How were energy reserves found that could not be found for decades? Here’s the question that broke the chains

I wrote the story of the Abdülhamid Han ship based on the question that broke the chains from Berat Albayrak, who was Minister of Energy until July 2018, to his colleague Fatih Dönmez at the time. 1. When purchasing the vessel ABDULHAMID Han, a condition was imposed on Turkey during the funding negotiations: “You cannot … Read more

Otomotiv Sektörü Tarihinin En Kötü Geri Çağırma Vakaları

geri çağırmalar, otomotiv endüstrisinde hayatın bir gerçeğidir. büyük otomobil ureticileri araçlarını bu tip durumlardan sakınmak için test aşamasina milyonlarca dolar harcamaktadır. bu, doğru bir yaklaşım olsa da bazı sorunlar kontrol aşamasında gözden kaçabilmektedir. bu sorunların bazıları ufak şeyler olsa da bazıları felaketle sonuçlanacak kadar önemli ve büyüktür. araç geri çağırmalar, otomobil ureticileri için büyük bir … Read more

Sila Park. The tourist information points in Lorica and Camigliatello are back in operation

COSENZA – “The The Piano dell’Acqua landfill in Scalea is an ecological bomb closed 15 years ago by the prosecutor’s office in Paola, for serious violations of the environmental law, because it is illegally fulfilled (as admitted, among others, by the mayor of Scalei in a TV broadcast last February), with highly polluting substances from … Read more

Siga os rumors and negócios of the market

Newcastle is not just an English club in English and Gonçalo Ramos Rodrigo Querido | has 16 hours Gonçalo Ramos is alvo de muita cobiça neste mercado de transferências. O jogador português faith apontado ao Newcastle, mas tem mais equipas inglesas no seu encalce. The port of Saiba whose, whose. OFFICIAL: Willian terminates the contract … Read more

Peach Puzzle: 2 on the branch, 15.90 TL on the market

Tepeköy peach, which has become a brand in recent years, in the central Mezitli district of Mezitli, which has a plateau feature on the edges of the central Taurus mountains, is sold by the producer for 2 lira, while finding buyers on the market shelves for 15.90 TL. In fact, on the Fındıkpınarı plateau, which … Read more

RAM 1500 TRX (2022): Predator

The Ford F-150 is to the US market what the Renault Clio is to the French market, or the Golf to the German market. Not in terms of size, of course, but in terms of commercial success. For almost half a century, a large (at least by our standards) pickup truck has been the undisputed … Read more

connection within everyone’s reach

Going on vacation does not have to mean forgetting about good practices and the possibility of relieving our worn-out ecosystem, which is tourism. Here’s what you can do to make sure you have a green vacation! Even if we don’t think about it, and we always talk too little about it, among the many things … Read more

Siga os rumors and negócios of the market

Oh last for Frenkie de Jong Rodrigo Querido | has 16 hours Frenkie de Jong faith encostado to parede pelos responsáveis ​​do Barcelona and tudo por cause do salário que ganha na Catalunha. Saiba but whose, whose. OFFICIAL: PSG sells the promises of jovem ao ao Rennes Rodrigo Querido | has 16 hours O Rennes … Read more