New Peugeot 408 (2022): first contact in VIDEO

New Peugeot 408 (2022) – In agony over more than 15 years of SUV hegemony, the sedan category is trying to reinvent itself by assigning specific codes to these famous crossovers. After Citroen C5 Xthe Stellantis group is doing it again under the Peugeot label.

In the first months of life, in 2018 we firmly believed in the success of the current Peugeot 508 which spun 180° from its predecessor, adopting a radical 4-door coupe silhouette with an aggressive design. But, After the novelty effect, sales figures quickly dry up., leaving the 3008 and other 5008 models to reap the laurels in the high-end wagon space. The renunciation that Lev may have been ready for, having begun development of the 408 project a few months before the commercial launch of his older sister.

Return of sedans?

Will toinfuse a hint of SUV DNA into “daddy’s” sedansto reverse their downward trend, so not new. However, for the French manufacturer, it was aboutavoid the trap of Volvo, which in 2015 clumsily turned its S60 sedan into an adventurer to give it the Cross Country badge that has been the joy of Swedish station wagons so far. History will remember thisnot enough to strengthen the gallant 3-volume sedan and protect their sills to reawaken the interest of the large SUV-hungry public.

Before Peugeot, Citroën was well aware of this, taking the time to finalize the design of a replacement for the Chevron C5 that disappeared in 2019 from the catalog to give birth digressive C5 X, a cross between a sedan, station wagon and fastback. Of these three categories, the new 408 avoids the second to distinguish itself from its chaste cousin, protecting much more dynamic attitudewhose slow flag drops sharply with a frowning trunk reminiscent of the stern of an Audi A7 Sportback.

From all sides Sochaux seems in the shape of a hook, even if that means he’ll pass for a character in the eyes of sensitive souls. No matter, this 408 is imposing and hopes to abuse its garnish to win back customers who have been immersed in the wave of SUVs for far too many years. And though she borrows them high ground clearancesurrounded by imposing barricades of raw plastic, he clearly claims to be a sedan, whose total height is 1.48 m, which is only two centimeters more than the Renault Talisman. Far from the 1.65m average where compact SUVs culminate.

We are convinced of this by knowing that it is closely related to the last part of 308, a compact from which he inherited the hood, front and rear lights and even the dashboard. Emancipation 408 especially runs throughtrack extension to accommodate large 720 mm wheels on the road, regardless of the size of the discs (up to 20 inches). A generous ride that contributes greatly to the lift of its plate, in addition to special running gear settings.

Beautiful and practical

To legitimize its surname 408, which is synonymous with the prestige movement, it is greatly elongated compared to its younger sister, only 4.37 m in length. To get to beautiful size 4.69 mhe had to resort to wheelbase 308 SW break (2.73 m) increased by another 5 cm. very precisely calibrate the length between the two axes of the model 508 (2.79 m). But thanks to its slightly elevated stance, the 408 outperforms it in terms of legroom, rear space, and trunk space. 522 l strongthose. 35 l is better not far from the station wagon power 508 (530 l).

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The intense stretching of the 308’s platform forced the 408 to rethink the design of the doors, and the widening of the track gives an advantagenew front fenders, more hollow to accommodate the headlights and light signatures of the compact. All around, the grille and visor also benefit from a new design to enhance its play, but obviously the aft takes on a new character with fully highlighted body elements. The fastback profile that defines it was not chosen by chance, as it was considered ideal in terms of aerodynamics.according to its developers, satisfied with the coefficient of penetration in the air, which is 0.28. And Cx is no better than that of the 5-door 308, or even worse than that of the station wagon of the same name (0.277). A little opposition, for which she especially pays her increased frontal surface inherent in its elevation.

Hybridization Award

In an effort to curb CO2 emissions, it saves onlymodest 100% internal combustion engine with 130 hplead-free, and two plug-in hybrid units combining 180 and 225 hp. In the long run, we’re hoping for a burst of pride on his part to do justice to his feline plasticity and his slightly premium position. There is no shortage of more toned PHEV options at the Stellantis organ bank that offer 250 HP on board the DS 9or 300 hp under the hood 3008. And why not imagine, sitting at the top of the lineup, the high-performance 408 Peugeot Sport Engineered stamped, inheriting 360 hp 508 of the same barrel? Nothing less confident. Conversely, it is noted that The all-electric e-408 will arrive in 2024. add a new virtuous string to your bow. An ambitious program that we hope will bring some SUV drivers back to earth to relish the forgotten pleasures of driving a sedan.

Peugeot 408 price

Launched on the market at the end of 2022, or even at the very beginning of 2023., the new Peugeot 408 will be one of the stars of the Paris Motor Show 2022 next October. An event during which he is likely to reveal his prices, with the entry level is valued at more than 30,000 euros.

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