Gourmet routes in a motorhome for summer holidays

Interesting, passionate and, above all, more and more gourmet. Time in which travel by motorhomewas synonymous with quick stops, the sandwiches in flight are gone. Today whoever chooses a recreational vehicle does the choice of well-being and transforms the journey into a route of taste, discovering not only the beauty but also the flavors of our peninsula. Stops on the farm try traditional recipes, but especially in farms, huts, small productions With shopping in km 0 to create tasty dishes from unique ingredients.

Because cooking in a RV is not complicated and gives a lot of satisfaction. Especially if you follow advice Motorhome lounge it comes back to The fair in Parma from 10 to 18 September 2022. Give it routes of flavorswhich lead to the discovery of typical Italian dishes and products from Friuli Venezia Giulia to Moliseinorganization of the kitchen ai essential foods to be hidden in the galley. Without forgetting one of the Salone del Camper’s most anticipated events: Cooking in a RV. Later the success of last year come back further format realized in cooperationUnion Restaurants Buon Ricordo: 9 days of demonstration cooking with the association cooks to learn tricks of preparing simple meals in a motorhome, but healthy, tasty it enrich the territory you know while traveling.

Delicious motorhome routes for summer holidays Kredyt - APC, Association of Caravans and Campers Producers
Credit – APC, Association of Producers of Trailers and Campers

A taste of the journey from Friuli Venezia Giulia to Molise

From north to south, Italy is an invaluable reserve of typical products, traditional dishes, and tastes rediscovered. The Accompanied by the Salone del Camper of Fiere di Parma visitors in the perfect motorhome travel itinerary through the riches of the most beautiful Italian regions. From the wines of Friuli Venezia Giulia with raw ham and fried noodles in Emilia Romagnathe famous ciauscolo, IGP spreads and the typical Ascoli olives Marchekebabs and the best saffron in Abruzzo or pepper crusco w Basilicadown Moliselittle known region, but rich in flavors.

The road of wines and flavors of Friuli Venezia Giulia-food @ fabrice_gallina2020-1019
The road of wines and flavors of Friuli Venezia Giulia-food @ fabrice_gallina2020-1019

Nature Bath, Family & Taste, Astrotrekking between the rows

Over there The way of wines and flavors of Friuli Venezia Giuliaoffers interesting routes to get to know the region through its perfection and typical character. As Bathing in nature, a real immersion in the heart of nature to rediscover your inner balance and well-being: a regenerating barefoot walk through the vineyards to discover the secrets of the grapevine together with the winemakers, ending with tasting wines from the cellar in combination with local products. People traveling with children can take advantage of Family and taste, which also engages the youngest in culinary workshops to learn about the culinary traditions of the region. Then the vineyards and businesses in the area are organized picnic for tasting wines and craft beers in a natural context, with vineyard walks, demonstrations and interesting initiatives such as astrotrekking in the middle of the rows.

White truffle
White truffle

Molise, the first producer of white truffles in Europe

In land designed by ancient sheep tracks this Molise hides culinary treasures. From the sea inland, you can stay in a motorhome at rest areas or at campsites on a route that leads to exploration typical products this land to buy and enjoy the journey. Starting with wine, Tintiliaa native grapevine with an intensely red color, which with its cherry aroma and spicy notes seems to resemble the fragrances of the region.

Still associated with the ancient tradition is Molise Breadwhich some bakeries still produce with potatoes (tapane or patane in Molise) for a unique softness. You can try it with cheeses, one of the most liked and appreciated in Italy, such as torn by Carovilli, caciocavallo Agnone, pecorino di Capracotta or z Choked, sausage made of finely ground pork, to which lard is added and seasoned with salt and pepper. Not forgetting about truffle, institution in Molise that is the first producer of white truffles in Europe.

Agricamping and shopping at km 0

When visiting an area, stocking up on typical produce is a must! That is why we start with the essentials. The basis of each dish is there, instead, the raw materials are selected zero km. Over there RV holidays are not only exquisite but also sustainable. The products are not transported unnecessarily from one part of the country to another, but are purchased on the spot.

Choosing farms and small productions. From stage to stage, cultural stops or routes in nature accompany search for a typical productwhat he does experience the uniqueness of the territory you drive through. Here is a parade of the best tastes of Bel Paese: delicious flours, oil, wine, grains from ancient crops, cheese, vegetables, salami, preserves and in oil, fruit. All products to buy on the fly and transform your campervan’s kitchen into a delicious dish to be enjoyed in front of the unique landscape that captured us along the way and pushed us to a stop.

For parking, in addition to one of the many RV parking lots or a classic camping site, you can chooseagrocamping, a farm that offers its guests a place to rest and basic services such as electricity and toilets. You wake up in the morning in unique places, surrounded by nature, surrounded by rural life. Often you can buy items necessary for a healthy breakfast: bread, cheese, milk, butter, homemade jams. Discover a traditional local product and decide to turn it into a dish according to a typical local recipe in your campervan’s kitchen. Or stop for lunch or dinner in a typical restaurant to get to know the place fully through its flavors.

Words by Gloria Oppica, leader of the Fiere di Parma project

“Lovers of life prefer slow travel when traveling. They love nature, they go to discover small hidden villages in our country. They are not satisfied with seeing new places, but they want to capture their essence through the people they meet on their way and who introduce them to many nuances of this place. Welcoming them means strengthening and adding value to the entire food and wine chain. For this reason, more and more agritourism, restaurants, but also wine bars, farms and farms provide space for traveling vacationers who decide to stay with them ”.

9 chefs will animate show cooking in Salone del Camper in 9 days

Are small spaces and minimal equipment scary? Don’t know where to start preparing a good dish? Without fear. From 10 to 18 September 2022returns to Salone del Camper in Parma, after Great success last year format Cooking in a RV: 9 days of demonstration cooking made in collaboration with Association of Good Memories Restoration, The Restaurant Association that protects Italian regional traditions. The association’s chefs will teach step by step how to prepare simple and tasty recipes, enriching local products that vacationers can find during their travels. Secretary General of the Association of Restaurants Buon Ricordo, Luciano Spigaroli from Cavallino Bianco from Polesine Parmense.

Basic equipment, but well thought out

The space is small, but it is enough to prepare good dishes a few toolsthe important thing is that they are right. The idea of ​​transferring the kitchen of the house to a motorhome should therefore be put aside. All you need is a chopping board, a few knives, a large pot for pasta and a smaller one for sauce, a colander, a frying pan, and a coffee pot. AND a little handy trick: the colander can be built into the pot or made of silicone, two solutions definitely save space!

The porcelain. Here the choice must be absolute Green. If disposable needs to be banned, even a porcelain plate that is used at home is not recommended. Better to choose melamine. There are very stylish solutions that can also be matched in terms of color to tablecloths or American placemats, always available in the fabric. In the case of dish cloths as well as towels, it is advisable microfibertakes up less space and dries quickly. “Design, practicality and functionality. The motorhome kitchen is carefully crafted down to the smallest detail to ensure comfort and ease of use in confined spaces, ”explains Ludovica Sanpaolesi, CEO of APC, the association of caravan and motorhome manufacturers. “The recreational vehicle kitchen is so well organized and versatile that it is optimal for both those who use it on a limited basis and those who want to try their hand at some real delicacies.”

RV Checklist: 5 Ingredients… to brighten the caboose

Sugar, salt, coffee, oil, vinegar. This is the basis. Or better necessary take from the kitchen at home to be able to then prepare simple and delicious dishes with the ingredients you buy on the spot.

The other dishes that will find a place in the kitchen will need to be arranged based on the type of vacation, duration of the trip and personal needs. It is better to stock up your pantry with a few other items needed especially for emergencies, such as pasta or preserves in as small packages as possible. For irreducible with “over the galley” There will be ready-made sauces, soups in bags, cans of tuna, rusks.

One of the good rules of a motorhome is: don’t start overloaded, there are weight limits that must not be exceeded. Therefore, it makes no sense to leave the house with bottles of water, when, upon arrival, you can buy it at any supermarket or refill it in the rest area.

Last modified: July 28, 2022

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