GREEN AND BLUE SUMMER NHOOD / People, Planet, Profit for a sustainable holiday

Milan, July 27, 2022 – There will be“Green and blue” summer that which Nhood, an international advisory and advisory company on the real estate market, specializing in urban regeneration it has organized for visitors to its shopping centers throughout Italy and for citizens who will spend their holidays in the most beautiful Italian towns.

From Sardinia to Sicily, as it passes through Apulia, the Marches and the rest of Bel Paese, the triple positive commitment of Nhood (for People, the Planet, Profit) this year is called three different projects, but just as representative of how the fight against climate change, the economy Circular education, education for the environment and culture of the territories are the cornerstone of every company project. The three projects are: “Shut Down Sustainable”, “Porte di Catania on the way” and “Sardegna for Future”.

“Disable Balanced” is a nationwide initiative that will cover 13 shopping centers and the Italian headquarters of Nhood, where special intelligent ashtrays patented by the innovative start-up Re-Cig from Trento will be installed. These smokers indicate that they are able to recycle cigarette butts into a new plastic material called Re-Ca, from which commonly used products can be obtained. Thus, even a bad habit such as a cigarette break can have a positive side: “Sustainable shutdown” helps reduce environmental impact, raise awareness among smokers about ethically disposing of this waste, and make it cleaner and friendlier common areas. The Shut Down Sustainable initiative was tested by Nhood last year at the Casamassima shopping center in Bari. The positive result prompted the company to develop a new major project that includes 13 shopping centers all over Italy with a total of 150 columns able to convert butts to cellulose acetate. An important goal that allows us to respect urban spaces (instead of throwing cigarette butts to the ground, recycling them is much more civil and sustainable) and to promote a culture that puts the planet and people at the center for a more positive, ethical and responsible one.

The second Nhood’s Green & Blue initiative covers the Porte di Catania shopping center from July 1st to July 30th. “Porte di Catania on the move” supports a culture of green mobility and the exploration of the beauty and artistic heritage of this wonderful Sicilian city. The entire month of July is actually dedicated to an original event on the road: some electric cars will overeat to reach the city’s most spectacular spots so that people discover or rediscover all its beauty. The green cars, supplied by a Katanè Auto dealer, will depart Centro Porte di Catania with animators from Radio Studio Centrale on board, ready to engage locals and tourists with quizzes, games, entertainment and much more.

Each tour will be a different journey to discover monuments and tourist attractions through historic streets such as those that run from Piazza Nettuno to Via del Rotolo, from Vecchia Dogana to Piazza Europa, from Piazza Stesicoro to Via Bellini (the entire tour is available on website).

The initiative will end on Saturday, July 30 with a great evening event in Piazza Università, the cultural heart of the city where the prestigious University. The program includes music and an open-air disco with a DJ set from Radio Studio Centrale. The special guests of the evening will be the Sicilian cycling champion Damiano Caruso and former cyclist and TV personality Ignazio Moser.

All participants will be able to pedal to the rhythm of the music on thirty stationary bikes specially placed in their place, pretending for a moment the masters of… energy. In fact, screens and LED lights will be set up in the square and they will glow and vary in intensity as all participants pedal.

At. At 21.30 a light show will be displayed on the facade of the University building, which will be created ad hoc to tell the project with images of Catania and its territory.

A specific gesture that will end with Nhood to hand over a precious check to Banco Energia Onlus, a non-profit organization founded in 2016 on the initiative of A2A and its AEM, ASM and LGH Foundation, to support individuals and families belonging to vulnerable groups and at risk of poverty through solidarity initiatives, with a particular focus on energy poverty, to which also the goal of training and raising awareness of culture and energy awareness has been added.

Through this animation and a subsequent donation, Nhood, through the Centro Porte di Catania, supports families in need in the area by giving them energy and concrete help with their energy needs.

After wonderful Sicily, how can we forget the second largest and most evocative island in Italy? Initiative “Sardinia for the Future” will cover the Porte di Sassari, Olbia Mare and I Fenicotteri centers in Galleria Sardegna from August 8 to 27, a new sign identifying the Nhood chain of shopping centers in Sardinia (Olbia Mare – Olbia, I Fenicotteri – Santa Gilla / Cagliari and Porte di Sassari – Sassari). Objective: to promote the themes of recycling, green energy and the protection of the marine environment of Sardinia, one of the most beautiful in the world, through “Porte di Sardegna” hot air balloons.

The initiative that immediately found cooperation with local authorities takes its example from a simple nylon thread. In fact, nylon is the most abundant fiber in the Mediterranean Sea, where it is unfortunately estimated to be over a million tonnes of plastic. Very dangerous for marine fauna and flora, nylon can be collected and recycled to create, for example, the Sardegna For Future balloon symbol.

Here, then, how nylon can rise from the sea to the sky transformed into a huge balloon – made of nylon fiber and powered by green gas, propane able to entertain many locals and tourists who want to admire the view of the coast and hinterland of Sardinia from above. It will also be an opportunity to raise awareness among participants about the proper disposal of waste and the unpredictable damage that an invisible nylon thread can cause, above all, to marine fauna. Even this year Nhood renews its support to local associations that protect marine fauna, in particular through the Educando Asinara business network (Cooperativa Sealand Asinara, Cooperativa P. Ass.I. Flora Ambiente and the CRAMA Association), which is committed to making people aware of the correct use of plastic and carrying out cleanup work in the seas of Sardinia.

At the end of the events, the Gallerie Sardegna hot air balloons will return from heaven to earth to turn into shopping bags that will be distributed to visitors to the Centers.

So, the symbolic circle – from the sea, through the sky, to the earth – will represent respect for the environment, the beauty of nature and landscape, the importance of living in harmony with the fauna that lives in the seas and help keep these precious waters clean and clear.

During the day, they are scheduled from Monday to Friday flights about 10 minutes in a hot air balloon for groups up to 6 people, in the vicinity of three shopping centers; it is enough to make a reservation on the official websites of the Centers, they are: ; ; . Every week it will be possible to fly a balloon from a different center: it will take off from Cagliari (August 8-12), then it will fly to Sassari (August 15-19) and finally to Olbia (August 22-26). Every weekend in each city there is a party with a wow effect,
the famous Night Glow, a show with balloons lit up to the rhythm of music that is becoming popular all over the world. For Night Glow evenings a special guest: the Sardinian violinist Sergio Tifu will introduce the show with his magical notes.

Green and blue summer invented and created by Nhood promises to entertain, inform and sensitize many people in the name of creativity, promoting important values ​​underlying the corporate philosophy, such as sustainability, respect for the environment and historical heritage, culture, and finally socialization in friendly and “Human-sized” places, such as the centers involved in the three summer initiatives of 2022.


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