İSKİ called Ekrem İmamoğlu

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) İSKİ institution has completed the İstavroz Wastewater Tunnel, which encloses the bloody images that occur every Eid-al-Adha on the Bosphorus. Opening Ceremony; It was held with the participation of the honorary vice president of CHP Adıgüzel, the president of the İBB, Ekrem İmamoğlu, and the mayor of Üsküdar, Hilmi Türkmen. At the ceremony, respectively; İSKİ General Manager Şafak Başa, Türkmen and İmamoğlu made speeches.


Recalling that the project, which was conceived as an 8-kilometer tunnel, was designed during the time of the late president of the IMM, Kadir Topbaş, Türkmen said:

“Unfortunately, this tunnel was stopped in 2016 due to historic artifact and historic artifact work. At the end of 2019, we made an exploratory visit together with our president in Üsküdar, Kuzguncuk, Beylerbeyi and Çengelköy. We had communicated to our president that this place is very important, that it must be completed as soon as possible and that the sea turns red here, especially during Eid-al-Adha. Fortunately, they gave instructions. They ensured that the last phase of this important project, this eight kilometer project, was completed quickly. I would like to thank you for your presence on behalf of the people of Üsküdar, on behalf of my compatriots, on behalf of those who love the environment. There is an ongoing project in Çengelköy as a continuation of this place. Fortunately, our İSKİ General Management is doing this again and moving on. As the municipality of Üsküdar, I hope that we can complete this project with good cooperation. Our aim is to complete both this wastewater issue in Çengelköy and the Bekar Stream rehabilitation project, which continues towards Bekar Stream, this term, again with instructions from our esteemed President.”


Rounding out Istanbul as “the most charismatic city in the world”, İmamoğlu said: “There are nuances and moments that spoil the charisma of a city with such high charisma, so to speak, and you will be very upset. This process on the Bosphorus, especially when wastewater meets the Bosphorus – which is a spiritual moment, Eid-al-Adha – spoils us all this way. The bloody sight of the Bosphorus here, of course, made us very sad. We won’t have this problem anymore. We’re enjoying it much of the fact that we solved this problem, which does not match our faith, with its beautiful sea, dyed with the blood of victims, and which causes problems and pollutes the environment, with the conclusion of this process in this while we fulfill our faith” , he said. Noting that they have given particular importance to investments in infrastructure since he took over, İmamoğlu gave examples of project phases that ended or will end flooding at about 100 points.


Emphasizing that they work in partnership with both district municipalities and İSKİ to determine the points at issue, İmamoğlu said: “If you work together, collaborate, put a table and produce ideas together at that table, if you put everything there, it is very easy for you to definitively and definitively arrive at the result. Why; He who lives knows better, he who feels knows better. Yes, we have bureaucracy, we have valuable companions, they have experiences. But here we have people in Beylerbeyi who experience it every day, there are people from Üsküdar. So, of course, we’re going to sit in Üsküdar, talk to our district president, also talk to the district heads of our other political parties. But let’s talk to our mayor, who works here at all times, and his team. And we’re writing down the problems one by one,” he said.


Saying: “Uskudar is one of our districts where we see the most valuable benefits of traveling and walking together through the countryside,” said İmamoğlu. She expresses her feelings. He says his wishes. What did he say here today? He says: ‘It will be very good for us that the ongoing infrastructure works at Çengelköy are completed as soon as possible’. We also say; ‘We will definitely finish it, my dear president.’ It will be very good and we will open it for the service of the people of Üsküdar as soon as possible. Therefore, we will solve all the problems that put people’s health at risk and make life worse in this beautiful city, such as floods and floods in about 100 points of Istanbul. We got most of it. Look, in the last rain, although it rained well, we had the only problem in Istanbul, which we can describe as a flood, in Esenyurt. Our process continues with an investment of more than 800 million lire, which we started in Esenyurt, at that time, after the flood two years ago. So let’s solve the problem there,” he said.


Giving the good news that Üsküdar Square will open on August 30, İmamoğlu gave the good news that he will start the Salacak Beach project, which he said will be the most beautiful cordon in the world once completed, after obtaining the necessary permits from the respective plates. Noting that the works at Sarayburnu on the opposite side of Salacak will be completed on 6 October, İmamoğlu said: “Then you can look at Salacak from Sarayburnu or Sarayburnu from Salacak; Everything you see will make you very happy. Because now Istanbul is very beautiful with the services we provide together”. Stating that İSKİ is a very important institution that cannot be the subject of political debates in the current economic crisis, İmamoğlu appealed to representatives of all parties in the IMM Assembly.


“Whoever contributed to İSKİ in the past, may Allah be pleased with them all. Throughout its history, great works have been done that are not really visible, but make our lives easier. In fact, İSKİ has a history of around 70-80 years. Therefore, for our İSKİ institution to reach a better point, we must all act carefully. Currently, İSKİ has only one income: water bill. Despite being one of the most expensive in terms of water revenue, Istanbul ranks 28th among Turkey’s top cities in terms of tariff. You shouldn’t be in this situation. In this regard, I make an urgent appeal to all political parties that have groups in the IMM Assembly on this issue. For İSKİ, which is trying to offer these services with great sacrifices, economy and waste prevention, despite having suffered a lot from current inflation, price increases and cost increases, everyone should appreciate and decide according to the literature and the science of economics and lead the way.”


Expressing once again the problems at Melen Dam, whose completion was announced in 2016, İmamoğlu said: “Unfortunately, the Melen Dam investment, which has not been completed and is currently liquidated by its contractor, must also be completed. As this project, which was tendered at that time in 2020 with our notices, is below the 10% level despite the passage of two years, the contractor’s right to unilaterally terminate the contract means that the Koca Melen dam will be completed in 2016 I have to share with our citizens our determination that it stopped again.” Sharing the information that İSKİ has largely completed the infrastructure works around the Melen dam, İmamoğlu said: “Therefore, I must state that it is essential that the necessary units of our state take the necessary measures in relation to the Melen dam and to ensure Istanbul’s water needs as quickly as possible.”

Saying: “Istanbul has a populist and investor government, democratic and participatory at the same time”, İmamoğlu said: “In this context, I would like to point out that there is an administration in Istanbul that avoids waste and prioritizes the economy. We are a team focused on solving problems and generating business. At the same time, we are an administration that takes the best steps towards Istanbul’s future and values ​​Istanbul’s spirituality and all its sensibilities in the most fundamental way. We have a lot of work to do in Istanbul,” he said.


İSKİ General Manager Şafak Başa, who spoke at the ceremony, also shared technical information about the İstavroz tunnel. According to information shared by Başa; 13,000 cubic meters of wastewater produced daily by approximately 40,000 people living in the Beylerbeyi, Burhaniye, Kirazlıtepe and Küplüce districts of Üsküdar will no longer flow into the Bosphorus from the İstavroz stream near the Beylerbeyi Palace. As part of the studies started in October 2020; A tunnel 598 meters long and 2200 mm in diameter was built. The works, including connecting the existing wastewater collector and mains lines to the tunnel, were completed at the end of July. Thus, the wastewater discharged into the Bosphorus began to be transported to the Küçüksu Wastewater Treatment Plant. In addition, wastewater flowing into the Bosphorus from the front of the Üsküdar Hamidiye Evvel Mosque and from the coastal areas of Kuzguncuk was directed to the Küçüksu Treatment Plant and the Üsküdar Treatment Plant by manufacturing a 500-meter collector length. Thus, with an investment of 128 million lire, the maritime discharge of wastewater that flowed into the Bosphorus for many years was ended, and the images of the Bosphorus turning into a bloodbath during Eid-al-Adha became history. .

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