“Guardians of Art”, the stories of 14 residents become a tourist route that we will listen to in 60 minutes

Custodi dell’Arte is a new tourism-cultural, emotional and empirical approach designed for small, medium and large cities, an integrative and participatory project that directly engages the community in the promotion of the territory and its culture. The gaze and history of the citizens involved followed the unique and unprecedented tourist route in Cesenatico, which enriches the already existing tourist offer, contributing to the knowledge of the territory, its history, heritage and its contemporary value.

Cesenatico is the first city involved in the project, and 14 residents have become Art Guardians through their personal and collective stories designed to create links between places and people, present and past: Erika Bartoli, Mauro Battistini, Karsten Braghittoni, Michele Fracassi, Fabio Lacchini, Giulia Lacchini, Rossella Mancinelli, Graziella Nasolini, Paolo Polini, Fabio Ruoto, Alessandra Senni, Rita Sirri, Tatiana Ricci and Beatrice Zoffoli.

A team formed by Formula Servizi’s culture and tourism sector managers Silvia Brecciaroli and Paola Cimatti, by two storytelling experts, Simona Bodo and Maria Grazia Panigada, by specialist technical staff from Arturo Stalteri and Benedetta Annibali, selected and followed participant narrators in developing their own narrative and in all phases before and after production of soundtracks that have been translated and recorded also into English and German thanks to Naomy Colley and Birgit Neuper, native English and German speakers who have lived in Cesenatico for a decade. The music that serves as a counterpoint to the narrative was created ad hoc for this project by Arturo Stalteri, a well-known pianist, composer and host of Rai Radio3 music programs. The Custodi dell’Arte tourist route is available to everyone for free and can be used individually or in groups at any time of the day, in full autonomy. The 14 tracks combine into a “perfect journey” that can be walked in approximately 60 minutes of listening, in addition to the movements from one scene to the next, and is designed on a human scale and for all ages. This path is also accessible to people with disabilities.

The route can be identified on site with dedicated signs with the Custodi dell’Arte logo, the name of the scene you are on, the name of the storyteller and a QR code to activate audio listening. You can listen to the songs on your smartphone or tablet, both in Italian (with the original voice of the narrators), and in English and German. The texts of the stories are available free of charge on the website www.custodidellarte.it.

The map with the location of the 14 stages is also available on the project website as well as in paper form in the main accommodation, tourist and cultural facilities in the city. The idea of ​​the project is to provide an unprecedented point of view thanks to the language of narrative that turns the places of the city into spaces for meeting and sharing, an opportunity for original stories intertwined with the beauty of the territory, an opportunity to learn about highly creative value as it is able to generate new perspectives for themselves. citizens (who witness the relationship between the city and the community that cares for it), local tourists or visitors from all walks of life.

Antonella Conti, president of Formula Servizi: “Custodi dell’Arte is a laboratory for social innovation used in the field of territory strengthening. Successful attempt to keep alive and nurture the city’s past and recent history through the stories and emotions experienced by its inhabitants – Thanks to the enthusiasm and generosity with which the 14 Custodians have shared authentic personal memories, the community is enriched with new interpretations of facts, characters, memories and emotional ties, which deeply connect places and people. For the curiosity of his stories and the involvement of the emotional and creative organs of the sense of sight and smell, we believe that this project can support the valuable educational work that schools do on future generations of citizens, not only because of its knowledge value, but also as an example of active participation. community in building and protecting their own identity ”.

Matteo Gozzoli, Mayor of Cesenatico: “We are delighted to host this press conference and be the starting point for this very ambitious and innovative cultural and tourist project. I want to emphasize that it is based on participation, with citizens. called to tell the story of Cesenatico in a personal and original way. I believe that one of the most important keys to bringing young people and tourists together is commitment, and the “Custodi dell’arte” puts it at the center. Councilor for the Corsini region for coming here and thanks to Formula One for this cooperation.

Gaia Morara, Tourism and Marketing Councilor of Cesenatico Municipality: “Custodi dell’arte is a project that moves in many directions: marketing, tourism, culture, art, participation. Interdisciplinary and interrelated initiatives of this type. is one of the directions Cesenatico wants to take to become a semi-and increasingly avant-garde city. I would like to thank all the people of Cesenatico who took part in this initiative for sharing their time and memories “,

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