Putin Withdraws His Natural Gas Gun – Latest News

The Kremlin, which had a hard time getting what it wanted due to arms aid provided by Western countries to the Kyiv government in the Ukraine war, pulled the natural gas weapon to Europe. The Putin government, which wanted to collapse the German economy, reduced shipments to this country to 20%.


Russian state-owned Gazprom announced that as of midnight on July 27, only 20% of the gas will be pumped to Germany via the “North Stream-1” pipeline. While this decision by Russia alarmed European Union (EU) countries, energy experts in Russia began to say good-naturedly: “Moscow will only give Europe enough gas to fill lighters until the Ukraine crisis is resolved from now on.” from now”. It is estimated that Russia’s use of natural gas weapons will lead to a severe economic recession in all EU countries, especially the German economy.


As Moscow fought a gas war in Europe, it also cited Western sanctions as a reason for its decision. The giant German turbine Siemens, which was pumping gas into the pipeline, was sent to the Siemens plant in Canada for repair and maintenance by the company Gazprom as part of the economic sanctions that the EU began to apply to Russia about two months ago. Moscow took the first step last month, reducing gas shipments to Europe by around 40% as the repaired turbine was hit by sanctions and could not return to Russia.



When the first alarm sounded, it was decided to return the turbine, which was maintained by the Siemens company, to Russia. So the turbine, which pumped natural gas into the pipeline two days ago, was returned to Russia with a certificate. However, Moscow declared the turbine return certificate insufficient. Russia has also announced that it will reduce shipment by 20% as the second Siemens turbine used in the ‘North Stream-1’ pipeline is out of service. On the other hand, Austria nationalized the Haydah underground gas warehouse belonging to Gazprom in the country. He assigned the task of winterizing this warehouse to RAG Austria AG.

ZELENSKI: DON’T give in.

Russia’s severe restrictions on natural gas shipments to Europe have created a bombshell effect in Europe. The price of 1,000 cubic meters of natural gas on the European gas market exceeded 2,000 dollars in just a few hours. Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky also urged Western countries to “don’t bow to Putin” in the face of the energy crisis. Zelensky said: “The EU should immediately declare more extensive sanctions on Russia. It should also increase its arms aid to Ukraine,” he said.



It was also said that Moscow is aiming for the collapse of the German economy, with Russia reducing the daily amount of natural gas it sends to Germany from 67 million cubic meters to 33 million cubic meters. In the Kremlin, it is estimated that the recession that will begin in the economy of Germany, the locomotive country of the European Union, will be reflected in the other EU countries and cause separations.


The Russian natural gas problem makes certain measures inevitable. Some countries have already started to act:

1- NUCLEAR AND COAL ARE IN VOTE: As EU countries try to fill the gap created by cutting Russian natural gas, the emerging picture shows that nuclear output could slow. More use of oil and coal, if needed, is also on the agenda.


2- FRANCE WILL PUNISH: France began to implement austerity measures. Electric billboards are prohibited between 01:00 and 06:00 h. Stores will also be prohibited from keeping their doors open while their air conditioning or heating systems are running. Anyone who does not comply with the ban can be fined up to 750 Euros (13,560 TL).

3- PUBLIC SAVINGS: Within the framework of savings measures, it is intended to set an example especially for industry and the public sector. In public buildings, heating is considered to be used when the ambient temperature drops to 19 degrees, and air conditioning is only used when the ambient temperature reaches 26 degrees. It is also on the agenda to completely turn off unused electrical appliances and not light buildings at night.


4- PEOPLE ALSO HAVE DUTIES: Although savings measures are expected to have an impact on the latter individuals, there are also expectations on their part. Adjusting the heat in homes with the logic of the economy is one of them.

5- THE ELDERLY GO TO THE SOUTH: One of the most interesting economic proposals has come from Germany in recent months. Marija Linnhoff, president of the Association of Travel Agents (VUSR), recommended that German retirees spend every cold month in southern countries.

Putin pulls out a gas gun

EU badly agreed against RUSSIA

European Union countries, which are trying to take steps to avoid difficulties in the event that Russia, which uses natural gas as a pressure factor, suffers a significant or complete outage in the winter months, agreed to a 15% cut voluntarily. . Although the European Commission’s proposal is watered down with exemptions and deviations, Brussels thinks the consensus reached is a “message of unity” against Russia. It is already under discussion whether the savings target of 45 billion cubic meters can be achieved with the exemptions granted to some member states. The mechanism proposed by the Commission, which would make the deduction mandatory if necessary, was also hampered by taking into account the interests of member states.

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