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Food and Travel, a new study by the Nestlé Observatory




The holiday as a chance to escape from everyday life has lost its attractiveness. You can find out in a recent study by the Nestlé Observatory, which compares the holidays of 2022 to those of 2018, highlighting a new desire – which seems more necessary four years later – for good food.

According to the expert, a meal on vacation was a feast time, where dialogue and a positive vision of life and the future met. Today the poll draws a more cautious attempt that perhaps even at the table contradicts the “taste” of surprise.

Milan, July 26, 2022

The choice of each trip has more or less deep psychological motivations, but we all inevitably, after returning, talk for days with amazement about how good this dish or this combination of flavors was, how much or not we have appreciated the culinary customs of other regions or other countries. Is this really the most important aspect of our 2022 holiday? How have we changed in recent years?

Demanding but gourmets, experimenters but with cautionthis is a picture of Italians on vacation. To find out if there is a new study “Food and Travel”[i] Nestlé Observatory who explored the new meanings attributed by Italians to their holidays and food, which takes on fundamental value during holidays, comparing today’s results with those obtained by previous survey from 2018[ii].

Four years ago, we asked a vacation to relax (79%), have fun (61%) and new flirting (24%), while the culinary experience was the staple of 39% of Italians. In 2022, the axis has definitely shifted. More mature, smarter or more greedy? What is certain is that the last few years have changed us, and here it seems a bit less important for relaxation (71%), even fun has no such charm (56%), AND finding new loves is way beyond our imagination (10%).

Today it seems to be on the rise the importance we attach to gastronomic experiences (52%) from which our transformation shines through with data that, deepening in detail, reserve us further astonishment in attitudes. And that means we love less experimenting and trying everything (42%) compared to 2018, when “gastronomic” curiosity dominated (59%). And again in 2022, we love to try only foods (and flavors) that are not much different from the usual (40%), while in 2018 the percentage was lower (28%), indicating a greater sense of adventure. When we didn’t even become then quieter, with 18% of Italians now saying that they only eat what they know while on vacation, compared to 13% in 2018.

So the good times, old? Not completely. There is a need for a balance between reassuring peace and the craving for new stimuli and the fear of discovery and amazement. Perhaps to reduce the new sources of stress to which the recent period has exposed us. In short, there is no great escape from everyday life.

Dr. Giuseppe Fatati, president of the Nestlé Observatory commented: “The Mediterranean culture of the meal answers three specific questions: what to eat, how to eat and with whom to eat. The meal has always been the moment of the meeting, especially on vacation; the feast embodies the ideal of community, dialogue, as well as a positive vision of life and the future. Our study draws a smarter sample, but also perhaps a sadder one. “

Even the desire to try different flavors does not play a fundamental role: ranking Countries according to which Italians expect healthier and tastier food remained unchanged and sees okay as in 2018, Spain, Greece and France. But something starts to change. Portugal, seen as one of the cornerstones of taste, fell from 35% in 2018 to 23% in 2022 and vice versa We are rediscovering unthinkable countries and tastes, with a clear revival in Switzerland With 20% vs 8% in 2018 and Scandinavian countries With 25% compared to 17% in 2018.

When we stay in Italy the situation changes again with regard to the upward trend, but not pole position what else is up to Sicily with a growing percentage (40% in 2018 as compared to 47% in 2022), Tuscany is also growing (19% in 2018 and 25% in 2022) and Apulia (31% in 2018 compared to 36% in 2022). To keep an eye on the trend of the two northern regions, Piedmont it grows in taste perception from 6% in 2018 to 11% in 2022, e Lombardywhose specialties are slowly breaking through, at least on vacation, in the general imagination, improving from 6% in 2018 to 9% in 2022.

At the end, a real surprise about Molisegood-naturedly mistreated on social media and which in 2018 did not even appear among the regions considered by Italians as their specialtieswhen he was awarded an unambiguous 0%, and which this year will arouse new culinary interest for 7%. A fact that gives hope for a beginning, and even for discovery.

The fairies conclude: It cannot be denied that the customs of Italians have changed. The long distances recommended and immediately contributed to the new behavior, leading us to change our relationship with food and vacation. ”

Each month, the Nestlé Observatory releases new studies that analyze a variety of topics, such as the recent Food and Travel which explores the eating habits and lifestyle of Italians.

Materials and studies developed by the Nestlé Observatory in recent years can be viewed in the dedicated section on the Nestlé Italy website.

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[i] Nestlé Observatory Food and Travel 2022, a study commissioned by Nestlé in Toluna on 1,000 people aged 18 to 64 representing the Italian population.

[ii] Nestlé Observatory ‘Food and Travel 2018’, a study commissioned by Nestlé in Toluna on a sample of 1,000 people aged 18 to 64 representing the Italian population.


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