SM Caen. At the time of the recovery, where is the transfer window of the Stade Malherbe?

Yohan Eudeline, the sporting director of SM Caen (Calvados), hopes to complete the transfer window quickly. © Sport in Caen

To say the least the market window of the Stade Malherbe Caen at its best. Even before the guardian Antonio Mandrea is officially announced, four players have already arrived in Caen. is Romain Thomas, Samuel Essende, Quentin Daubin and Emmanuel Ntim. At the same time, Johann Lepenant’s departure was definitively recorded, while Jessy Deminguet’s departure was negotiated in the offices. How is the rest of the low season going in terms of arrivals and departures? Elements of response with the sporting director of the SMC, Yohan Eudeline.

For Mendy and Abdi “the door is completely closed”

While the name ofAli Abdi returns with insistence on social networks, a departure of the Tunisian is not topical according to Yohan Eudeline. The left, who chained several quality matches with the national team at the end of the season, is courted in Ligue 1. “He has shown that he is not wrong on him, explains Yohan Eudeline. It is normal for him to be contacted but we want him to continue with us. ”

In essence, the message is clear. It’s not because Caen has opened its doors to Jessy Deminguet, after five years of good and loyal service, that others may think about rushing in. “We will stop here because we want to build something on the basis of last season. It is not about starting from scratch. ”

The message also applies to Alexandre Mendy. “He can still score twenty goals in Ligue 2, believes Yohan Eudeline. For him as for Ali the door is completely closed. “

With 14 goals scored in 29 league games, Alexandre Mendy is already one of the best in SM Caen and forms one of the most effective duos in the club's history.
Caen continues to bet on Alexandre Mendy up front. © AC / Sport in Caen

Nuno Da Costa resumes in England

Nuno Da Costa will resume training at Nottingham Forest, the club that loaned him to Caen last season. The discovery of the Premier League is enough to make the Cape Verdean dream … that he is not without knowing that the competition will be tough. For the moment, Caen thinks he’s gone. But… “The dossier is not simple, summarizes Yohan Eudeline. Last year, I only had Nuno’s agent three or four times on the phone because we trusted each other. ”

If the striker, who scored nine goals last season, decides to leave Nottingham, Caen “would certainly be a step ahead of other clubs”. The much desired Nuno Da Costa arrived at the very end of the transfer window last season. Only, this time around, Malherbe intends to complete her workforce as quickly as possible.

Jeannot and Rivierez pushed towards the exit

After the departures of the Steve Shamal and of Yoel Armougom, on which the Caen staff has not really counted, two thirty-something with a fairly secondary role last season are invited to look elsewhere. One year after the expiry of the contract, Benjamin Jeannot And Jonathan Riverez they are not part of Stéphane Moulin’s project.

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“Benjamin is a top guy and a top player, but it doesn’t match what we want to do, acknowledges Yohan Eudeline. We don’t exclude players. We will try to find a solution. Same configuration for Jonathan Rivierez, who is not expected to resume training until 11 July 2022 after spending part of the holidays in the Martinique selection (like Yannis Clementia, who will resume on 4 July).

Benjamin Jeannot was particularly happy after Caen's victory in Le Havre and his late-game goal.
Benjamin Jeannot played little last season. © Aline Chatel

Eight to ten recruits considered

Caen initially had to recruit five to eight players. Finally, there will certainly be “eight to ten”. That’s a lot for a group that will consist of 18 seasoned winger plus three goalkeepers (Anthony Mandréa, Yannis Clementia and?).

Five names are known. For the rest, discussions are ongoing. Caen must especially find a replacement for Jessy Deminguet. “Our job is to always anticipate. It’s not over yet, but we are making progress. Yohan Eudeline looks confident on the matter. Replacing Jessy Deminguet, however, is not easy …

A Quemper track?

Stefano Quemper he is also one of the players Malherbe is following. But can this undisputed Guingamp holder sign if the door is really closed on Ali Abdi? He plays in the same left-back position. He is also under contract until 2024.

We were already following him in Bastia (he arrived at the EAG in January 2022, ed). From there to imagine that he will be with us, we are going a bit far. We have not made any offers to Guingamp today.

Yohan Eudeline

Caen are hoping to have their final round well before the first league match, set for 30 July 2022. “We want a group of players, not 11 starters and substitutes. Our desire is to have a better bench. ”

Andréas Hountondji's Caennais will have to recover the efficiency lost against Pau.
Caen wants to lend Andréas Hountondji… who doesn’t seem convinced by this prospect. © Aline Chatel

Four loans expected

After Sullivan Péan’s departure on loan to DunkirkCaen hopes to loan four more players: Jason Ngouabi, Zeidane Inoussa, Illyes Najim and Andreas Hountondji. For the latter, the plan seems more difficult to accept, while the clubs concerned are legion. Inoussa and Ngouabi were already on loan last season, while Najim played with the reserve team in N2.

Four young people integrated into the pro group

In addition to Brahim Traoré, four other 2004 players will be integrated into the pro group last season, in addition to the 18 outside players expected. These are Noé Lebreton, who will postpone his recovery for a few days due to his final exams, Diabé Bolumbu, who will play the Mediterranean Games in July, Mohamed Hafid and Norman Bassette.

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