On July 25, there was an official presentation of the Cuneo Tourist Observatory

He is born Cuneo Tourist Observatorythe result of a memorandum of understanding signed between Visit PiemonteMarketing and regional promotion (community at home The Piedmont Region and Unioncamere for the purpose of tourism and agri-food development of the territory), Unioncamere Piedmontthe subject of merger and representation of territorial companies andATL of the Cuneo areaterritorial reference for strengthening local tourism resources, hospitality and tourist information.

Purpose of the contract is contributing to economic and social development of the “Cuneo” destination and to promotion and prosperity of the Piedmont area, with particular emphasis on tourism supply chain through marketing and promotional initiatives that increase the attractiveness of the territorial tourism product and the sustainable economic impact.

The protocol confirms the developed working model by the Piedmont Region Tourist Observatory for strategic planning of destinations and intends to support development and investments at the local level, where it is necessary to focus on the specificity of individual product areas: method of analysis has already been implemented by Langhe Monferrato Roero and recently adopted by Biellese e will enable actors of the local tourism system, via ATL, access in the coming months With a similar integrated dashboard to the adopted at the regional level: Statisticsmonitoring online reviews AND OTA dealsindicators cost AND specifications usage analysis tourists in the territory.

Come on data already processed in 2021 has already appeared as Cuneo area to have a good recovery trend was recorded in the second half of the year year. Before the pandemic, the territory was the host over 370 thousand arrivals of tourists and over 1 million 100 thousand. visitors; in 2021 there were 264 854 arrivals and 710 871 overnight stays, with an increase by 17.8% and 5.5%, respectively, compared to 2020., confirmation of the recovery begins to return to 2019 levels. Recovery confirmed by online review monitoring, from which it follows that the value of sentiment With Cuneo area in the network is equal to 89.9 / 100, an increase of +0.9 compared to the corresponding period of the previous year and higher than the value of Italy, equal to 87.2 / 100, and the value of Piedmont, equal to 88/100.

Just looking at the sector sensitivity, the increase in the number of reviews for Cuneo structures is 16.7% and indicates a revival in the use of the territory (the number of reviews is directly correlated with tourist arrivals). The sentiment tends to be more positive among users of the foreign market, 89.8 / 100 compared to 89.3 / 100 for the Italian market. The share of foreign reviews is 32.6% of the total. The 67.5% of reviews were written by Italian users; follows France at 12.5%.

After the pandemic that hit the tourism sector hard, 2021 registered its first recovery, and 2022 finally gives excellent signals: Turin airport in May saw an increase of 21%, while Cuneo Levaldigi airport from January to April recorded + 36% compared to in the same period of 2019, with over 36,000 passengers. And now the booking tiers for the summer look very good. – draws attention Beppe CarlevarisPresident of the Board of VisitPiemonte – However, the tourism market has changed: the propensity to near-distance tourism is confirmed in less known areas, with the search for large open-air spaces that favor nature-related outdoor activities. The Cuneo area has a lot to offer for this type of purpose, and learning as soon as possible the tips for changing trends, thanks to the work of a dedicated Tourist Observatory, will allow you to improve your local strategy and planning and measure the results.“.

Encouraging numbers you read in online booking monitoring and in this direction, the monitoring of offers on OTA – Online Travel Agency channels is being consolidated, which confirms the tendency to book rooms for stays close to the departure date.

From monitoring to the end May 2022 this badger saturation, that is sale / online booking of the Piedmont accommodation offer compared to the entire offer, it increased to 23.2% in June, 14.1% in July and 11.7% in August. Percentage up in relation to the monitoring indications from the previous month, where the saturation index was 14.4% for June, 9.0% for July and 8.3% for August.

For the territory ATL del Cuneese over there saturation for the month of June was equal 17.1%; down July 9.2%: higher than the region’s total value; down August equal 7%.

Contributing to the Cuneo Tourist Observatory is a source of institutional pride for us: a partnership signed with VisitPiemonte will allow us to map the territory, understand how provinces are adapting to new tourism flows, and allow us to help with marketing, strategic efforts. We have always believed that having reliable data and information on the performance of certain economic indicators is the only way to identify effective policies aimed at strengthening certain sectors as well as promoting growth. How do tourists spend? What are they investing their money in? The answers to these questions will be a way of attracting new visitors and contributing to the development of our economiesHe comments Gian Paolo Coscia, president of Unioncamere Piemonte.

“The signing of this Memorandum of Understanding means for us the implementation of a new concept of strategic planning of marketing and promotional activities in the Cuneo area – add Mauro Bernardi and Daniela Salvestrin, president and director of ATL del Cuneese – Thanks to the timely delivery of data that capture market trends with increasing accuracy and photograph with extreme precision the evolution of the tourism offer in the area of ​​our competences, we will be able to implement targeted promotional and communication activities and monitor their effectiveness step by step. An important starting point that will lead us, we hope, to further increase the attractiveness of our tourist destination ”.

Cuneo Tourist Observatory will present itself Monday 25 July then at the ATL headquarters in Cuneo, illustrating in detail the activities in progress and the first analysis and monitoring data.

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