Smartphone on vacation, how often do you use it?

Thanks to the responses of 1000 respondents, has collected some interesting data on the use of smartphone on vacation.

Indeed, for the report Using a smartphone while on vacation [Studio 2022]an AI passport application company surveyed 1,000 Americans to find out if they are using their smartphones on the go, at work, on social media and more.

Here are some of the main figures:

  • ABOUT 75% travelers are considered their own smartphone number one travel accessory.
  • Most travelers (71%) check your mobile phone 32-80 times a day on average and 10% admitted to peeping about 160 times a day.
  • More than half of tourists spend it (55%) 30 to 120 minutes a day on social mediaand 46% try to make followers jealous of their travel impressions.
  • Almost seven out of 10 employees (68%) use mobile devices for work in free time.
  • Moreover, 62% of travelers admit that the use of smartphones for business purposes made it they cannot relax and recharge their batteries.
  • Nearly 60% of employees say their bosses expect them to stay in touch while on vacation.
  • Slightly more than half of employees (55%) are affected pressure to reply to e-mails or business messages during his absence, even if the employer does not ask for it.
  • About 66% of the surveyed employees would like to be unavailable from work on vacation.

Regarding the question of how comfortable people feel about searching, booking and planning a vacation using a smartphone, it was found that 84% tourists feel comfortable or especially comfortable with 36% increase compared to 2018.

Asked if travelers used smartphones during their recent holidays, 97% answered “Yes”. In addition, this percentage remains high across all major demographic groups:

  • Generation Z (25 or less): 99%
  • Millennials (26-38): 97%
  • Generation X (39-54): 98%
  • Baby Boomer (55 years or older): 93%

When it comes to how often travelers check cell phones, the majority (71%) do 2 to 5 times an hour. And if we assume that they stay awake for an average of 16 hours – emphasizes – we can say that most travelers check their smartphones from 32 to 80 times a day.

It is also worth noting that 10% admitted to peeping more than 10 times an hourwhich means over 160 times a day. No wonder then that 58% of respondents regretted using their mobile phone excessively during the last vacation.

The longest time travelers can spend without checking cell phones while on vacation:

  • 1-2 hours: 27%
  • 30-60 minutes: 21%
  • 2-3 hours: 19%
  • 3-4 hours: 11%
  • Less than 30 minutes: 9%
  • 6 hours or more: 9%
  • 4-5 hours: 5%

Moreover, a vast majority (75%) of travelers agreed or strongly agreed with the statement: “My smartphone is my main travel tool“.

Smartphone on vacation

THIS social media have a strong impact on society and especially on the younger generations: according to a recent study Schofields, 40% of millennials selects the destinations of his holidays based on how “instagrammable” the photos are.

When asked by if travelers last summer used their smartphones to control social media, 89% answered “Yes”.

In terms of how often they consider their daily use of social media while traveling, the results are as follows:

  • 1-2 hours: 31%
  • 30-60 minutes: 24%
  • 2-3 hours: 20%
  • Less than 30 minutes: 14%
  • 3-4 hours: 6%
  • 4-5 hours: 3%
  • 6 hours or more: 2%

So, Most travelers (55%) spend 30 to 120 minutes a day on social media. Here’s what drives such frequent use.

Smartphone on vacation

Question of survey respondents whether frequent use of social media negatively affected their last vacation, almost 58% answered “Yes”.

The survey asked respondents even if they used mobile devices for business purposes during the last holiday: approx seven out of 10 participants (68%) responded positively.

Here is also the generational breakdown of the answer:

  • Generation Z (25 or less): 78%
  • Millennials (26-38): 71%
  • Generation X (39-54): 66%
  • Baby Boomer (55 years or older): 48%

So even when employees are on vacation, that doesn’t mean they stop working, and that often comes at a price. Indeed, the survey shows that:

  • About 62% of travelers agree or strongly agree that using a cell phone for work has prevented them from relaxing and recharging their battery.
  • Six out of ten participants said the use of a smartphone for business purposes forced them to change their vacation schedule.

Besides, when asked if their bosses expect them to stay in touch during the holidays, well 60% answered “Yes”.

And more than half of employees (55%) feel it pressure to reply to e-mails or business messages during the holidays, even if the employer does not request it.

No wonder that when asked if they wanted to be unavailable at work during the last summer vacation, 66% of the respondents answered positively.

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