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While last-minute developments on hazelnut prices were closely watched, all eyes were focused on President Erdogan’s statement to be made over the weekend.

Preparations for the new season are starting in Turkey, the largest hazelnut producing country in the world. In hazelnut-producing provinces, hazelnut shifts will be held in the orchards from early August to September. In this context, the Hazelnut Yield Detection Commission concluded its work in the provinces to estimate the yield of the new crop. The commission’s studies involving private, public, university, commercial and agricultural actors from the provinces are carried out in the form of cotanak hazelnut counting.


Thus, with the data obtained by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, a productivity of 765 tons is calculated in the 2022 harvest. It is stated that this level, which all segments consider realistic, is affected by the losses suffered in some producing provinces due to to climatic conditions, and by increasing productivity in others. In the past harvest, the productivity estimate was made at the level of 667 thousand tons, and it was reported that the realization rate approached 800 thousand tons. Last season, the Turkish Grain Board (TMO) purchase price was applied at 30 lire per kilo with the support payment. Hazelnut growers expect the base price to be 60 lire, with the expectation that rapidly rising production costs, increasing interest in walnuts worldwide and markets will be based in Turkey. Producers, who want this price to be applied as 3.5 dollars, which is the hazelnut export price, point out that it must be indexed from now on to the sale price.


The hazelnut harvest begins in August. It is stated that the ripening period can change by a week due to the cold weather. President Tayyip Erdogan announced the price of hazelnuts on August 11 of last season. Erdogan also gave information about the date of the announcement of hazelnut prices in the live stream he watched the night before: “I’m going to Ordu for the weekend. The expectation of everyone there is ‘I wonder what the prices of hazelnuts will be?’ We’ll explain, of course. Where there are hazelnuts, the season has come. We will never make that statement and we will crush all hazelnut growers to inflation,” he said.

No new products have been downloaded to the hazelnut exchanges yet, but it is seen that the final prices are made from transactions at the level of 40-42 lira.



According to Milliyet’s Duygu Erdogan news; The biggest contribution to Turkey’s hazelnut harvest this year comes from Ordu. It is estimated that there will be an excess of 60,000 tonnes of production across the province. Atakan Akça, president of the Altınordu Chamber of Agriculture, said that yield and quality have increased due to the fact that those who cannot do their gardening jobs in the city due to the pandemic take care of themselves and those who spend time in their villages. take care of their gardens. Noting that the need for a national policy on hazelnuts continues, Akça said: “We need to generate a much better income from hazelnuts, much of which is exported. In determining world markets, we must also bring income to the producer. In this respect, a fixed price must be determined on the selling price of hazelnuts. This sale price is $3.5 today,” he said.

The president of the Macka Chamber of Agriculture, Ogün Oğuz, stated that the required price must be 60 TL so that the consumer does not suffer from the increase in the costs of inputs and said: “In some regions of the hazelnut producing provinces, there were losses due to to climate, while in others there were increases. Also, due to the cold weather, the harvest fell for a week or ten days. In general, we see that the harvest will start from August 10th. Producer costs are obvious. The price that must be formed with a simple calculation is 60 lire. It’s what we hope for,” he said.



Emphasizing that hazelnut is Turkey’s most important product with the income it provides, agricultural writer Ali Ekber Yıldırım pointed out that the product cannot be valued with sufficient added value in world markets. Yıldırım said: “We cannot say enough about our most important product in the world in this environment where we always discuss yield and price as controversial. The biggest buyers and exporters of hazelnuts and the producer are constantly confronted with the question that needs to be faced by the axis of costs and world markets. Now we must focus on pricing correctly in terms of sustainable costs, then creating the hazelnut strategy and generating more revenue,” he said.


Assessing the situation in world markets, hazelnut broker Osman Çakmak said the drought in Italy will cause yield losses. Çakmak stated that there was talk of crop loss in the country by half, and that it was thought that America and Chile had increased their production. Çakmak said: “Actually, based on this perception, there is a tendency to block demand in the world. In other words, importing countries will think, ‘We can buy hazelnuts from the country we want anyway.’ This will make it difficult for Turkey to determine the market. However, this is just a perception. There is very little stock in the hazelnut world. He will live out his golden years. The world market is in our hands, but we cannot use it for our own benefit. This year, we must show that they cannot do this perception work with smart policy.”



The purchase price of hazelnuts is generally kept close to the price on world markets. In this context, 3 dollars and 3 dollars and 10 cents are generally taken as a basis. Last year the price was 3 dollars and 10 cents. The producers claim that they are talking about a price of 55 lire, which is equivalent to 3.1 dollars, behind the scenes.


The wages of the workers who will work in the hazelnut harvest in Giresun have been determined. According to the decision taken as a result of the meeting held in the Government of Giresun, workers will be paid 215 lire a day if the food comes from the employer, and 245 lire a day if the food comes from the workers, irrespective of age and gender. The hourly wage of the pulp machine used in the sorting business was set at 800 lire.

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