Germany regains the advantage over France thanks to Alexandra Popp, follow the end of the match with us

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22:55 : Bravo for this beautiful course! We vibrated with the blues!

22:55 : Congratulations to the best Germans tonight!

22:54 : In writing, we have many regrets after this semi-final where the French shot more than the Germans (13 shots to 11, 4-2 in the number of shots on goal) …

22:54 : Congratulations to the Blues! You gave it all. 👏👏👏

22:54 : What a pity to be deprived of the experience of the two best French players! Where are Eugenie and Amandine?

22:54 : Thanks to our players. Even if they didn’t win, they played well.

22:51 : It is irritating! The Bleues say goodbye to the dream of the final after this maddening defeat against Germany (1-2)! What a shame !

22:49 : The Germans just missed the 90th minute knockout goal! On the counterattack, Elisa Dallmann throws two defenders to the wind, finds herself in front of the goal and sees her shot touch the post! The French are still in the game! 2-1 for Germanywe insert the additional time.

22:43 : A header from Wendie Renard, who still hasn’t scored during this Euro, still worries goalkeeper Frohms, but manages to grab the ball. It’s hot, it’s hot at this end of the game!

22:42 : The French do not give up and create different situations in the German area. We still believe in it, there are 5 minutes to regular time (2-1 for Germany).

22:37 : But what a pity this shot by Selma Bacha, with the effect, we saw the ball fly towards the post! It fails inches from the door. Yet 2-1 for Germanybut we believed in an expressed reaction of the blue as after the opening of the German score.

22:35 : She has more appetite than a barracuda, Alexandra Popp, with 55 goals in 112 appearances … She also did the cover of the Mickey Mouse Diary on the other side of the Rhine, a sign that he is a real star there.

22:33 : We hadn’t seen Germany for 20 minutes, and that’s when Alexandra Popp chose to emerge at the near post to catch a header at the back of the net! 2-1 for Germany with a quarter of an hour to go, the Blues must react without delay.

22:27 : Bad time for puns, Germans Daebritz and Magull have just been released. The German coach is trying to stem the return in form of the French who are now leading the game. , 70 °.

22:22 : We will see the result but it is a very pleasant game to watch and our Blues are up to it !!! Come on girls !!!! 🇫🇷🇫🇷

22:21 : I went out for a walk just before the intermission … And there, howling in the holiday center !!! We thought it had to be a French target …. And yes !!! How nice so much national enthusiasm when a few years ago the girls’ games weren’t even on the air !!! Go blue !!!

22:20 : Selma Bacha, she is a really great football player, every time she goes back to school she does a lot of damage!

22:20 : On the corner that follows, Wendie Renard gets up very, very, very high to recover the ball, but sees her attempt rejected by the goalkeeper in a tight angle. Clearly, the voices of Matéo and Bacha bear fruit on the French offensive production!

22:19 : The big chance for the Blues, on a breakthrough by Kadidiatou Diani, who crosses back for Selma Bacha, who turns around, shoots a shot and sees his shot deflected in front of the line by a defender.

22:19 : But why are you releasing Cascarino? I don’t understand at all here. Hope we won’t regret it. # WEURO2022 #ALLFRA

22:17 : Delphine Cascarino, woman of the match against Holland, looked very dull in this semi-final, and Corinne Deacon took her out of the hour. In her place, the nugget of the tricolor midfielder, Clara Matéo, one of the revelations of this EUR.

22:16 : Karchaoui is the cata … An incredible number of lost balloons.

22:19 : The French match was well observed and the transitions were immediately blocked. And then long throws towards isolated attackers.

22:20 : We must not lie to ourselves, the Germans have muzzled our attacking players and our defense has forgotten Popp. We remain positive, we have demonstrated our ability to react. Release the pressure and it will pass.

22:16 : We arrive at Milton-Keynes time, and very clever that predicts the outcome of this very tight match. 1-1 between France and Germany.

22:09 : It is the Germans who regain control of the game at the beginning of the second period. As in the first act. For the moment, the French change of attack is not being felt too much. , 54 °.

22:04 : The second half has just restarted. Yet 1-1 between France and Germany.

22:04 : “We shouldn’t have expected it to be an easy match”, recognizes Corinne Deacon on the microphone of TF1. The discreet striker Melvine Malard is replaced by Salma Bacha, who blew up the screen during the quarter-finals. Kadidiatou Diani then passes on axis.

22:01 : @Zen The cage – goalposts and crossbar are not counted as part of the frame, so Diani’s shot is not counted on goal. The goalkeeper who deflects the ball with his back is therefore the shooter in this action. If Diani’s shot had been framed and then simply deflected, also by hand ball, by the goalkeeper, the goal would have gone to the French striker.

22:01 : Why is the target considered “own”?

21:56 : For the first time in their history, #FRA have achieved double-digit goals in a European Championship tournament. 10 goals and counting. # WEURO2022

21:55 : It is also the first time that France has scored 10 goals in an international tournament. The five pieces passed to Italy in 45 minutes, at the beginning of the Euro, help to achieve this flattering total.

21:53 : Note in passing that it took Germany four and a half games to concede a goal (scored, technically, from the goalkeeper’s back).

21:51 : @ kady944 🥰💪💪💪 For once the poles are not square against the Germans. #ALLFRA # WEURO2022

21:50 : But yeah, why not evoke the ghosts of Glasgow 1976, the famous post fatal square at AS Saint-Etienne?

21:52 : And you were talking about the offensive inefficiency of French women … I call it 100% efficient. 😂

21:52 : All these defeatist reactions and voila, 1-1 for France. With support like this …

21:47 : It’s the break in Milton Keynes, and after 40 minutes of boredom, we were treated to 5 minutes of insanity. France and Germany start back to back, 1-1, and we are not going to lie to each other, it is well paid for the Bleues who have been fed up by the Germans.

21:46 : Ouuuuuuffff! The French manage to equalize just before the break thanks to a Kadidiatou Diani missile that smashes the post and goes to the bottom of the net, bouncing off the back of the German goalkeeper! This is the first real French opportunity and it hits home. , 43 °.

21:46 : The Germans are two notches above from the start. The logic is respected.

21:46 : Popp is the cork of the German champagne!

21:42 : Is that what we call Popp-star?

21:41 : The crushing blow to the French defense! Alexandra Popp, Madame one goal per game, jumps out six meters from the door to shoot Pauline Peyraud-Magnin point blank with a volley! Popp’s blood hurt the Bleues just before half-time and Germany leads 1-0 logically enough at the 41st minute.

21:39 : Have we counted the number of German women on the pitch? I have the impression that there are one or two more.

21:37 : We don’t lie to each other, with five shots, four Germans and a Frenchman, in 35 minutes, the report doesn’t reflect a wild show. Challenge takes precedence over play once again.

21:36 : I was just trying to find the number of balls our very lonely center forward has touched. I can’t find him, but he must be counted on the fingers of one hand, two no more.

21:36 : Honestly, I wonder what Malard is doing on the pitch …

21:34 : The French attack in the face of the German defense, allegory (, 34a).

21:32 : Every Frenchman who has the ball, you have four Germans lying around. It is not reproducible. #ALLFRA #GERFRA

21:32 : The two extra days of rest should not be used as an excuse but have and will be important. Now it’s up to us to score the first goal, so as not to suffer the whole match. #ALLFRA

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