Minister Özer spoke at the “History, Culture and Civilization Awareness Seminar”:

According to Anadolu Agency news;

ISTANBUL (AA) – Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer said: “Although a budget of 8.9 million liras was used for teacher training in 2021, the budget we have allocated this year is 292 million liras, but strangely enough can we don’t use the budget. Because there is no habit.” said.

During the “History, Culture and Civilization Awareness Seminar” held at a hotel in Yeşilköy for school administrators of social science secondary schools, Özer stated that they have completed the 2021-2022 academic year without interruption, despite the Kovid-19 outbreak, and thanked the educators for their contribution in this process.

Noting that they showed their will to keep schools open in this process, along with the education community, Özer said, “Because at the end of the first semester, 2 million tweets were sent to me regarding the extension of the semester break, and the indecent languages ​​made us make a decision, never give up our determination and rationally change our own policies.It was a very important experience in terms of demonstrating to society the ability to create, he said.

Özer said significant breakthroughs have been made in the field of education in the past 20 years and noted that they have solved the problem of access to education.

– “We have reached 855 thousand in the number of classrooms”

To express what he has done in terms of access to education and school, Özer continued as follows:

“Today we witnessed the process that the OECD countries, which we often compare in terms of educational success, went through a 70-year delay in the 1950s after World War II. We find this very valuable. has been a discourse recently. I saw this as nullifying what had really been done: ‘Nothing was done.’ Schools were built, buildings were built, this and that happened. Why wasn’t it done before? Why was there no access to education in the places where citizens previously lived? We have reached 855 thousand of the number of 300 thousand classrooms. While enrollment rates in early childhood education are 11 percent, it currently reached 92 percent. We’re not talking about the 70s, we’re talking about the 2000s. It’s a 20-year-old story. people who talk about the quality of education don’t increase the opportunities regarding access to education for children, when they had opportunities then? I’ll leave it up to you to answer.’

Minister Özer stressed that Turkey’s process of massification and universalization in education, from kindergarten to secondary education, has been completed in the last 20 years with a 70-year delay, and that the disadvantaged groups with low economic income have benefited first. .

– “For the first time, girls’ schooling rate exceeded that of boys”

According to Özer, there has been speculation for years about girls’ education in Turkey:

“For years there have been a lot of campaigns like ‘Girls don’t have access to education, conservative people don’t send their girls to school, girls go to school’. You don’t go to school and you say, ‘Girls don’t go to school.’ For the first time in the past 20 years, girls’ schooling rate is higher than boys’, which means that our people can send their children to school whenever the opportunity arises, apart from the damage caused by the anti-democratic implementation of social engineering projects that originated 20 years ago have tried to fix education has become able to respond to societal demands “Many normalization processes have taken place, from the headscarf ban to the implementation of the coefficient and the entry of teachers wearing headscarves I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to our President for his contributions and support, his courage and leadership in this process.”

Expressing that as a ministry they prioritize the multidimensional support of early childhood education, vocational education and teacher development, Özer said they are mobilizing all kinds of opportunities to empower teachers and increase their chances.

zer recalled that they passed the Teaching Profession Act and stated that their goal is to make teachers not just teachers, but lifelong learners.

Minister Özer stated that the number of training hours per teacher was well below the OECD average at 44 hours, adding that they increased it to 94 hours.

– “We want us never to leave our teachers alone”

Referring to school-based professional development training, Özer said:

“As a ministry, we will no longer determine which schools need and what education they need. You determine the valued directors. the budget. The other is the mobility program for students and teachers to see good practices. professional associations of teachers. We want us to never leave our teachers alone. They will constantly improve themselves, that they can no longer make excuses, “I want to do, but the Ministry does not support.” We’re trying to evolve into an environment where they can’t say it. That is why we have increased the budget very significantly. While in 2021 a budget of 8.9 million lira was used for teacher training, the budget we have allocated for this year is 292 million lira, but strangely enough we cannot use the budget. Because there is no habit. “We’re in the middle of it, you can’t use money. Use it, organize training, we give you money. As long as you ask. We have no problem with the budget.”

Özer added that the seminars for teachers will continue and they will work more hours with schools and administrators.

During the seminar, the President of the Turkish Academy of Sciences (TÜBA), Prof. Dr. While Muzaffer Şeker gave a speech entitled “Educational Philosophy and Notes to School Administrators”, former minister Prof. Dr. Sami Güçlü told about the reading activities of Anadolu Mektebi, of which he was the founder.

In the program author and retired teacher Prof. Dr. Sadettin Ökten gave a seminar entitled “The Language of Our Civilization” for school administrators.

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