Mehmet Ali Şahin Cultural Center opened in Keçiören

The Mehmet Ali Şahin Cultural Center, which was inaugurated by the Keçiören Municipality of Osmangazi District of the district, was inaugurated. Member of the Presidential Supreme Advisory Council Former Speaker of Parliament Mehmet Ali Şahin, AK deputy party Ankara Emrullah İşler, Mayor of Keçiören Turgut Altınok, Keçiören District Governor Mehmet Akçay, representatives of political parties and non-governmental organizations attended the opening.

Speaking to the attendees of the opening, GİK member Şahin said: “I think I called the president of Turgut about 10 months ago. He said that during my statesmanship, during my political life, I had books that I bought or as a gift. These took up a lot of space, we couldn’t find a place to put them at home, so I indicated that I wanted to donate them somewhere. When I think of the mayor of Ankara, the first name I think of course is Turgut Altınok Because he is a brother who really left his mark on the municipal services I know so I called my phone may be 10-15 years old It never changed I called the phone for me Turgut Bey “We are already opening libraries in several neighborhoods of Keçiören, we can put your books in one of these libraries,” he said. The project, which started as a library, was born as Nasreddin Hodja’s cauldron. There are two more services added. There is e and training center for our puppies has been added and a department has been added that also provides vocational courses, especially for women. That is why today we are opening a library in the cultural center, a training center for our children and a department where our women can learn our traditional professions.” He used his expressions.

ahin drew attention to the importance of libraries by referring to history and continued his speech as follows:

“I have investigated whether it is the task of the municipality to open a library. I think so. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Han says: ‘There should be three important things in a city. One sewer, two baths, three libraries… And it goes on: ‘The sewer city, the bath cleanses the body, the library cleanses the soul.’ The mayor is therefore a service person who brings all this together. Our country can be considered rich in libraries. I do not have complete data, but there are currently about 34 thousand libraries in our country. There is the national library, there are public libraries, there are also university libraries, there are libraries in formal and non-formal educational institutions. When we searched them online, it’s about 34 thousand. Perhaps that number has increased. Because the data I obtained is 2021 data. We need to increase the pace of reading in Turkey, especially the pace of our youth. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of our republic, has an important word. I think it would be helpful to write this word in a way that is visible to our children in all of our schools. Atatürk says: ‘When I was a child I had two cents in pocket money, I always bought a book with a cent. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have been in a position to do any of the services I’ve done.” So spending a bullet to buy a book is perhaps one of the main factors that makes it Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.”

Şahin, who also criticizes the traders based on a story written by an American author, shared the following anecdote:

“There is an American author whose story I have read, and I will share a memory of him with you. The author explains: “When I was working in a famous clothing store, I noticed that the company was throwing unsold clothes in the trash. I went to the boss sir, can’t we just give these products to people in need instead of throwing them away? The boss told me that only rich people use our products, if we give these products to the poor, if rich people see these products to the poor, they won’t buy them anymore, otherwise our brand will fall, even we will go bankrupt. That day I realized that poverty still continues, not because we can’t feed the poor, but because we can’t feed the rich.” This is an important finding. It still applies today. They stock up to make more money. You see, they have been saved. Unfortunately, there is a flaw that comes from the idea of ​​getting richer, born from the ambition to make more money.”

Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok stated that they have increased the number of libraries and kindergartens in the district and said:

“We have a population of 950 thousand. Keçiören is a rapidly developing, changing, beautifying and growing city. When we were first nominated in 1994, slums were all over the Osmangazi district. Fortunately, we have experienced a period of rapid change and transformation. TOKİ didn’t come in here too much. In other words, we were not a burden to our state. I am someone who travels every day and listens to our citizens and young people. I saw that young people have a library question, we decided to turn this into a library. The first commandment of my Lord is Ikra. Read in the name of Allah. It is education that develops, elevates and elevates nations and states. It is very important to educate our young people well, it is very important to give them opportunities. Our books here will be a guide, way and light for our children and young people. I hope they will do our future, our country and our nation a good service. Mr Mehmet ali Şahin has also not asked for his name to be given. His name will always be here. I would like to thank our General Advisory Board Member (GIK) Mehmet Ali Şahin for his support.”

After the protocol speeches, several gifts were given to the citizens who read most of the books in the Keçiören municipal libraries. Then the cultural center was inaugurated with the cutting of the ribbon.

The cultural center, which consists of three parts, includes a library, Child Education Center (CEM) and Keçiören Art and Vocational Training Courses (KEÇMEK).

The Mehmet Ali Şahin Public Library is located on the second floor of the center. The library has a capacity of 64 people and consists of books, of which 1,100 are children, of which 2580 are adults, and 2,500 have been donated by the former President of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, Mehmet Ali Şahin. In total there are 6 thousand 180 books and materials of various kinds. In the Child Education Center (CEM) department; There are Preschool Workshop, Mind Games Workshop, English Workshop, Fairy Tale and Children’s Literature Workshop and Gymnastics Workshop. At the KEÇMEK department, training is provided in 2 classrooms and 6 different locations. These branches are: Wedding Candy, Jewelry Design, Ribbon Work, Literacy 1, Literacy 2, Wire Breaking… .

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