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The Mayor of Kepez, Hakan Tütüncü, who took part in the 6th Heritage Istanbul Fair, spoke about the transformation of Dokuma Park, worthy of the Landscape Award by the Council of Europe, into an island of culture and art.

The Mayor of Kepez, Hakan Tütüncü, spoke at the 6th Heritage Istanbul Fair. President Tütüncü spoke at the fair in the Lütfi Kırdar International Congress and Exhibition Center about the transformation of Dokumapark, which was worthy of the landscape award by the Council of Europe, into an island of culture and art. The moderator answered questions from Nezih Başgelen, Head of Archeology and Art Publications, about Dokuma Park, Turkey’s exemplary project.

Speaking at the panel, Chairman Tütüncü stated that weaving is Antalya’s most important industrial heritage and said: “Antalya’s old weaving factory was put into operation in the 1950s. Until the early 2000s, it was a very important industrial heritage that served as the doorway to food, work and bread for tens of thousands of our fellow citizens. In 2003 the factory was closed as part of privatization. This is a district, a metropolitan district with a population of 700 thousand in the center of Antalya. 500 decares of land was left to a multinational without a tender by the mayor for me, without a tender. We thought it would be a great betrayal for the city to stop this trend, build a shopping center in our city’s first industrial facility, the monument of the Republic, and keep the memories there alive, and we approached the problem with a logic of protection. At this point, it was ensured that all the factory buildings on the 500-decare land were turned into a beautiful attraction center for Antalya, almost transformed into an island of culture and art, and turned into a private botanical garden, without any factory construction is being demolished. It has become an extremely beautiful place with 13 different museums, 3 libraries, 1 art gallery, a botanical garden that we can call a plant museum that also introduces the endemic species of our region, where the largest science center of Turkey is located. It has become an island of culture and art,” he said.

“Council of Europe has awarded the project”

Tütüncü pointed out that the weaving factory is the only place in Turkey that has been transformed without touching his memories, saying: “At this point it is an example. We were awarded by the Council of Europe in 2021. We represented our country with 6 projects in the competition in which 40 European countries participated. We also brought the prize to our country. We have also been awarded in more than 10 national competitions. We have been working to bring this project to life since 2014. When we took office in 2009, he had he has a lot of legal problems,” he said.

The mayor of Kepez, Hakan Tütüncü, also said that the transformer building of the weaving factory has been transformed into the richest library in the Mediterranean, which contains 130 thousand books. The city’s largest children’s library, Dr. He added that the Burhanettin Onat Children’s Library is located on the city’s culture and arts island. He said that the Antalya City Museum, which he had dreamed of for years, is located in Dokuma Park, and that Turkey’s largest science center is located in Dokuma Park on an area of ​​12,500 square meters. Chairman Tütüncü added that the factory, which has been processing Antalya akala cotton for years, is now processing science for future generations. Tütüncü stated that in developing the Dokumapark project, they cared more about people’s expectations than anything else, and that they cooperated with all segments of Antalya, such as NGOs, journalists and politicians. He added that a conservation development plan had been drawn up to protect the land of the weaving factory, the buildings were registered, the plant fabric was clad, it was equipped with olive trees and that in the future this area will be nothing but a city ​​park.

“This fair is an important asset for Turkey”

The mayor of Kepez, Hakan Tütüncü, made evaluations about Heritage Istanbul Fair after the panel. Mayor Tütüncü said it is a very important gathering for conservation, restoration, archaeology, museum and technology: “Municipalities and public institutions participating in the Heritage Istanbul Fair from all over Turkey talk about the work they have done for historical heritage. This fair is an important achievement for Turkey, a very meaningful meeting in terms of our cultural heritage,” he said. Mayor Tütüncü said that as a municipality of Kepez, they participate in this fair every year and said: “I also attended this fair this year as a speaker; We were delighted to announce to all museum professionals, librarians, conservationists, academics and scientific circles that this is a unique project in Turkey that inspires the world.”

“Dokuma Park is a project that adds value to Antalya”

Tütüncü continued his words by saying: “Truly, weaving is one of the most important projects of Antalya and when fully evaluated it will be a unique project in Turkey that also inspires the world.” There’s a lot of work to do. By activating the common spirit, collaborating with the city, the process became much more meaningful. We think it is important to know them as a method. Our participation in the Heritage Istanbul Fair was a work that contributed both to the promotion of Dokuma Park and thus to the promotion of Antalya, as well as to the explanation of the efforts of our friends and the mobilization of a common spirit at a point of government, which is a separate performance. Heritage Istanbul started well and ended well. We considered this an important platform related to our Antalya and our own works, we contributed to the fair and we introduced our works and our city.”

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