People hug people, Bircan!

My dear friend Bircan,

I apologize to you. As soon as I became aware of this sad event, which should be considered everyone’s duty, I realized that in order to protect the nation and the state, who knows, maybe we can bring out the devil in you and present you to society in the form of a patient. electro-shocked psychoneurotic, with the hope that we will introduce him to the community. It’s a good economy to take them to your house. We can consider a kind of exorcist in the service of God, that is, the prison system. Wouldn’t the F-Type Exorcist be a good sequel? Just as she was about to play with the T-Type, the devil inside the girl suddenly explodes and screams, “Death to the terrorists!” saying, pulling out the daggers stuck in his ears…

We yearn for each other, but in the end, you will continue your life as a person who is loyal to your country, nation and most importantly, to your state and does not bother your elders. Our minds will be replaced by this second-hand spirit that’s been in everyone for a few centuries, and we’ll finally try to sleep together in the lights, and the light will enter our eyes, we won’t be able to sleep. However, the possibility exists that some of us, whose constitutions were created without valid adaptability, may leave without knowing the sweet complacency that can be enjoyed by those who, participating in the evil of the environment, get lost in the heart of the spirit. most cruel. This sweet promise of complacency leads even the most contradictory, the one who cannot give way to complacency by being pushed, to find a majority and enter its bosom. The boundaries of each breast of the majority are drawn by the walls behind which dispossessed minorities are pushed. He sets out to destroy the minority on the border who still find their place narrow. No, I’m not talking about coveting someone else’s land…

This time I decided to write to you here. People should call their loved ones in as many ways as they can, taking advantage of every opportunity.

I actually had a more ambitious attempt, but it failed. I had planned to take a big print out and hang it from the top of the skyscraper. If I shake off the bridge or from a place the state deems -which is no good!- I would like to say hi to my friend, suddenly I was thrown in front of the judges in charge of the disgrace of the law worlds – justice, nonsense, lack of shame, lack of stomach and lack of scruples. That’s why this option was closed from the beginning.

So I thought I’d try the private sector. I planned to climb to the top of one of the malls and stick my letter with adhesive on one of the glass surfaces that turned skyscrapers into giant mirrors designed to catch the eyes of passersby. Since the economy, as you know, is a non-political business, I was hoping my action wouldn’t look political. Politics is not done in the “business center”, business is done. With its crumbling on its land, contest, construction and current use, it never resembles a party building, but rather a temple. So, as with every temple, there are semi-sacred personalities who can use it as their home, and there are shy common people who come to worship and visit. The “business,” for all its sanctity, is too high for politics to reach. So when the generals, who beat politics from the top down, retired, they attended board meetings on the upper floors of malls and received attendance fees.

As you can imagine, going to the upper floors where the heart of business life is beating, your soul is in turmoil, your mind is playing and your mind is mixed up, is not for ordinary people. Elevators are plentiful, but not all go everywhere. The staff, who know which one is going to take where, so they can look at you with disdain, will surely follow you, turn around, walk away, you run after them. The moment you enter the skyscraper door, you are a creature that can no longer move on its own. Even if you risk everything and manage to get into the elevator alone, under the menacing gaze of the handsome guards, you won’t know if you’ll make it to the floor you pressed. The keys you press don’t bother you either. Just like the busy people you meet in hallways where you never know where to start and where they will behave if you accidentally get into one of the business centers. They pass without looking. Because they don’t see a face or a head or a heart there. It’s not their fault. They cannot detect and ignore them. They internalize it after a while. Isn’t economics the art of ignoring anyway?

Not seeing anyone passing in the hallway is also a kind of art, Bircan, people don’t hug each other in public!

Those of us who are not in the business world and have been highly educated in government bodies about being ignored find this art flourishing when we enter the business centers, if only once every forty years. Life is complicated, complicated. You cannot choose and learn. Politicians are also adept at making us believe that the economy is our business, and we are easily deceived. They just hug everyone out of nowhere. They shake hands with those waiting in line, kiss their cheeks and hug everyone evenly. Watching them, you get the feeling that it would be better if no one hugged anyone.

From BirGün to Rıfat Kırcı in April of this year about you being tried with 3,530 pages of cruelty, while you were away from us for eighteen months, without a single evidence of a crime, but called an indictment without being embarrassed and bored by powerful people in suits or suits, with thirty-eight life sentences. “I don’t remember many cases where so much illegality was done so blatantly. Of course, as we all know, there is also the Gezi case. The same lawlessness and irregularities are still there as well.” What a shame! Isn’t this unfair to Turkish Justice? Two processes? It’s a shame to ignore the efforts of so many service crew. You don’t just hug him for it, you speak publicly, Bircan, so adore it!

When answering the journalist’s questions, you complained that the open view was limited to 30 minutes and two people: “There is no opportunity for socialization, there is no activity, there is no education. The opportunity to meet in person with our attorneys is not yet available. We cannot even get together to read the documents belonging to our archives.” What will happen is clear here. It’s “Socialization”!

It’s not just that: “What you call a prison is a system where everything is built on deprivation. Sometimes even something that seems so simple can create a great longing. Walking hundreds of meters without interruption, being able to see the sky without being limited by walls, smelling a flower, having a long conversation with my family and friends around a large table, hugging my niece Deniz Aras, watching the theater, to carve wood ,

Crossing the Bosphorus by ferry in Istanbul,

I miss walking on Istiklal Street.” Oh, it wasn’t enough, you also added: “There are a lot more things I miss.”

But here we are, slowly approaching the crime scene: “The only thing that will make this situation easier is people. (…) From the first day I was arrested, my family and friends never left me alone. For my family, this is something completely new. They understand very well the reason for this situation, I am proud of them. I hope you’re proud of me too. My friends’ interest was also intense enough to affect everyone. They became my outer hand, arm and eye. (…) my relationship with my ward friends Pervin and Meryem is also very valuable. We support each other.”

If you are, why do you hold in public and hug Pervin Oduncu’s mother and sisters? I think you said hi and shook someone’s hand before. A disciplinary inquiry was opened against him. Of course they open. What does it mean to hug someone else’s mother or sister? Our values ​​don’t pay off. What if the country is divided at that moment, if something happens? What if you stand on the other side, hugged like this? I think Dilek Yagli, who was being held there, also committed a similar crime; He greeted Ayla Akat’s visitor. so a month “ban on joint events” was made. HDP co-chair Meral Danış Beştaş according to your tweet, “Everyone who greets besides spectators in the open view is on the disciplinary committee with the allegation of group activity.” Okay, obviously everyone went off the rails, it is obvious that no one cares about the division of the motherland and the danger of the prayer we hear from the speakers whose volume has been turned up one and a half times lately.

Last year, you also made mass halay. Worse crime than greeting someone other than the interviewer. First of all, it’s a crime to be mass. Pull them one by one into separate corners. It is obvious that someone – external forces? – is forcing you to do this. There’s a folk song called “We took you by the shoulder, we made you our aunt”. Who’s holding? Where do you add? Everything is out there. So no one will participate if they don’t. They should write these accusations for people like me who can see these subtleties instead of doing this nonsense.

On this halay issue alone, the prison administration “singing anthem or shouting slogans unnecessarily”The court did not consider the sentences handed down by the court to be appropriate and, following your complaint, found your objection justified and canceled it. Okay, why are you pulling a halay? Hand in hand, people don’t feel alone, always sinister things… Whoever holds hands today will hug him tomorrow. This is how our young people are drawn into crime!

The judge explained: “…the words that the condemned and detainees pronounce as slogans and the content of the slogans are not clearly expressed, (…) they do it to celebrate something, they sang songs for entertainment, unnecessarily They did not accept the act of singing an anthem and shouting command words. Contrary to the defense of the inmates who complained about these reasons, there were inmates and detainees who were in quarantine and in a single room on the day of the incident, and how and how these convicts participated in the protest despite remaining in quarantine and in a single room not was explained. There is not enough evidence and statements within the scope of the file that they said the words in the program attached to the report, and the actions of those who complained ‘singing hymns unnecessarily or shouting slogans’ are not corrected…”

So, Bircan, I’m going to say that holding hands, singing together, even if it’s not to celebrate, but for fun, shaking hands, shaking hands, hugging them… are not good things. Think about it, what if we tried to do this not just in prison, but outside as well? What if everyone held hands and danced halay, everyone shook hands and hugged each other? How is this place? How do those in power manage us without hurting each other? How does this state survive?

Please control yourself a little. You are great people. Ha, greetings, my love, he is different!..

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