“Observatory” exhibition open to visitors in Baksı Museum

The Observatory’s exhibition, whose opening was postponed due to the pandemic, includes past and new works by the sculptor Dinç.

During the opening ceremony, Deputy Minister Nadir Alpaslan expressed his pleasure to participate in such an event in Bayburt, the city of history and culture, and in a unique nature. Secretary of State Alpaslan stated that Bayburt was known as a center where major developments took place in the past, noting that he proved this quality with the two museums that received awards on a European scale and set a good example for Turkey.

Alpaslan noted that he visited the Baksı Museum in his Bayburt program and that both museums are truly an example to the world. Stressing that the Baksı Museum brings together many people from different regions and fields, Alpaslan said: “I congratulate Mr. Hüsamettin Koçan on this. I wish them to contribute to their success. On behalf of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, I would like to express my gratitude for this great and special work.” said.

Alpaslan stated that he congratulated Kenan Yavuz in the same way.

Alpaslan conveyed his congratulations to Osman Dinç, whom he describes as the ‘Great Master’, and continued: “He came this far and led this wonderful exhibition. As Mr Koçan also mentioned, Baksı’s leadership will hopefully make this place a cultural center and a center of attention by hosting more beautiful, important, larger and international exhibitions. The center of the arts has already become. Therefore, Hüsamettin Koçan will have fulfilled the function performed by our ministry on our behalf. I thank you for that too.”

Alpaslan pointed out that as the Ministry they will give all kinds of support to the Baksı Museum to continue similar studies, and reiterated his thanks to Koçan and Dinç for their work and contributions.


Founder of the Baksı Museum, Prof. Dr. Hüsamettin Koçan pointed out that the various difficulties encountered during the establishment of the museum gave him important experiences. Prof. Koçan said: “This project taught me that; If you go well to a place, someone won’t leave you there alone. Artists come first among those who don’t leave me alone. I must say this very clearly. It is immensely valuable to see such support behind you. That is why I came together again today with the presence of a very dear and valuable artist.” he said.

Koçan, who compared the Baksı Museum to the imece project, explained that over time they have realized very important projects in many ways.

Underlining that the projects contain extremely important suggestions for the cultural memory and the future of society, Koçan continued: “We have removed the concept of higher art and lower art here. We said there is art. Because people celebrate life through art. He does this with his own technology, whatever his knowledge is. For this reason, we did not find this hierarchy to make sense for humans. For this reason, perhaps we put it in the history of museology and art history, because celebrating people’s lives is called art.

The artist is actually someone who criticizes a little, argues a little, and asks some questions. For this reason, minor system issues can usually occur. In fact, the artist is the conscience of society. The artist is an independent, autonomous and courageous person who cherishes society and remains on the side of truth and humanity where all is silent. For this reason, I think the museum movement that Baksı started mainly in Anatolia is attracting more attention than it deserves. And if today this museum houses an extraordinary international artist like Osman Dinç, and if he also comes here and breaks the sound of the solitude of this hill here, I think the silent, deep meaning he makes here will have a deep influence on society’s culture and arts needs and will add great value to our culture. Osman is actually the artist of silence, I think so. And I think he is the philosopher of silence.”

Koçan continues his words by noting that the “Observatory” is the last of the exhibitions Baksı Museum has organized so far, but also an important first link for the future. He said he was the owner. Koçan emphasized that they always open assertive exhibitions of high artistic quality in the museum.
Sculptor Osman Dinç also stated that he shared Koçan’s opinion. Dinç stated that he kneaded himself with art in his adventure that began after the completion of his teaching life. Dinç evaluated that his work is actually a travelogue and said he continues his struggle with art.

Dinç shared his thoughts as follows: “Actually, if you pay attention, the world is a ship. A spaceship. It goes hundreds of thousands of miles. Whatever we do; the good things, the bad things stay on top of that. Such a ship; This ship is too small. Too small for humanity now. For this we will have to use this ship very well. My story; the story of how this ship can be decorated. So my story; This is the story that this can only happen with peace. My story; the beginning of a story that we can love each other. For this I salute you with love. I invite you to come and see the exhibition.”
After the speeches, the exhibition was visited. Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Nadir Alpaslan, Governor Cüneyt Epcim and Deputy Fetani Battal, sculptor Osman Dinç and Prof. Dr. He got information about the works of Hüsamettin Koçan.

The “Observatory” exhibition is open to visitors until December.

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