Is a holiday culture sensitive to the environment, people and history possible?

I wish Turkey, which has been trying to become a tourist country since the late 1970s, had a holiday culture sensitive to the environment, people and history. to the environment to the people to history

Wall Newspaper writer Barış Avşar wrote all the details about how to make a sensitive holiday in Turkey.

The deep blue sea is in front of you, you stand with your back to the trees, you watch the summer sun sink on the horizon towards the evening… It is a light breeze, it is blowing warm, but it still relaxes you. You drink something cool at the edge of the portable table set up at the entrance of your caravan and escape the hassle of a little work and life. You are lucky! In a world where the inflation monster spreads fire like a dragon emerging from the pages of old books, you spent a few days making a fine math book, how nice…

But suddenly an accompanying vehicle emerges from between the trees: it is forbidden to park a caravan in this area! Why? Because this affordable vacation option (compared to other options), which has become exponentially popular with the corona epidemic, has provoked reactions due to the destruction caused by some vacationers who are irresponsibly polluting the environment. The people who lived there objected to this, local governments started making decisions, that’s why it’s banned.

Bingol / Crane Lake

The three islets that roam freely on Cranes Lake were declared ‘natural monuments’ 20 years ago and were taken under protection. The ‘protection’ of the islands, which threaten to shatter on entry due to their soft ground, was again a word.

Villagers who operate the facilities in the region and try to ensure the safety of the islands said: “The state said, ‘This place is banned!’ But people don’t believe it, they say: ‘No, I came from 5 kilometers, you open’…” he lamented. Visitors complained about the double standard: “Last year the governor of Bingol came to the floating islands with a delegation of 30 people. The governor’s guard led the delegation by removing the door of the locked room.

If we’re going to talk about a ban, it should apply to everyone. Is it free for politicians and administrators, but forbidden for citizens? If climbing on them hurts the islands, the governor’s exit hurts too. First of all, it is necessary to prevent such overcrowded delegations from reaching the islands.” to the environment to the people to history

Ankara / Anka Park

Do we love to get away from the possibility of vacation, entertainment and tranquility sensitive to nature, people and history? Anka Park? Turkey is not only a country where the people can live together without being bound by religious, political and ethnic differences, but it also has great opportunities for them to have a good rest, have a good vacation and renew themselves. However, the former mayor, who we know has “resigned” from such a country, had decided during his tenure that an amusement park full of “dinosaurs” was appropriate for the capital. And here’s that really “crazy” project, with a bill that far exceeds production costs of over $800 million today!

After the current city council took the journalists on a trip to explain the situation, the former mayor’s defense reads: “They are not my dinosaurs, they show the old dinosaurs in the warehouses of Atatürk Orman Çiftliği …” He recently announced that there is a $6 billion “jellybon reserve” in Turkey, and then “he also defended himself by saying that leftists were fooling me… Environment, people, history

It was explained that the new rules included in the regulation under the name ‘green development’ completely excluded the public, environmentalists, professional associations and trade unions and paved the way for an order in which only the ‘consensus’ of the ministries and employers’ organisations. Evaluation meetings would now take place ‘online’ and out of reach of the public, so no loud noise would be allowed! The meeting that would determine the scope of the report to be released has been completely canceled.

These changes could also affect decisions on the judiciary’s agenda, such as the Cengiz Holding gold and copper mining case in Çanakkale. The ordinance, which has been completely and partially amended 6 times in the past 30 years, eventually became ineffective by amputating the entire arm and leg!

Sewn / Almond

For example, when mining and construction in the Bademli and Karagöl regions of Dikili, which is known for its natural beauty, are already paved with the current regulations… Or when Cengiz Holding can explain that the court decisions do not ‘bind’ their company…

We’re constantly talking about the inadequacy of the minimum wage in the summer heat, the inability of the three-penny raise given to the retiree, the dangers of the “war drums” ringing incessantly, and who/who will be a candidate on behalf of the opposition. Tomorrow we will add the problems that will arise with the opening of schools, the new rise of the epidemic, the electoral economy…

While all this is going on, let’s not forget that we are blindly missing the opportunity to have a fun summer vacation “together” – we don’t mean, of course, those who have the financial power to spend their lives as a long vacation anyway! Perhaps in the coming summers, if we do not miss the opportunity to become a country where the spirit of the state, which continues to rule by dividing its citizens by different methods, can be eliminated, which has won respect in the world among the wise choices and reactions of his people, and manage his politics in a way that does justice to this, say maybe in the coming summers…

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