Interior Minister Soylu announced to Hürriyet: we will issue a video regulation


SIGN A CRIMINAL: When the Istanbul Police Department enters a camera center in the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to illuminate an incident, they realize they are watching me. Looks like they’re monitoring a maritime police station in Balat, where I work in Istanbul. My guests are arriving; I greet my guests at the door and send them off. We fell on it; We have appointed civil inspectors and police inspectors. They watched the footage. They watched me consciously, approaching. We file a criminal complaint and refer the case to the court. When they determined that, when the file went to court, the Metropolitan Prefecture launched an internal investigation of its own. They appointed one person and fired him.

EDIT FOR SECURITY CAMERAS VIEWING PUBLIC AREAS: As the Ministry of the Interior, we have prepared a regulation on MOBESE and security cameras working with the Personal Data Protection Council, the High Judiciary and the Ministry of Justice. A standard is coming for cameras that view public areas in places like private workplaces, homes and properties. We’ve seen these cameras that have turned into hotels and are following people getting dressed and undressed at night. There are cameras that monitor public institutions and organizations. Now the standard will be brought, we have prepared a new regulation. We are issuing a very detailed regulation that protects privacy in Turkey, reveals the responsibilities of local governments and defines what life should be like in the normal course of life, introducing the criteria of how to use personal cameras at home. We are establishing a new system, we are bringing in a board. We’re putting the governor in charge of this council. The rules are clear, in accordance with the law, and the utmost attention will be paid to privacy.


ELECTORAL SECURITY IN TURKEY: As before every election, they raise the issue of electoral security. They stage a scenario about SADAT, they dramatize the issue and create a bogeyman. After that, they will base Turkey’s electoral security on a bogeyman, SADAT. It’s a trick that even crows will laugh at. It’s not the first time they’ve done this. If you look at the electoral trick, you have to look at 1946. 1946 elections and 1947 local elections; In both, open voting and secret classification were carried out.



They launched a psychological operation of discredit and economic compression. Why should ambassadors in a country issue a statement, are they crazy? Why are they issuing papers? Why does the leader of one of the main opposition parties send the text he prepared to an ambassador of a country with a former ambassador in his party to write? What will they do if one of their friends takes this tape to the DA’s office sometime tomorrow? And if the ambassador they went to wear this tape. Look, it’s not 6 tables, it’s 6 tables. 6 tables are fighting for two axes. The 2 axes are constantly tripping and reporting each other. What will be the state of politics in Turkey if those who bring this information hand this tape to the ambassador he went to the next day? What happens to the main opposition? When he leaks the tape, you see who this ambassador is.


Soylu hosted the Hürriyet team under the chairmanship of the Center for Coordination of Security and Emergency Situations.


I have been Minister of the Interior for 6 years, who proves only one illegal thing about themselves, one day staying in politics is a coward, but whoever cannot prove it is a coward. Will something like this happen? They are trying to cover up their own incompetence with slander. This information comes from conflicts within the patriots and within themselves. Is it our job to follow the main opposition? They all want protection from us, they want the police. Where did something like this happen, could something like this happen? Those who present this are gossips and slanderers.



Interpol closed it to Turkey, opened that right to Turkey. Turkey was subject to obstruction. Interpol has reopened for Turkey. Further decisions will be taken in the coming days.


(Extradition by Sezgin Baran Korkmaz) As Turkey, it would be more correct to give it back to us because we want it. The trial must be held in Turkey. If Turkey hadn’t taken a step ahead of the US, a big game would have been brought to the table. The United States did not ask anyone about this incident from us. He did not reveal an event to take and give us, however, Turkey has launched an operation. We open the case, carry out the operation, issue a Red Notice. The US did not issue a Red Notice, only an arrest warrant under bilateral agreements. Turkey is after crime and criminals wherever they are in the world, wherever they go.



There is a serious struggle to make the issue of immigration in Turkey the main topic of the 2023 presidential election. There has been no Syrian problem in Turkey for 11 years, it started today. The rate of crimes involving Syrians 1.3. Turkey is facing a psychological operation attack. Sometimes only we, the Ministry of Interior, have to deny the news from 10 to 15. They use hired men in street interviews. They are disguised as Syrians, disguised as Turks. same person.

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