Last minute holidays: 5 cheap European islands

Low travel costs requires some organization, but for summer 2022 there are probably many who still have to choose where to go on vacation: we thought about you, finding a little low-cost islandsand in some of them (yes) you can come without reservation even in the middle of August.

So if you still have to choose islands where to spend your vacationthose close and accessible, to be done holidays without too many complications trip to EuropeWe recommend 5 must-see islandswhich will convince you between crystal clear waterdeserted beaches or Nightlifedepending on your preferences.

Here are ours islands for a cheap vacationalso ad August 2022where to relax and find Benefit between dream landscapes and sports activities, without going home with an empty wallet.

Vis in Croatia, an island for a cheap vacation, a long “hidden” natural paradise

L ‘Island of Vis in Croatia (as seen above and also in the cover photo) is still there untouchedfor several reasons: because it is about two and a half hours by boat from the coast, and also because it was a military base until the end of the 1980s.

Now you can change holidays 2022 including low cost island AND natural paradisewhich is not overwhelmed by the usual summer crowd. In Vis you will experience one thing last minute vacationalso ad Augustbetween unspoiled beachesspectacular cliffs and crystal clear water. In the subject foodwe advise you to eat the freshest fish caught live by the islanders every day.

L ‘Island of Vis in Croatia is perfect for holidays in August also for sports tourism. Including idyllic location you can sacrifice yours vacation on the islands ai Water Sportsbut also long walks and turns by bicycle: There are actually several of them in Vis scenic trails perfect for Mountain bike.

Holiday islands for cheap young people, summer 2022: Sliema in Malta

Are you looking for holiday islands for young people, low price and where to look crystal clear sea to play and nightlife in the premises? City Sliema in Malta is the perfect place: you can stay in one of the hostelsmake friends with others travelersand find out new beach? everyday.

ABOUT islands for the vacation of young peopleand islands for a family vacation, Sliemä in fact, it satisfies both types. The coast, the premises and the organization are varied and suitable for all situations: both and single that families with children they will not be disappointed.

The Sliema sealike everything in Malta, it is spectacular and crystal clear: for lovers Sandy beacheshowever, you won’t find very many as the coast is mostly rocky. However, you will find a lot flat rocksperfect for sunbathing.

Islands for a cheap holiday: The twin Ksamil Islands in Albania, the “Maldives of the Ionian Sea”

Cheap Vacation Islands 2022? Facing Greek Corfu, the island of Ksamil in Albania I’m in between the most beautiful beaches in Europe: le white sandy beaches they have crystal clear sea what was worth Ksamil reputation “Ionian Maldives”.

The small uninhabited islands they are the icing on the cake: they are ahead Ksamili coastand it can be reached by swimming and even by boat. The The twin islands of Ksamil they are indispensable and they are cheap travel idea 2022 enjoy Beach holiday this is a truly spectacular sunset.

The The twin islands of Ksamil they are connected with each other by a thin strip of sand, surrounded by rich vegetation that creates a real one around them natural paradisewhich earned the Butrint National Park, which includes the islands, the title UNESCO World Heritage.

Cheap travel ideas 2022 in the Canary Islands: Fuerteventura

When you think about holiday islands for young peoplebut also those for and wellness travel at any age you can think of Fuerteventurathe longest island Canary Islands which includes both crystal clear beaches perfect for relaxing and sport activityboth amazing hinterland intertwined with desert and volcanic landscapes.

Especially this one hot summer 2022where we are already knocking record temperatures, Fuerteventura is the perfect island for a cheap holiday: the temperature of the place is never really too high thanks to the windy currents.

Surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing: if you are passionate about or want to try one of these activities, Fuerteventura and yours Island. Not only can you try your hand at these sports, you can also practice them low-budget vacationstaying in one of typical home for surferswho is the host reasonable prices and with a sea view, young and otherwise young, single or in groups from all over the world.

Greece: Sikinos is a low-cost island where you can enjoy the summer of 2022 in complete relaxation

Greecewith its history, amazing landscapes and crystal clear waterhas a lot low-cost islands for summer 2022and it’s always a favorite place to give away idyllic journeys in the Mediterranean Sea between flashes, coves AND breathtaking sunsets.

Instead Greek revelers’ islands like Mykonoswe suggest island of Sikinos, left in time and therefore full of poetry. Sikinos you can appreciate all the beauty Greece in their natural cycles, away from discos and nightlife. if you love to concertthere are routes that go through more unspoiled naturetakes you to areas of the island that you will enjoy breathtaking views.

Sleeping places and restaurants they are locally run and are island of Sikinos very small, family atmosphere prevails. Except finding one cheap accommodation I’m also coming last minute in mid-August it will be enough renting a moped visit beaches from clear waters and sunsets to wear in the heart that will warm even the coldest autumn days.

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