Ring arrives, Badji, Tolu and Mendy are candidates for the start

After the first training session at Amiens SC this Thursday morning, Philippe Hinschberger gave an interview to the 11 Amiens to discuss the recovery but also and above all the transfer window of his team. In the wake of Mateo Pavlovic’s farewell, Picard’s club welcomes Sebastien Ring while three holders are still at the start. Maintenance.

Philippe, finally serious things are starting again …

It’s nice to find the reasons. We have had a whole battery of tests since Monday, with a lot of things to do, Amiens SC being a serious club that leaves nothing to chance. We technicians are delighted to find the magnificent grounds of the training center. We had excellent conditions for this first session, which was a fairly simple session of racing and individual technical work. We will work like this until Saturday and we will start to really get to the heart of the matter on Monday during the internship.

It is a bit like that. Until Saturday, we double the training on Thursday and Friday, then we have a session on Saturday morning. That’s five training sessions in three days, you will rock your bodies a little when you stop exercising for several weeks. We will also touch the ball, we will do conservation and not just juggle.

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How did you find your group athletically? Let’s imagine with somewhat disparate formal states …

Yet. There are also players who support the stop due to the truce more or less well. Now, we identify each other so much and even the states of form are different throughout the season. Subsequently, in the first two weeks, the athletic work done is not necessarily that appreciated by the players. We are on two or four minutes, times that seem short for mere mortals, but for a footballer to run two minutes in a row is really giving himself money. With the tools available today, we make fewer mistakes than we did fifteen years ago.

All this with a small group, which was your first wish for this new season …

This was the desired timetable. I talked about it in March, I was heard by the club, also knowing that we have integrated four players from the training center (note: the injured Henri Dupays is currently being treated). So we broke up on the roadside, it’s tough but it’s the best choice for a good trade. The club and I will get along better and this is no insult to anyone who is not here today.

Among the absent is Harouna Sy who is about to end up in his place a reinforcement …

Yes, we have recruited a left side (note: Sebastien Ring), who will be our incumbent a priori. We also have Mattheo Xantippe who has extended and joined Kassoum Ouattara in the group, there were too many people in the group for this position. We wanted Harouna to find a way out, will it happen? They have the market in their hands and we will see how it goes at the end of the course. For the time being, we have developed a roadmap and we are sticking to it.

When should Sebastien Ring join the group?

He is expected this afternoon, normally he has to sign the contract this afternoon (note: now it is official). He is a guy who has already played at a certain level, who has an interesting maturity at 26-27 years. He is a player who has a good left, who can occupy the whole left lane, I think he can also play in the middle. He is a similar profile to Mattheo Xantippe with a little more power and speed.

In the direction of the departures you have lost Mateo Pavlovic …

We realized early enough at the end of last season that he was looking for a new project. He is a 32 year old boy, who is on his way home, who has definitely made a good contract. We had already anticipated his departure with the arrival of Barry. Nicholas (Opoku) must also be our base defender along with Mamadou Fofana and little Barry if we start with a three-man defense.

You haven’t mentioned Formose Mendy, so does that mean you’re not going to work with him?

Today we have three outgoing players, which the club also wants to sell to enter financial operations. We know that Formosas, Aliou and possibly Tolu are people who are likely to leave. I have integrated it well and in general we have scheduled the substitutes but we do not know when they will leave. You have to find a buyer at the right price, it’s not nice to train people who can leave at any time. There can’t be six or seven. Formosa is kind of our key player to start with who can also unlock a lot of things. With a sale, the club will be a little quieter at this level. In any case, it is the speech of the president.

You lose your captain and find yourself in a situation similar to last year …

Indeed, during the preparation we could proceed to a rotating cuff. We will see how to manage it.

Are Chadrac Akolo and Mamadou Fofana entitled to staggered payback for their presence in the selection?

That’s all. They played until June 9th, so they were given an extra week. They will be there on Sunday to go training.

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