Seed, culture, politics and football

2022.04.08 04:00


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Everything started with processing the seed in the soil and obtaining a product.

Do not miss the seed… It is the first raw material of the understanding that led man to discover the notion of private property and to rise to this day.

The main reason for the transition from a hunter-gatherer society to an agricultural society is that by plowing the land, it helps people living in a mobile life to acquire the concept of private property, to acquire the concept of private property, to life cooperation between men and women to bring gender inequality into the division of labor and create class differences. It was the starting point for the coming races.

As you can see, it was a change and a differentiation.

Of course, the disorganization and division in the cultural codes of the mobilized clan life also changed the culture and turned it into a theoretical structure.

Here, as a result of this process that started with change, the changing culture was used to explain the breeding process of animals and products. In other words, it was used to describe established activities specific to the field of agriculture, interpreting and exposing all the differences that arise as a result of cultivating and producing culture.

After the process until the early 1800s, culture was used to express the development processes of people and societies, their interactions with events and phenomena, their lifestyles and the changes and gains they achieved in the process. In this context, culture has become global with its historical, geographical and social features.

The effects of this societal change have led to new titles and concepts reflecting the effects of the arguments used in the process. The concept of popular culture was one of these titles. Popular culture is a concept that accepts the design of human patterns of behavior, the capacity to change events, as well as the design and vigor of social, ideological and economic conditions.

Popular culture is a way of taking a point of view that creates and masses a number of practices as a result of the interactions of social groups in life. In political terms, it is possible to define societies as a culture under the influence of governments. It can be said that popular culture encompasses the practices that influence the political and commercial spheres as well as the social beliefs and practices that are formed with traditional allegiances.

Football is one of the topics that has taken its place in popular culture. It also contains various myths and rumors about the rise of the game, played by different societies in different formats, in investigations into the historical depth of football.

Despite everything, football is one of the sports with the highest viewership in the world. After the industrial revolution, it became a rules game, starting in England and reaching its current format. The game arose when the bourgeois found a profession for the working class to support the capitalist mode of production in its social dimension.

At present, of course, football makes it a useful tool if its power of social influence is not preserved. For example, in terms of popularity and appeal to a large number of people, football is within the sphere of influence of politics. We can interpret this as using sport to redesign power politics and capitalist relations of production.

Football has become a product of the cultural industry that can generate capital accumulation. For this reason, it has attracted every structure, from politics to the mafia, from communities to ethnic diasporas, to all interest groups.

With the political change in the country after the coup of September 12, 1980, a new society began to be designed in accordance with official policies, depending on the will of the coup government. Politics would be erased from the literature of the new youth, which would replace youth in political conflict and violence before the revolution, and it would be transformed into an apolitical structure and tried to be oriented towards a life that tried to be designed with a new format.

With the coup of 1980, cultural instruments began to be used as a means of legitimizing apolitical ideology. However, over time, the popularity of these products in society caused those in power to take an interest, and sports came under the hegemony of politics. Of course, football, which is at the forefront of these instruments, inevitably emerged as one of the fields where this hegemony was produced.

Football is not just football with a commonly used definition. It would be a great weakness to see it as a recreation area that sees it only as entertainment and leisure. American football; It is a series of organized activities aimed at producing the economic, political, ideological and above all cultural goals of capitalism. Football, being a social foundation, also allows the system/politics to influence the masses more easily with the result that the masses are divided.

Thanks to Kenan Evren’s transfer from Ankaragücü to the 1st league because they won the Turkish Cup while in the 2nd league, and Turgut Özal’s option to lift relegation, which was the easiest to implement, they both split the crowd and showed the patronage of politics over football This is also a test against society.

It all started thanks to these two moves.

As a result of the increase in broadcast revenues, sponsorship and match day revenues thanks to the digital platform, the power struggle at football clubs has increased sharply in recent years. Thanks to the items I mentioned above, the excess income in football clubs, the need to intertwine football with politics and the media, despite the difficulties and risks of managing a football club in real terms, the desire to participate in the managerial staff of many unqualified people in the field of football and management has increased.

The usage process, which started with Kenan Evren and Turgut Özal, was almost institutionalized by Mesut Yılmaz and Mehmet Ağar, creating a deep structure in football. The continuation of this institutional deep structure and the effect of its power mean that today we are witnessing a power struggle under the same conditions.

The interesting thing that has happened in the current power struggle that we are witnessing is that both groups are trying to take advantage of the same political power. This power struggle; The struggle of the Göksel Gümüşdağ and Fatih Terim group, and the Black Sea diaspora, including the President of Beşiktaş, Ahmet Nur Çebi, over the TFF, which was formed over the ethnic identity of Rize and Trabzon, as stated by Tahir Kıran, President of Caykur Rizespor.

The only reason politicians and presidents are deeply interested in football is not to ensure the stability of football by creating the conditions necessary for success. Thanks to the power of football’s role in everyday life, politicians and presidents who realize its impact and importance to society are taking advantage of this situation and turning football into a useful propaganda tool. Club presidents, who want to take advantage of the economic, social and political power of the politicians, preferred the way of profiting from politics through the mutual interest relationship. Because clubs choose to take full advantage of the opportunities they have by using politics in many areas such as finding money, making money transfers, getting money from public banks, building stadiums and facilities and tax amnesty .

The federation, the institutional field of politics in the use of football, naturally lagged behind developments and changes under the influence of politics and instead of institutionalizing it became dependent on the political institution for lasting success and stability. The profiles of all elected federation presidents were determined by their influence in political relations rather than by their equipment in sport. While 90 percent of the Federation General Assembly is made up of club representatives, the fact that they put their own will aside and dictated profiles choose clearly demonstrates the process.

If the Football Association is autonomous, it must stay away from political conflict and not come under the influence of any political party or government. The federation’s autonomy should not be limited to paper. In order to institutionalize its autonomous structure, the political government must respect and protect the autonomous structure of the federation. The job of politics is to create opportunities to compete in the global arena by producing the right policies.

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