He became a cultural ambassador to the city where he went as a manager.

Continuing his business life as General Manager of Turkish Airlines (THY) Italy Bari, Ömür Kahraman, after working for 3 years as a manager at Moldova Airlines and 8 years at Palestine Airlines, he pioneered the establishment of a mystery shopper and honorary observer unit at UW.

The author, who started his adventure of writing with his book “Living with a Bag”, in which he told the story of overcoming the stoma disease, announced that he decided to publish his second book, realizing how valuable it is to touch human life with the hopeful messages he received from people like himself who were getting sick and desperate.

Kahraman, who has been a tourist guide for 25 years with a cockade in English and Arabic, wrote the book “A Life in Puglia” in Bari, where he was on duty.

“I have signed a work with many details”

Ömür Kahraman told AA correspondent about the San Nicola Church, Alberobello and Polignano a Mare, one of the historical and touristic places of Puglia, saying she grew up as the daughter of an officer father who traveled through Turkey.

Kahraman stated that he has been working at various companies in the tourism industry since his student days.

Noting that Italy is made up of 20 provinces, the author said: “One of these provinces is Puglia, and the city of Bari is the capital, and I have been working here for 4 years.” said.

Kahraman pointed out that he knew very little about Bari when he was first appointed, saying:

“I decided to make some serious publicity about Bari that day. I got caught in the pandemic while I was in Italy, you know, this place was in very dire conditions at the time. We didn’t know how long it would last, I knew also not where this place in Puglia was when they came to our passengers I decided to prepare a brochure explaining what had happened But the pandemic got longer the brochure started not being enough for us Then I thought that “This is a flimsy travel booklet. I’ll write down the most visited places, give it to our passengers when they come, maybe we’ll have them come back here or be announced. I thought it would be good marketing for us.”

Ömür Kahraman stated that the work he thought was a small travel book turned into an extensive promotional work of about 600 pages, Ömür Kahraman said: “The pandemic has been going on in this region for more than two years, and during this time I found every village, any city, with its history, culture, places to visit, if any, important I signed a study that has many details such as restaurants, where to park your car, where to eat the best ice cream, where you can find the cheapest pizzas.” he said.

The head of state of Puglia, Michele Emiliano, wrote the foreword to the work

Noting that Puglia is also close to Turkish society with its historical and cultural similarities, Kahraman continued:

“For example, they see San Nicola, who we know as Santa Claus, who lived in Antalya Demre, as the patron saint of Bari. The culture of Santa Claus is so important here that Italian sailors stole the bones of San Nicola from Demre in the 1100s. …and came here.They built a cathedral where an Ottoman pasha lived and turned it into a religious center where both Orthodox and Catholics could worship under the same roof.Conical roof houses made of conical roofs are one of the 3 important places in the Unesco World Cultural Heritage List in the State of Puglia Since very heavy taxes were levied on houses with roofs in the 17th century, houses were built that could be quickly demolished and built.

Announcing that his work will be translated into several languages ​​in the near future, the author said he is also proud that the head of state of Puglia, Michele Emiliano, has written the foreword to the book.

Kahraman said he was very happy about his parents’ participation in the award ceremony broadcast live by state television Rai 1 and said: “I think I have been able to achieve some things thanks to the support that my family has given me at every stage. of my life, as was the case with my previous illness, and I am always grateful to them.” used his statements.

“He has published a travel book that meticulously describes the region to which he is foreign”

Ömür Kahraman’s father, retired artillery colonel Vahdettin Kahraman, said his daughters have always done things to make them proud since birth, adding: “He has always written works by tackling untouched subjects. He published a travel book that the region in which he is unknown, to evaluate the days he did not leave the house during the pandemic during his stay as a state official in Turkey.

Kahraman’s mother Nafize Kahraman, on the other hand, said her daughters are very respectful and successful people and said she is proud of receiving an award, especially abroad.

The 600-page book “A Life in Puglia” met readers of Destek Publications.

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