Hazelnut producer rebelled against price announced by Erdogan: They show the high crop and lower the price

President Erdogan announced the price of hazelnuts at 54 lire per kilo with field support. Producers preparing to start harvesting in Trabzon spoke with SÖZCÜ. They rebelled by saying that the advertised price against the hazelnut maintenance, cleaning, daily and sorting costs is worthless.

The price per kilo of hazelnuts, which is one of Turkey’s most important exports and one of the most important livelihoods of producers in the Black Sea region, was announced at 26.5 lire in August last year.

Opposition parties claimed that the producer would not be a victim if the hazelnut had at least 72-74 TL in the face of rising costs with rising inflation and exchange rates.

AKP President and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced the price of hazelnuts per kilo as 54 lire, with his support, during his visit to Ordu before the hazelnut harvest begins this year. We asked producers in Trabzon how they achieved the advertised price, the citizen listing their costs is not satisfied with the advertised price.

Hazelnut growers told SÖZCÜ reporter Elif Çavuş about their difficulties.


Saying that the advertised price is not enough against the costs, Mustafa Çolak said: “We think the price of 54 lira is low. The costs are really high. These prices are not sufficient under current conditions. We expected the price to be higher. If it was more than 60 lire, perhaps the manufacturer would be satisfied. “The current price is not enough for the manufacturer,” he said.


Claiming that the cost of everything has tripled but the price of hazelnuts has not doubled, the hazelnut farmer said: “A bag of fertilizer costs 500 lire. Costs tripled, hazelnuts did not double. We cannot accept the price given to Ordu hazelnuts. I don’t know what will happen,” he said.


Claiming they cannot sell the hazelnut at the advertised price, hazelnut farmer Nebahat Çolak said: “We can’t get that money. Our hazelnuts cost 40 lire or 35 lire. When we take into account daily prices, weeding prices and fertilizer prices, it already exceeds the advertised price. We cannot make a profit, we always make a loss. We cannot sell hazelnuts to TMO. We’re stuck with the merchant. The trader buys at the price he wants. This price doesn’t satisfy us either. In the old days, when we sold hazelnuts, we could have a wedding. Now you can’t do anything about these expensive things. We just can’t buy the bread. How much did that bun cost? They must also be taken into account. Our young people are afraid of marriage, they cannot get a job. Our university graduates are looking for a job. There is no hazelnut, people are meditating on it.”


Saying that a logger with 300 lire can harvest a maximum of 10 kg of hazelnuts per day, the producer said: “10 kg of hazelnuts cost 450 lire out of 45 lire. 300 TL per day, shipping, cost, calculate it all, what’s left? What will your wife be with that?


Hazelnut farmer Muammer Yılmaz, who said field support is meaningless, said: “Last year, 27 lire of hazelnuts were announced. We could barely sell our hazelnuts for 21 lire. We have a 40% loss between the hazelnut price and the sale price. We will lose 20 lire out of the 54 lire announced. It’s good if it’s around 42 lire. Maybe it will find that price next May, maybe it can go even higher. But the producer has no chance of keeping the hazelnuts waiting. The price of hazelnuts had to be at least 4 dollars. Domain-based support isn’t much. I have 1.5 hectares of land. I give about 300 kg of hazelnuts. I get support for 286 lire. We give 80-90 lire of that to agriculture room as file expense. I also give 15 lire to the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture. It has nothing to do with field-based support,” he said.


Emphasizing that the citizen can only sell hazelnuts between 40 and 45 lire, Züver Kılıç said: “Will the price of hazelnuts be subject to a rise in the dollar? Not. It won’t save him. There’s manure, there’s a collection fee, there’s threshing. To buy one kilo of cheese, you will sell three kilos of hazelnuts. How will this citizen live? she asked.


Muzaffer Çelik, who said the yield forecasts were shown high and the advertised price low, said: “They reduce the price by keeping consumption low with high yield forecasts, they are constantly pushing the price down. Exporters are also the team of importers. They direct income as they wish. The difference in income between the chambers of agriculture and the exporters’ union is 150 thousand tons. The estimates from the chambers of agriculture are closer to the truth. This is a game. It is up to the Europeans to show the high crop and reduce the price with the bountiful crop,” he said.


Stating that the price is not sufficient in relation to the costs, producer Nebiye Kılıç said: “This price is not enough. 5 kg of sugar equals 140 lire. How will our children and families pay the rent? How will that be? They should have kept the price of hazelnuts a little higher. It is very difficult to earn a living,” he said.


Aynur Çolak, who claimed that the hazelnut orchard was dismantled due to the citrus long-antennaed beetle, said: “No hazelnuts, no money! What are we going to manage? Instead of hazelnuts per kilo, they gave 20 TL to our uprooted fields. If you give it to the child, he will not receive it. They cheated on us with a lot of money. The removed field will be planted after 5 years. Nuts will grow in 5 years. They have to give us our 10 years’ money. What are we going to manage? Are we going to starve?”, he stated that they were in a difficult situation.

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