Short and short range. Politicians’ holidays (warped by the vote) are held today in Italy

Same destination (Engadin), election news light years away. Summer vacation Beppe Sala and Attilio Fontana open the match on social media. – Do you prefer Draghi’s credibility or useless propositions like Bridge over the Strait? the mayor begins. And the governor, when publishing the telescope photo, observes “a united and tight center-right, with a solid model of government, and in the center-left only so much confusion, quarrels and false accusations against an opponent, without a hint of program.”

A short or incomplete vacation between the family and the party. An earlier vote on September 25 thwarted the vacation plans of politicians who postponed flights or shortened distances. Sala continues three full weeks outside of Milan. Before leaving with his partner Chiara Bazoli for a week to the Engadine – from there they will move first to Formentera and then to the mayor’s house in Liguria – he stopped at a fashionable hairdresser in Porta Venezia “Smith & co” for a “summer cut” like he wrote on Instagram with a bit of self-irony (in the background the song by Niccolò Fabi “Hair” about who “wears long hair by choice”). In his absence, the fate of Palazzo Marino rests in the hands of the “August mayor”, deputy Anna Scavuzzo, who already at the end of July “recharged” on the Greek island of Paros with her granddaughters and in the cool of the South. Tyrol, on Lake Carezza.

Holidays between Engadina and Forte dei Marmi for Fontana, Deputy and Social Welfare Councilor Letizia Moratti, instead resting on the island of Elba. As in the last four years, August president is the councilor of the Northern League, Stefano Bolognini, who has already left for a week in Milano Marittima (this time without his friend and leader Matteo Salvini). A mountain for the regional councilor Fdi Riccardo De Corato, Monday to August 15 in Valtellina, Campodolcino near Madesimo. I am waiting for a possible party call to sign documents for a place on the Politics list. Same opportunity for Forza Italia regional councilor Giulio Gallera, who in the meantime spends his holidays in Santa Margherita, among the many people from Milan and Lombardy, to campaign (also). For the new FI councilor at the House of Alan Rizzi, a bit by the sea in Versilia, in Marina di Pietrasanta. “Lots of campaigns and a few vacations” for regional group leader and Councilor Forza Italia Gianluca Comazzi, who is now on Elba after his first stop in Liguria. Only ten days of stopping also for the regional councilor Lega Massimiliano Bastoni, in his house in Arenzano, Liguria, with stops on the French Riviera.

A very much done Italy vacation for politicians from Palazzo Marino, the only (so far) posting exotic photos on social media between volcanoes and temples on Java and the beaches of Bali is Sports Councilor Martina Riva. For his fellow security officer Marco Granelli, two weeks with his wife and the inevitable bicycle in Rimini, he will return to Milan for Ferragosto’s traditional visit to the local police station. Councilor of the House of Pierfrancesco Maran, another one waiting to be informed whether he will be able to run for the Democratic Party to the Chamber, returns from Tuscany and on August 14 will join the holidays in the Dolomites during the presentation of his book “Visible Cities” at the festival “Unit of Pus” in the commune Ponte delle Alpi.

Same beach, same sea for North League councilor Silvia Sardone never betrays “Pension Tosca” in Cattolica, “even if the election campaign also works from here,” she admits. And from the 15th, it will be operating in Milan, because the party organized the “League opened in August” campaign. North League teammate Samuele Piscina will travel to Greece in the middle two weeks (“when Milan is more deserted”). “Absolutely Italian” holiday in Sicily for the group leader Alessandro Verri, who will visit “Lombardy” with the Lega Giovani motorhome after mid-August. And a holiday in a beautiful country “with the whole family, grandparents, uncles and nephews” on the shores of Ferrara and Campomarino, in Molise, for the North League player Deborah Giovanati.

The leader of the Forza Italia group, Alessandro De Chirico, landed yesterday in Calabria, the destination of Cirò (“excellent cuisine, delicious wine, sea with a blue flag”) and will return to Milan on 18 “to support the organizational phase of the election campaign”. Councilor Fi Marco Bestetti (also among the candidates for the race for Parliament) hangs up for only a few days and stays a few kilometers from Milan, between Liguria and Valle d’Aosta.

Vacation (several) between 5 Terre and Piani Resinelli, above Lecco, for FdI group leader Riccardo Truppo (“sea, mountains and many election banquets, let’s warm up the engines for politics”), colleague Andrea Mascaretti also devotes himself to archaeological visits, breaks in eating and a lot of sport (“as long as I can parachute so as not to lose my habit”) on the Romagna Riviera and I will spend a few days in the Oltrepò Pavese hills, but “there will be a short vacation, I will return to Milan to support the FdI campaign,” he says. Francesco Rocca (FdI) has already returned to banquets and inspections at Roccella Jonica in Calabria after the summer holidays, consoling himself “at the weekend I will visit Lombardy lakes”. FdI colleague Chiara Valcepina is in Ibiza, where she has had a home for years, then she will move to Bormio, between walks and an election campaign.

For the leader of Europa Verde Carlo Monguzzi “sea, nature and silence” for two weeks in a resort between Bonassola and Levanto in Liguria. I made a holiday in Italy for the city councilor of the Democratic Party Natasci Tosoni (in Senigallia) and Alessandro Giungi (in Marcelli di Numana). For the leader of the group Pd Filippo Barberis “a quiet stay in the Valle d’Aosta with his wife and children.”

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