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by Putin “turned the natural gas valve into a weapon” His comments raised concerns for the European economy.

“Natural gas rationing” It is spoken.

The German nation is disciplined.

Already “reduce bath time” Even austerity measures were introduced.


What priorities and quotas will be applied in the sector?

The button was pressed for serious work in Germany, the heart of the European economy.


The second nightmare, according to the Financial Times, “Russia also interrupts oil supplies” possibility of…

JP Morgan Moscow analysts “A way to make the West suffer” oil prices per barrel “Can skyrocket to $380” they warned.

However, since 2014, the price of a barrel has been around US$100.


Financial Times Germany’s biggest Russian gas buyer “Uniper wants a billion-euro bailout of Berlin” He wrote.


In the UK, energy bills are expected to double next winter.

The 2020 price of electricity and gas bills per household three in solid year 3,400 pounds foreseen.


Germany is building five new liquefied gas plants. Five “liquid gas floating plant” has rented.


for a return to nuclear energy in Europe. green energy calendar renewal.


Biden goes to Saudi Arabia OPEC + Oil Producers Agreement contributed to the increase in oil production.

But Riyadh “does not have unlimited capacity” did not increase this increase to a significant amount of additional volume.



Putin, Russia’s enemies (!) “that the blitzkrieg economic war has clearly failed” claims.

Therefore, “sanctions hit the Russian economy” he also said.

“In addition to generating more revenue by exporting less gas, Russian oil production has grown by 3.5% this year despite sanctions.” explained.


On the one hand, the pandemic that has hit economies for more than two years and, on the other, the natural gas and oil crisis after Russia’s attempt to invade Ukraine. “darkest and most uncertain months” presented its forecast.

IMF (International Monetary Fund) In its report published on July 26, “expect a sharp slowdown in economies”
pointing out.

The US is facing the highest level of inflation in 40 years, with a rate of 9.1%. The situation in the Eurozone of Europe is not good either.


In contrast, Russia will shrink by at least 3.5%.

The years of plenty of cash are gone as central banks raise key interest rates.

IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva and IMF Chief Economist Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas “Monetary compression triggers/triggers capital flight from some developing countries to the US and Europe where they are safe and their incomes are increasing” they are in sight.

IMF twilight report


According to yesterday’s Le Monde, “Many developing countries have learned from previous crises. They have large foreign exchange reserves. They have created monetary policies and shields that allow them to better resist capital flows.”

However, 8 of the 73 low-income countries are supported by the IMF. “The debt is unsustainable” status is displayed.

30 countries “close to the debt crisis” is labeled.

In an increasing number of countries “Debt repayment will get harder, debt restructuring” will need.

We will…

looking to 2023 “The worst is yet to come” can be tried.

IMF twilight report

Ukraine Sovereignty Day

Today is the anniversary of Ukraine’s independence.

Zelensky, his countrymen “Ukraine Sovereignty Day” as well as celebrate “don’t stay together” and “Working together for victory” he called.

In this context “Freedom, Peace, Sovereignty, Security and Justice for the Nations of the World” We wait.

First day…

It is an important day in the agreement to open Ukrainian wheat to the Black Sea from safe corridors.

The Coordination Center started its activities yesterday.

Can action be taken?

Is the business fragile?


Yea, “The deal is fragile but sustainable.”

Because Russia also has an interest in the continuation of this agreement.


In addition to the 25 million tons of grain in Ukraine’s silos, Russia’s grain stockpile can be exported. Ukraine has also dropped the claim that its wheat in the occupied areas was stolen by the Russians.

USA “will not impose sanctions on global insurers and banks for these transactions” gave your guarantee.


Russia for African countries under threat of famine and Middle East geography that needs grain, making and maintaining this agreement. “I’m not hurting you” will have delivered the message.

IMF twilight report


What did Russia want to do when it hit the port of Odessa while the ink on the Istanbul Agreement was dry?

Technically, he’s not breaking the deal, but what he’s doing is against the spirit of the deal.

Yesterday’s Le Monde commented on the event as follows:

“Putin made an unpainted addition to the deal by shooting Odessa, reminding him that he will remain the master of the game. Moscow has no interest in breaking the deal.”


Without compromising the deal’s implementation, Putin shows he can keep tensions at ease.

Proof of the solidity of this deal is that neither party is a loser.

On the contrary, in addition to the revenues of Ukraine and Russia, the prestige of Turkey and the UN Secretary General with diplomatic success…

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