here are 10 things to do to experience the island?

It’s a record summer in tourism, and if Italy remains a top destination, Sicily tops the podium of local favorite destinations with 26.6% bookings. Research Italian holidays run by Quorum / YouTrend on behalf of the Wonderful Italy vacation rental platform. In 2022, tourism in Sicily approached the 2019 level. According to estimates by the Center for Studies and Research of the South (Srm), this year the number of visitors to the island could reach 14 million, hitting the record of over 15 million visitors recorded during the 2019 holiday. Among the reasons this choice is the great wealth of the island between history, art, culture, sea, nature… and a very high quality of life.

Why Sicily

The Sicilian lifestyle is a trend, especially for millennials, a model to which they are inspired and that can be summed up in three basic pillars: hospitality, local cuisine and a wealth of beauty and experiences to live in (Aigu Research / Messina Beer). The assumption is in line with this year’s trends they talk about a new form of tourism: not only beaches, architectural beauty and museums, but the desire to take home inspiration and personal enrichment.

Exactly in response to this desire, Birra Messina has selected 10 attractions to do in Sicily this summer for an authentic experience of the island, perhaps tasting the fresh Messina Cristalli di Sale beer. The selection comes from the “Sicilian Experience” collection and was created by Sicilian millennials AIGU (Italian UNESCO Youth Association) with 10 small “destinations” in each of the nine Sicilian provinces to discover the Sicilian way of life. A collection of unusual habits that tell a typical day for a young Sicilian among squares, shops, gardens, markets and again beaches and dining experiences.

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10 experiences to do absolutely in Sicily to experience the island for an authentic experience?

1Campsite on the beach of Eraclea Minoa (Agrigento) Fjord protruding above the sea, breathtaking views of Capo Bianco, one of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily, where clear water bathes in sand protected by a wild pine forest. On the path, the thousand-year-old shards serve as a carpet commemorating the invasions, and, according to legend, the scene of the assassination of the Cretan king Minos, who came to these shores in pursuit of Daedalus, who helped Ariadne and Theseus get out of the famous labyrinth. You can camp in this paradise, and right on the campsite there is one of the very rare golden nails (GSSP – Global Stratigraphic Section and Point), rock outcrops where there is a physical border between two geological ages and in which the greatest amount of physical, chemical information has been found and palaeontology.

2. Enjoy the corn on the beach of San Leone (Agrigento) Cooked “pollanche” is a typical Sicilian summer tradition. Each hot and steamy afternoon is interrupted by “abbanniata” (shouting from street vendors) “Pollanche cavuri e puliti”. As amazing as this can be On the beach of San Leone, it seems, you can find a man with a little cart cooking them on the spot. Definitely unusual and unusual experience that you cannot find on the Internet to try it at least once, contemplating the sunset from the beach.

3. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Borgo di Sutera (Caltanissetta) Called the “Balcony of Sicily” because of its very expansive view, Sutera offers a wonderful panorama stretching from Mount Etna to the Gulf of Agrigento. Inscribed on the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy since 2014, you can still admire the ancient gypsum houses and traditional Arabic dammusi (less known than those from Pantelleria, but more distinctive, guaranteed). The village of Sutera, consisting of the three districts of Rabato, Rabatello and Giardiniello, is approximately forty kilometers from the sea on the Via Francigena route. The bright colors of the gypsum houses contrast with the pavement of the streets made of lava stone.

4Diving in San Giovanni Li Cuti as in the real Catania (Catania) The history of reckless dives of bathers who crowd in the sea of ​​San Giovanni Li Cuti is probably known only to Sicilians, especially Catania, especially the younger and more courageous ones. Every summer there are many who decide to challenge fate by testing the skills of “expert divers” by “jumping” blindly from the wall that marks the open air of the marina. After a walk along the seashore of this former fishing village, let yourself be carried away by the call of the sea. A real must for the people of Catania is swimming and drying their bathing suits while the sun goes down, perhaps with a Messina Cristalli di Sale beer.

5Have a picnic at Lake Pergusa, which is colored red (Enna). and access ancient prehistoric caves. Periodically, the lake, thanks to the synergy between microscopic organisms living in it, records a phenomenon that is unique in the world: its waters are colored red. The protagonist of this phenomenon is a small shrimp, which, defending itself against the rays of the summer sun, is colored with a red pigment. It is impossible not to admire this spectacle of nature.

6Attending a Dawn Concert in Tindari (Messina) Every summer, the National Independent Music Festival “Indiegenofest” organizes a dawn concert at a Greco-Roman theater (this year it closes on August 4 with a Max Gazzè concert). A unique experience that you can try at least once in your life. On this occasion, you can visit the Sanctuary of the Black Madonna of Tindari, the destination of pilgrimages and the starting point of the “fox’s tail” path, a breathtaking walking route that goes from the headland to the valley in the Marinello Lake Nature Reserve for swimming in clear water. The lagoon area, a rare example of a brackish coastal environment whose territory is subject to morphological changes.

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7Immerse yourself in the timeless atmosphere of Sicilian art workshops to experience the authentic Sicily (Palermo) Melinda Alaimo and Salvatore Scherma are her professional ceramists and illustrators, with a boundless love for art from childhood, and an architect and designer who grew up in the middle of wood, between plaques to be painted and drawings to be designed. Sicily is a common matrix in their workshops and their creations. They designed two glasses for Birra Messina inspired by Sicilian art and iconography by combining shapes and colors: a tribute to the island and its unexpected wonders.

8Windsurfing with Young Locals in Punta Secca (Ragusa) The village of Punta Secca is home to excursions and visits to the famous Montalbano house, but not everyone knows its beach is perfect for windsurfing and kitesurfing as it is always very well ventilated. You can try your hand at one of these disciplines (courses, including sailing, are held all year round) and admire the spectacle of sails at sunset.

9. Take a boat ride in Brucoli (Syracuse) Born as a fishing village, Brucoli, near Augusta, is another favorite summer destination for Syracuse millennials. However, several parts of the sea are inaccessible by land, so thanks to the boat ride you can admire the entire coast and swim in “Green Waters”, one of the most beautiful stretches of the sea in the area.

10Have an aperitif in Marinella di Selinunte, near the archaeological park (Trapani). You can visit the first ever Greek temples made of stone. From one area of ​​the park you can enjoy a spectacular view that includes the temples and the sea. Then you can spend the evening in nearby Marinella di Selinunte, a very popular little port full of places where Millennials meet for an aperitif, perhaps with a Messina Cristalli di Sale beer.

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