arts Center Burak Keskin accidentally made jam. Even if it is a coincidence, the taste, sugar balance and aroma are really amazing.

One of the places that best reflects Düzce’s multicultural gastronomy is undoubtedly the Binef horse farm, known for its authentic and local cuisine, right in the middle of the city. We tried the interpretations of main and starters, especially from the heart of the Caucasus, during the dinner we ate at this excellent farm, which takes people away from the city with its natural environment and authentic decoration. Symbolic dishes of Caucasian cuisine on the menu, Nettle, Aulçapa, Haluj and Chipsi left a pleasant impression on my palate. If you come to Düzce, you should definitely stay in the small businesses around the city. So we did. We stayed at Tekir Evi in ​​Saz Village, a natural wonder, which is about 20 minutes from the city center. You can have breakfast with completely natural products and birdsong in this charming establishment, where you are alone with nature, where you are almost in seclusion with its green garden.

One of the businesses that most impressed me in Düzce was Chef Ethem Sassin’s young and successful restaurant in the Düzce Organized Industrial Zone. The tasting menu prepared by Ethem Chef by modernizing traditional flavors; I attach great importance to the fact that it emphasizes the inspiring aspect of urban gastronomy. I can only say that the most fascinating taste of the lunch, which consists of Black Cabbage Soup, Black Rice with Almonds and local delicacies, is the Summer Salad.

We completed our itinerary with a dinner where, as guests of the residents of Yeşilyayla Village, we tasted the special dishes of the Caucasus. Agudırşişi, Harşıl, Abısta, Abkhaz Chicken and Ahulçapa, which I experienced during this special meal prepared in the lush garden of the village house, which draws attention with its resemblance to the Swiss geography, really took my taste buds by storm.

I strongly recommend anyone who has not taken Düzce in transit and included it in their itinerary to visit this fascinating city with its gastronomic values ​​and nature.



Galataport, the new gastronomic center of Istanbul, continues to be a draw with the brands it has incorporated.

Kitten Delicatessen & Bistro is one of the newest.

Kitten attracted attention with its stylish decor and friendly atmosphere and brought a different breath to Galataport with its extraordinary presentations.

The congenial place bears the signature of two successful entrepreneurs, Damla Güreralp and Burak Bağtaş.

At Kitten you can start your day with breakfast options and end your day with cocktails prepared with special recipes by successful mixologists.
As for Kitten’s menu.

The menu consists of selective and refined flavors.

The menu, prepared under the direction of chef Bülent Tufan and his team, includes delicious delicacies, sourdough flavours, pizzas and salads.

I have to open a separate parenthesis for pizzas.

The pizza dough with two different flours is quite balanced.

It does not bother the stomach at all.

I especially want to point out that the pizzas “5 Cheese” and “3 Mushroom” are my favorites.

The desserts on the menu are amazing.

While Brownie, San Sebastian and Tiramisu are quite successful among the options, I think New York Lotus Cheesecake is legendary.

I definitely recommend you to try it when you visit Kitten. .



Those who want to add flavor and fun to the weekend, after a pleasant sea voyage on Saturday evening, Burgazada cup restaurant It can be an ideal choice with its delicious menu.

Located in Silivri Selimpaşa for Sunday Sophram Vis It is a cozy address where you can have a different experience with the view and the delicious flavors.

Serving those who want to make a delicious start to the new week, in Yenibosna IstWest Square. Restaurant KoskeroglulucI think Chef Eyüp Köşkeroğlu’s menu will be a good option.

Serving since 1962 in Bostanciı as a typical craft restaurant for Tuesdays Sen Lokantasi It is perfect for its friendly atmosphere and delicious varieties.

My special recommendation for Wednesday is, as always, for coffee lovers. Change your route to Cihangir this week. It has many branches all over Turkey. Chronotropic coffeeTreat yourself to the delicious coffees from the branch of Firuzağa Mosque Street.

Change your route to Çiftehavuzlar on Thursday. Winner of memories with its unchanging quality and burger varieties for years J BurgerEnjoying.

For those who want to relieve the fatigue of the week in a pleasant environment on Friday evening, Karakoy Double Meze BarI recommend them to have a different experience with the extraordinary flavors of.

See you next week…

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