Holiday bonus, summer 2022? No ISEE Discounts For Everyone!

Holiday bonus to start. FROM “summer 2022 is fast approaching and a few euros in your pocket, check a new contribution No. ISEE available to everyone. When the old € 500 voucher, validated last year by the Draghi government, ended up in the basement, there is no shortage discounts on journeys and stays for the current year. Let’s find out together who it is and how to get it right away.

You’re in the office, but your mind travels to distant places and strangers in the face of holidays almost us? After a year of work allow yourself a few days of relaxation for the summer of 2022 it is primarily a must-have after a break in travel and stoppages imposed for two years from the emergency epidemiological studies with Covid-19.

Catapulted into everyday life, the desire of every Italian is: book tours and stays towards exotic places, within national borders, a simple trip to the sea or lake to break away from your daily routine.

But something may thwart your dreams. Although the Covid-19 pandemic has resolved on national territory, for several months now we have to: to cope with the new economic crisis this time caused by the war between Russia and Ukraine.

It favors the growth of fuel on the dispenser, both gasoline, diesel and LPG, costly bills that breathe on the nape of Italians every month and the inexorable rise in consumer prices, the Italians’ portfolio is practically empty.

Hope spend a few days off far from home, in this situation, it is almost impossible in economical thermals.

Therefore thumbs, everyone was hoping for an introduction by Draghi’s government for a new 2022 holiday bonus that will make summer dreams come true just around the corner.

Hope was lost, but not permanently.

Though contribution of 500 euros they expected to finance their vacation last year late, are counted other saving possibilities a few euros to book travel and stays planned for the summer of 2022

So there is room for a new discount similar to the 500 Euro holiday voucher available last year, but in some respects very different on the front of service.

What changes compared to the old grant? The 2022 holiday bonus it is totally exempt from compliance with income or property thresholds.

In other words, interested parties can get the discount without the need to present an ISEE certificate.

While not an ISEE bonus therefore it is universal, not everyone will be able to enjoy the benefits of travel and accommodation.

But let’s move on in order. Let’s see right away what are the characteristics of the new 2022 holiday bonuswho can ask for it and how the discount workswithout forgetting the latest news reductions applied by partners participating in the initiative.

Holiday bonus, summer 2022? No ISEE discount for everyone and immediately: what it is

Do you want to know all the details about the beneficiaries of the new holiday bonus 2022? Don’t worry, we’ll provide you all the information you need to save on trips and stays planned for the summer of 2022.

Before we understand who is entitled to the contribution and for what amount it is granted, it is necessary to proceed step by step. Let’s start our review with Holiday bonus 2022 without ISEE try to understand what is this.

More information is provided at the beginning of the article. Over there difference to the old 500 euro holiday bonus it is clear in several respects.

The new holiday bonus designed for the summer of 2022 is not in the form of a purchase voucher or top-up for those interested in the amount of money, but a package of discounts in domestic and foreign trips and stays.

It is also not comparable to the old 500 Euro coupon in terms of goals to be achieved.

The 2020 Christmas Bonus was wanted by Italian executives too face the tourism sector brought to its knees by the losses suffered by the constant blockades and travel restriction laws that jeopardize wages.

Holiday Bonus 2022 instead, he turns the page and comes to the rescue Italian nationals unable to cover travel or subsistence expensesvery high most of the time.

In short, it takes the form of one discount in the holiday price list selection at the time of booking. But there is more.

The amount of the premium has also changed since last year. If the old grant awarded beneficiaries a voucher worth € 500, for the new holiday bonus ISEE 2022 no amount has been agreed. What does it mean?

The implicit discount on the bonus that can be requested for the summer of 2022 varies by percentage depending on the type of trip or service desired. We explain this concept below.

Holiday bonus 2022, summer 2022? no ISEE discount for all: who are the beneficiaries

Given the specificity that makes the 2022 holiday bonus far from the 500 euro coupon active last year, let’s find out which feature makes the cartridge so attractive.

Main positive note is the opportunity to take advantage of the holiday bonus for the summer of 2022 without the need to present an ISEE certificate when applying a discount.

Being mel No ISEE bonus open to everyone, the number of beneficiaries included is very large.

Old Holiday bonus 2020 instead, it was eligible for the voucher only when potential beneficiaries did not exceed ISEE threshold of 40,000 euros.

None of this for 2022 holiday bonus. The discount granted by the various partners is added directly to the purchase price of the stay or travel without the need to present an ISEE certificate.

This does not mean that everyone has the right to access hidden premium reductions without distinction: the beneficiaries of the summer 2022 holiday bonus are, in fact, only citizens between the ages of 18 and 35.

Summer 2022 Summer Bonus, No ISEE? Only with the Youth Card. Here are the news

Let’s try to understand why only beneficiaries of the age or within 25 years of age can access No ISEE Summer 2022 Summer Bonus.

Let’s say right away the discount can be applied to an infinite number of services, not only during stays and travels. Okay, The age limit just given is justified by the National Youth Card. What do you mean?

Only cardholdersvery similar to classic electronic payment cards, maybe Access hidden discounts in the 2022 Holiday Bonus.

To better understand The Youth Card guarantees a package of percentage discounts on stays, trips and other types of services. In short, a novelty that should not be missed also because the scope of the Youth Charter is very broad, so extensive that it extends to various sectors.

With the Youth Card you can buy tickets to the cinema, theater, museum, concert and book at discounted prices. It may even go as far as save up to 50% on the purchase price of the preferred goods or services.

Holiday bonus how to get a discount without ISEE for Summer 2022

Ask for a discount guaranteed with no ISEE holiday bonus for summer 2022 it is quite simple. We just finished saying the benefit is available for only holders of the National Youth Card. Are you not the cardholder?

Don’t worry, you can request for free and in a few clicks. Enough download the IO application to your mobile phone, log in to the platform and that’s it.

When the operation was successful, The National Youth Card can be used immediately to take advantage of the discount that best suits your needs.

Christmas bonus 2022, no ISEE for everyone under 35: immediate discount? For what expenses

We are finalizing our ISEE Free Summer 2022 review by focusing on pcountries covered by the Youth Charter, or rather on guaranteed discount for people under 35 years of age holders of the same.

The discount will be applied as a percentage when buying a tour or stay: let’s go 5% to 30% discount.

Therefore, as mentioned in the previous paragraphs, no specific amount has been set for the 2022 holiday bonus.

Any agency some of the Youth Charter partners sets a percentage discount on the offered goods and services at its own discretion.

Federalberghi and Booking I guarantee 5% discount, while Italo applies a higher discount (thirty%) on the purchase price of train tickets.

The 2022 Intermediate Holiday Bonuses, on the other hand, are made available by other companies.

Grimaldi, for example, discounts on trips in Italy or abroad up to 12%. Airways and Flixbus for other percentages.

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